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Hope Tutors is one of the leading Jenkins training institutes in Chennai. We offer advanced Jenkins course materials from industry experts at economical prices. We use state of the art facilities to provide you with the finest Jenkins training in Chennai. Keeping your interests in mind, we provide you with the opportunity of choosing between a classroom setup or online sessions to deliver our teachings.

Introduction to Jenkins

Jenkins is an example of an automation server which is open source. Developers use Java to write Jenkins. The main task of Jenkins is to automate that part of the software development process which does not require any human intervention. Jenkins consists of continuous integration and comes with certain technical aspects of continuous delivery. This system is server-based. It normally runs in servlet containers like Apache Tomcat. Jenkins supports a variety of version control tools like RTC, ClearCase, Perforce, Mercurial, Git, Subversion, CVS, and AccuRev. Jenkins can also execute Apache Maven, Apache Ant, and SBT based projects. It can also execute Windows batch commands and random shell scripts. Kohsuke Kawaguchi was responsible for the creation of Jenkins. Jenkins is a free software and it came into effect under the MIT License. It is an example of a Continuous Integration server.

We can consider Jenkins as a middleman for your code and your build server. The main responsibility of Jenkins is to consistently search for alterations in your server. If Jenkins encounters any alterations, it dispatches them to the build server. Jenkins has now become an extremely recognized tool among developers.We can trigger builds by various means. We can request a specific build URL or we can commit in a version control system, or through a cron-like mechanism. We can also trigger it after the other builds in the queue have completed. We can extend Jenkins functionality with plugins.


We can extend the functionality of Jenkins using plugins. Numerous plugins have already been released for Jenkins. These plugins can be used to integrate Jenkins with projects written in languages other than Java. There are many available plugins which we use to integrate Jenkins with bug databases and version control systems. There are numerous build tools supported through their corresponding plugins. We can use plugins to alter the look of Jenkins or to add new functions. There are a specific group of plugins which are made for the task of unit testing. These plugins bring about test reports in numerous formats. There is also the option of automated testing. Automated testing supports automated tests. We use Jenkins to display the reports, create trends, and deliver them in the GUI. The following is a short list which shows the different Jenkins plugins that we at Hope Tutors, love and use the most.

JOB DSL Plugin – Updated Release Date – 15.01.2017

We use the UI of Jenkins to configure jobs. In the process of doing so, we invariably end up with a confusing number of jobs. This results in the UI becoming slow and it also gets complicated to maintain these jobs. In such a scenario, the Job DSL plugin is an exceptional tool. It is very popular and widely used. It comes with the option of creating “projects” by utilizing a Domain-Specific Language (DSL). We can use this plugin to automate our Jenkins setups. We can also standardize these installations by pushing job creation into a script.

Build Pipeline Plugin – Updated Release Date – 08.12.2016

Continuous Integration is an important aspect of Jenkins. We use Jenkins owing to its Continuous Delivery capability. Build Pipeline Plugin is another exceptional plugin from Jenkins. It allows us to construct a dependency-based chain of jobs. You have to make sure that the chain of jobs you create passes through all the quality assurance steps. We can choose how to trigger these steps using automation or manual testing. Once this aspect is over, they are automatically deployed into the production workflow. This helps us to integrate external processes like reviews before we deploy.

Delivery Pipeline Plugin – Updated Release Date – 13.01.2017

Delivery Pipeline Plugin is another important plugin in our Jenkins plugins list. It is really helpful and effective as we can visualize one or more delivery pipelines. We all know that there are various stages in a pipeline. They include analyzing, building, packaging, and unit testing. Sometimes these processes can become long and arduous when each job is a stage resulting in inefficiency. Using the Delivery Pipeline Plugin we can easily group jobs into the same stage, resulting in an effective and reliable approach.

