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Maven is a build automation tool primarily used for Java projects. The word maven means “accumulator of knowledge”. Hope Tutors is the best provider of Apache Maven Training in Chennai with real-time projects, affordable fees, and assured placement.

Apache Maven addresses two aspects of building software:

  1. How software is built
  2. It’s dependencies.

Maven is built using a plugin-based architecture that allows it to make use of any application controllable through standard input.

Best Online Maven Training

Hope Tutors is well equipped with the latest infrastructure and experienced trainers to provide Online Maven Training.

Contact us today to know more about our Apache Maven Training and schedule a free demo class.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Maven
What is Maven
About Maven Origins
What Maven Provide?
Principles of Mavens
About Declarative Execution
project object model (POM) – Maven’s 00:00:00
Maven’s build life cycle – Maven’s 00:00:00
Coherent Organization of Dependencies
Maven repository – Local 00:00:00
Maven repository – Central 00:00:00
Maven Repository – Remote 00:00:00
Maven’s Locating dependency artifacts 00:00:00
Benefits of Maven's
Environment SetUp of Maven
About : System Requirement 00:00:00
Maven : java installation verification 00:00:00
JAVA environment setting 00:00:00
Maven Archive Downloading 00:00:00
Maven Archive Extraction 00:00:00
Maven Environment Variables configuration 00:00:00
Add Maven bin directory location to system path and verify Maven installation 00:00:00
Generate Java Project
Build Java Project
Test Java project
About External Dependencies
Eclipse Plug-in : Maven 2
Generate web application using maven
Create Documentation for Maven Project
Maven Templates : Project Creation
About Team Collaboration with Maven
About Migrating to Maven
End 00:00:00



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  1. Real Time Maven Training


    Hi, I completed Maven training and now I got placed in good company. They provide real time training, really the training is awesome. Best institute to learn Maven.

  2. Good Institute for Maven


    My friend referred this institute for Maven training. The classes are very interesting and he covered all the real time Maven project concepts. Study materials are really good and it will be helpful to prepare for the interview.

  3. Maven Training is Best


    I have completed Maven course in Hope Tutors, it was excellent experience. The training pattern also excellent and he teach Maven very well and gave more examples for each and every topic. Thanks to my trainer and Hope Tutors.

  4. Maven Training


    Hi, this is Devi; I completed Maven training in Hope Tutors. My trainer is well experienced and has great teaching skills. The whole training was well planned and organized. I got much knowledge in Maven concepts. Good institute to learn Maven.

  5. Best Maven Training Institute


    Hi, this is Shiva ram, I did Maven course in Hope Tutors; best institute to learn Maven. Thanks to Hope Tutors.

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