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We can be able to say this new century keyword is automation. Especially it seems to be “Robotic Process Automation”. So, most of the beginners & industrial experts were eager to know RPA. Specially they want to learn RPA with full potentials & impact on all sectors. To get a proper idea of RPA, we need to have good knowledge of what it is. Even most of the expert suggest learning RPA. This is because the RPA leads the upcoming futures. So, those who have Automation Anywhere certificate will have huge demand. But you should get this certificate from reputed RPA training institution. To learn this, we all are not okay with the classroom training session. So, considering this we provide the best online RPA training in Chennai.

Nowadays we all are very busy with our professional business. So, it is very difficult for anyone to avail this classroom training. So, our Automation Anywhere training institute offers online training. Also, industrial field experts who have real time field experience will train you. They share all their real time challenges which they face in their day to day professional life.

Automation anywhere Online certification

Automation is the best way to reach the new level of growth. Almost all the large corporate and enterprises adopt Automation. Daily the demand for the automation keep on increasing. So, the demand for the qualified experts is also increasing. So, it is very important to have Automation certificate. This certificate helps you to get the best job. If you have the automation anywhere certificate with you? Then you will be the most preferred candidate in the job market.

We have many merits in getting automation anywhere certificate. It helps us to understand many Automation Anywhere tools. Also, we can understand the digitized workforce. In this platform we can create a set of automation techniques. We can extend its influence on various financial services. Also, we can extend on healthcare, insurance as well as BPO. There are two levels of certifications. First level is “AA Certified Advanced RPA Professional”. This acknowledges our potentials as skillfully automations experts. It is entry-level online course. This helps us to relate Automation Anywhere and its seamless apps. Especially with the existing technologies. When we come to business process, the tools work together. This is to bring the desired result. Another program is “AA Certified Master RPA Professional”. It serves as the second level. This is more advanced as well as in-depth level. In this level we gain advanced knowledge of RPA.

Automation Anywhere program provides as well as practical knowledge. Especially about the apps in every real-time cases. This online course is very essential. It gives us the knowledge about the scalable process. Especially with the zero error rates. Also, it provides a rapid cost reduction. It has the cognitive capacity of a digital bot. Especially provided by the digitized tools of the AA. This results in efficient as well as the agile workforce.
We conduct the test for 40 minutes. All you require you to get 70% to get pass. We cover the inception of the key commands. Especially for the fully developed bots & operate. Also, to apply them to any process. The prerequisite for this Automation Anywhere is narrow. So that, any technical experts can take up the program. Business architects, developers, business analysts and anyone can hire this course. The course consists of the cognition bots and its everyday relevance. So, this course is going to be a practical study.

What is Automation Anywhere?

It is the best prominent vendors of the RPA. We used this to develop the most admired business process automation tool. It acts as the accessible of all tools of RPA. It is well-known for its competence. Specially offering all the necessary tools. This is to automate highly intricate business processes. Also, to automate all the enterprise-level tasks. Its inner workings seem like blended in both robotic automations. Especially with the more advanced as well as all elements. It is just like the natural language comprehension. Also, the capacity to read even unstructured data.

Automation Anywhere is a package of 3 crucial components. It propels the ability to work beyond. Control Rooms are platforms. It serves as the brain of the entire apps. Also, it controls the digital bot. Eponymous Bot Creator will be responsible for the bots. Especially with the aid of the authentic code. We can store it in the Control Room. The Bots Runner is where we can run & execute the fully developed bots. The bot’s runner is where the bot runs. Also, they reported back the status to control rooms. So, with these powerful designs the front & back-end tasks. These tasks are effectively automated.

AA provides the abilities in automating a process. It serves as the stimuli. So, any given process could respond by automating remote. Also, utmost complex tasks. It distributes all tasks in many computer systems. Also, it records the numbers of mouse strokes as well as keyboard clicks. We can schedule anytime from anywhere the tasks to done in advance.

Automation Anywhere Careers

What is the better reason to decide for AA than the new partner with the IBM? IBM formed this connection for boosting its products. This move helps to keep on forward more their product. We can find many new jobs opening related to the automation. RPA is generally integrated as broader process transform strategy. Many new career openings are there.

We can automate all the tasks in financial sector with the help of AA. When we see with IT operations, it supports in the system integration. Also, it helps in software set up as well as batch processing. We can automate ERP integration and inventory management. Also, we can automate Excel in the manufacture industry. We can record the patient details and MI medical processing. Also, we automate the data migration in the healthcare. We automate product details, importing emails as well as online sales. Especially when it comes to retail business. Its outreach exceeds and not contained in every single reference source. So, upcoming decades will be the pathway for the RPA experts. Specially in general as well as Automation Anywhere.

Automation Anywhere Jobs

Nowadays most of the MNC and business sector adopts AA. So, we can find there are lot of opening in the job market. Everest Group is analyst firm. They made a study and earned more than 4 times of the ROI. Another company successfully automated their tasks. They get 98% rate of success in a one year. So, based on this study many companies started to use AA tool.