Copy Artifact Plugin – Updated Release Date – 24.07.2016

In certain specific scenarios, build jobs are isolated. By isolated we mean that we are not using a dependency management system, hence, the build jobs fall short of knowing much about each other. When we use the copy Artifact plugin, it will add a build step to copy artifacts from a different project. This plugin empowers us to copy the files we need, from one job to another to run certain tests. We have decent control during the process of choosing which build we want to copy the artifacts.

JIRA Plugin for Jenkins – Updated Release Date – 20.12.2016

The JIRA plugin helps us to integrate JIRA to Jenkins. JIRA is very useful and a necessary tool to work on projects in a coordinated manner between the different departments. At the same time, we can display Jenkins builds inside JIRA making it incredibly practical. This plugin helps us to maintain a proper, decent approach while working on a big project. It also helps us to reduce the mistakes that happen in the absence of JIRA.


Jenkins has been around for more than a decade now and it is highly successful. Jenkins is extensible, general purpose, and community-oriented. Recently the 100,000th install of Jenkins happened which is a major achievement. The number of total installations has gone up by 30% every year. Many companies like Salesforce, IBM, Ericsson, Facebook, and RedGate have adopted Jenkins and are building new tools and processes to support its adoption.

Jenkins Course Brief

Our Jenkins course in Chennai will empower you to expand your knowledge-base in Jenkins.

What will you learn in our Jenkins training course in Chennai?


Jenkins and Continuous Integration – An Overview

  • Agile Development
  • Continuous Integration
  • History of Jenkins
  • Insights about the Jenkins Community


The running and installation of Jenkins

  • Use the jar file to run Jenkins
  • Using a servlet container to install Jenkins
  • Security-Setup
  • Version Control and Email
  • Configurations of Master/slave


Jenkins Job

  • How to create a job
  • How to configure a job
  • How to run a job manually
  • How to run a job when source code is checked into the version control
  • How to run a job on a regular schedule


Jenkins Advanced

  • Monitoring External Jobs
  • Distributed Builds
  • Tracking – File Fingerprint
  • How to use Jenkins for non-Java projects
  • Matrix Projects
  • How to split a big job into smaller jobs


Jenkins Plugin

  • Change Reporting
  • Code coverage
  • Static Analysis
  • Performance Reporting
  • Style Checking

You can rest assured that we will provide solutions to inspire and motivate each individual. This will enable them to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Key features of our Jenkins Training Institute

We offer 100% real-time project training in Jenkins – We offer complete Jenkins training in Chennai in the nature of real-time projects and solutions. We will keep you up-to-date with industry-based real-time projects in diverse organizational platforms. You can rest assured that we won’t stop till you are satisfied.

We make sure to consistently Revise and constantly update our Jenkins training methodology – Our Jenkins course is revised and updated continuously based on industry standards and changes in Jenkins technology. We follow the best Jenkins training methodology in addition to the finest materials. Our sessions are not only informative but also fun and interactive.

Experience is the key-word – Our Jenkins trainers are experienced industry professionals with 8+ years of exposure to various tools and resources in the Jenkins field. We make sure that we screen thousands of future trainers before selecting the best instructor for you.

We focus on Individual Attention – We give individual attention to our students with a flexible schedule approach. We assure that our batches have less than 5 members each, to offer better personal interaction and better knowledge transfer. We also provide one to one training on request.

We have optimized our Jenkins course fee-structure only for you – We have optimized our fees to make sure our rates are affordable and competitive. We offer market-standard rates. You also have the option of paying your fees in easy monthly installments.

We offer 100% Placement Guarantee – We conduct mock interviews which will effectively prepare you to face your real job interviews. We provide services like resume preparation, Jenkins placement assistance, and Jenkins interview questions to sharpen your skills.

Jenkins Training In Chennai with Placement


Hope Tutors wants to see each and every individual get a job in a reputable organization. We want our candidates to reach new heights in their career. Placement is an integral part of our Jenkins Training Institute in Chennai. We make sure that we provide assistance related aid in whatever way we can. You just have to complete your Jenkins course with us. Please take a look at the services we provide in relation to placement: .


  • Mock Interviews
  • Placement oriented method of teaching
  • Syllabus inclined Jenkins Interview Questions
  • Placement Assistance with Premier MNC’s
  • Resume preparation

Why should you enroll with Hope Tutors over other Jenkins Training Institutes in Chennai?


We want you to take an informed decision before joining any institute. The points mentioned below will help you to differentiate Hope Tutors from other Jenkins Training Institutes in Chennai. .


    • 100% Professional Development – Our training will professionally prepare, develop, and upgrade you to prosper in the face of all obstacles. We provide services like resume preparation, placement assistance, and interview questions to sharpen your skills.
    • Free Demo Sessions – Hope Tutors offers free demo-sessions before you decide to join our institute to professionally upgrade yourself. These demo sessions are arranged as per your request and according to the time you wish to set.
    • Compact Batch Size – There is a saying that goes, “Too many cooks spoil the broth”. Similarly, we make sure that our batches do not exceed a maximum of five members each. This helps us to offer you a more personalized interaction from our end resulting in a better knowledge transfer.
    • One to One Training – Hope Tutors provides one to one training on request to better help you with your specific needs. You just have to intimate us beforehand and we will do the needful for you.
    • Alumni Enquiry – Hope Tutors provides you with the unique option of enquiring with the alumni of our institute regarding any doubts and queries that you might have. You can hear their experiences with Hope Tutors first hand, and then decide whether you want to join our institute or not.
    • Flexible Timings and schedules – We take into consideration the different schedules of our candidates and fix the timings accordingly. We can adapt and be flexible according to your timings and requirements

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll with us, complete your Jenkins Training Classes and upgrade yourself immediately.

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Course Curriculum

Continuous Integration and Jenkins – Overview
Development of Agile 00:00:00
Continuous Integration 00:00:00
Jenkins-History 00:00:00
State of the Jenkins community 00:00:00
Jenkins Installation and Running
Running Jenkins from the jar file 00:00:00
Installation of Jenkins in a servlet container 00:00:00
Security-Setup 00:00:00
Email and Version Control 00:00:00
Configurations of Master/slave 00:00:00
Jenkins Job
Creation of a job 00:00:00
Configuration of a job 00:00:00
Running a job manually 00:00:00
Running a job when source code is checked into version control 00:00:00
Running a job on a regular schedule 00:00:00
Advanced Jenkins
External jobs Monitoring 00:00:00
Distributed builds 00:00:00
Tracking – File fingerprint 00:00:00
Using Jenkins for non-Java projects 00:00:00
Matrix projects 00:00:00
Splitting a big job into smaller jobs 00:00:00
Jenkins Plug-in
Change reporting 00:00:00
Code coverage 00:00:00
Static Analysis 00:00:00
Performance reporting 00:00:00
Style checking 00:00:00



  • Experienced MNC employees who has at least 8+ years of experience
  • 3 Real-time Examples will be given to students
  • 100 % Job assistance including resume preparation, mock up interviews
  • No limit in attending interviews\n
  • 100% real time project training
  • Individual attention to students with flexible schedules
  • Instalment options for fee payment

  • Dedicated HR Person will be allocated for Placement Assistance.
  • We tied up with more than 300+ companies and 50+ consultancy.
  • More no of interviews will be scheduled after training program.
  • Continuous job Assistance will be given even after the training program.

Kindly call or WhatsApp to +917871012233.

It will be vary from 30 to 50 hours.Depends on the candidate Years of experience.

We have successfully completed 4+ years. We placed more than 1000+ students

Yes First session is free of cost.You shall get the batch timings, duration of the course.

You Shall pay in two installments.EMI Option is also available

100% real time training.MNC Professionals will take the training classes

Yes each and every session will be recorded.You shall access the recorded sessions for lifetime.

Yes we are Pearson Vue Authorized Test Center.You shall write the international Certification in velachery branch.

Yes, we provide both weekdays and weekend sessions. You can attend the classes according to your convenience.

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