The UiPath CEO released a report. In India alone There will be almost 2 lakhs RPA jobs available by 2021. This is very important for us to note. There will be a huge amount of job opening for AA experts in RPA field. You can be able to see this in reputed recruiting websites.

Prerequisites to take this Automation Anywhere Training in Chennai

Generally, our trainers start our training from all required basics. So, no need to worry about the prerequisites for this course. All you need is your own interest to learn this automation anywhere course.

Who can join Automation Anywhere Training in Chennai with our Automation Anywhere Training Institute?

There are no prerequisites to join in this automation anywhere course. So, anybody who wish to start their career in RPA can join with us. Either you may be a student or fresher can join with us. Even industrial field expert can join with us.

Why should you join with Automation Anywhere Training in Chennai course with our Automation Anywhere Training Institute?

Hope Tutors provide the best Automation Anywhere course. We provide the relevant course materials with industrial standards. Industrial field expert prepares this course material. These industrial field experts will be your trainers. Our trainers are with 8+ years of experience. Our training sessions starts from all the required basics.

We record all the online AA sessions. Also, we upload all the videos our website. We provide lifetime access to those video sessions. All our sessions are interactive. Our trainers share real time challenges which they face in the industrial life. It will be very helpful to you. They are willing to clarify all your doubts.

Most importantly we provide placement assistance to you. Our HR will support you in resume preparation. We provide interview questions. Also, we conduct many mock interview sessions. Our trainers will guide you throughout the process.

RPA Interview Questions

Hope Tutors wishes you good luck for your career growth.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to RPA
Automation Anywhere - Architecture
Control room
Types of recorders
Smart Recorder 00:00:00
Screen Recorder 00:00:00
Web Recorder 00:00:00
Error Handling
Security/ Encryption
Excel Automation
Image Recognition
Email Automation commands
Citrix Automation
Connect 00:00:00
Disconnect 00:00:00
Sql query 00:00:00
Insert/Update/Delete 00:00:00
Run Stored Procedure 00:00:00
Meta Bots


Recorded Sessions

We provide the video recordings of our classroom sessions and you can rewind and go back for your immediate and future references.

Flexible Timings

The training sessions are customized to the preferences of the students and the session timing is designed to be flexible.

Practical Case Studies

We provide real-time case studies. The materials are purposefully hand-picked to serve the needs of the students.

Communal Forum

We have created a WhatsApp community forum, where you can converse and develop your skills.

Lifetime Access

You will have lifetime and unending access to wealth of our course resources.

Placement Support

We offer you job placement guidance by providing rich interview questions materials and job recruitment


  • Experienced MNC employees who has at least 8+ years of experience
  • 3 Real-time Examples will be given to students
  • 100 % Job assistance including resume preparation, mock up interviews
  • No limit in attending interviews\n
  • 100% real time project training
  • Individual attention to students with flexible schedules
  • Instalment options for fee payment

  • Dedicated HR Person will be allocated for Placement Assistance.
  • We tied up with more than 300+ companies and 50+ consultancy.
  • More no of interviews will be scheduled after training program.
  • Continuous job Assistance will be given even after the training program.

Kindly call or WhatsApp to +917871012233.

It will be vary from 30 to 50 hours.Depends on the candidate Years of experience.

We have successfully completed 4+ years. We placed more than 1000+ students

Yes First session is free of cost.You shall get the batch timings, duration of the course.

You Shall pay in two installments.EMI Option is also available

100% real time training.MNC Professionals will take the training classes

Yes each and every session will be recorded.You shall access the recorded sessions for lifetime.

Yes we are Pearson Vue Authorized Test Center.You shall write the international Certification in velachery branch.

Yes, we provide both weekdays and weekend sessions. You can attend the classes according to your convenience.

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  1. Best Automation Anywhere training in chennai


    I am new to RPA, from software testing backgroud. It was really a great experience, i really streched alot and worked hard, the trainer helped me with real time project knowledge. Overall profitable investment with Hope Tutors.

  2. Good institute to study RPA


    Good experience and best real time training.

  3. Automation Anywhere Training


    RPA concepts are explained well, the sessions are demonstrated with Trail version of AA tool, but the trainers real time knowledge helps lot in filling the gap of trail version. Worth for spending.

  4. Best AA Training in India


    Training was good; instructor is knowledgeable and provided training topics are really understandable and applicable. Good real time trainer for Automation Anywhere.

  5. Good Quality of training in chennai


    Thanks to my trainer and Hope Tutors for introducing him, as I am searching long for a RPA Real Time professional. I am extremely happy with the training method, and the trainer’s deep knowledge is very rich and powerful. I was able to learn the concepts and grasp the subject better. The Trainer’s knowledge is very good and he had a good control of the class and the training was structured well.

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