C# Training in Chennai

Hope Tutors provides the best C# Training in Chennai. We are very proud to say that Hope Tutors is the Best C# Training Institute in Chennai. We provide many real-time examples along with placement support. All our course materials are prepared by field experts at industrial standards. We conduct training sessions based on your flexibility. We allow you to choose timings based on your work schedules.

A small introduction to C#:

C# is one of the leading and growing language. Initially C# is created for the windows and later it is used for the IOS. Now android ML software are also using it. A tool is provided by the Microsoft for each process. This C# language interprets usage of the Microsoft tools. C# is beginner language. It has a wide range of community support. C# supports lot of features which developers demand.
C# has wide range of openings in the world of IT. Theoretical knowledge is totally different from practical knowledge. Specially, when we go for programming languages, the main factor is practical knowledge. Other than technical C# knowledge, programmer must have analytical thinking, good communication, positive attitude and framework knowledge. Also, translating storyboard of apps into functional apps, creating reusable code. Also, finding the solutions to problems & understanding the automation process.
C# Training syllabus covers topics like windows services, OOPS concept, Syntax, multi-threading. Also, package, debugging, deployment, delegates, diagnostics, & events. Also, XML, N-Tier layer Architecture, DB programming, GUI apps development, Classes, Assemblies GAC, collections & generics.
C# Training tell you how to handle many important topics in C#. It is just over viewing of C#, data types use, variables, classes & struct, operators, Inheritance, improving modularity. Also, Exception handling, integrating unmanaging codes, delegated as well as events etc.

The best C# Training in Chennai:

Nowadays, we all are very busy with our technical life. But at the same time, we are in need to keep up to date. Specially in all required technology. This will help us to sustain in our field. Hope Tutors will be there for you to learn new things. Keeping your needs in mind, we provide both classroom as well as online training. We provide our best to make you the best. Online training is one of the best and easy way to learn new technologies. Also, it helps you to learn new things from your locations. This mode of training will not affect all your technical schedules. We provide the best online C# training in Chennai.

Why should you join with our C# training institute to learn our C# Training in Chennai?

C# is one of the integral parts of modern technology. It is very important to get certificate from the best training center. Here we come with C# Training in Chennai.
Hope Tutors provide the best C# training. We provide both classroom as well as Online training. All our training sessions are at industrial standards. Also, our training materials are also at the world-class level. We provide you all the training materials once you join with us. Real time experts prepare all the course materials for this course. They prepare this course materials with all advanced concept. All the companies currently use these concepts in their work.
Industrial field experts who prepare your training materials will train you. They are currently working in various MNC. They have 8+ years of experience. All our training sessions are interesting and interactive. They are always ready to clarify all your doubts. Your trainers will share their real time challenges. Especially which they face in their day-to-day professional life. This will be very helpful for your career development.
Generally, our training institute will create a Whatsapp group for each batch. This group will connect you with your trainer. Even you can clarify all your doubts here. All your online meeting information and schedules are provided to you in this group. Also, other information is also shared to you via this group.
Generally, all our training is recorded. Then it will be uploaded in our website with credentials. We provide lifetime access for you to view these videos. It means we allow you to watch these videos at anytime from anywhere. This will be very helpful for you to refresh your training sessions. In case if you have any doubts? Then these videos will be very useful for you. You can easily cross-check all your doubts here.
We also provide placement assistance along with the training. Our well-trained HR will guide you in your resume preparation. Also, our valuable trainers guide you in your job search. We conduct many mock and GD sessions. Also, we provide you with interview dumps. All these things will be very helpful for you during your interview sessions. Also, we provide information about relevant job openings. We don’t have any restriction for you to attend interview. We allow you to attend any number of interviews.

What are the prerequisites to take this C# training in Chennai with us?

Generally, our trainers will start the training sessions with all required basics. So, you need not worry about the prerequisites. But for this course there is no prerequisites needed.

Who can attend our C# Training in Chennai?

Following candidates can hire this AI with Machine Learning Training in Chennai with us. They are,

  • Students
  • Freshers
  • Developers
  • Anyone who wish to start their carrier in this domain.

Job opportunities for C#:

C# is one of the fastest growing technology in today’s world. C# is a key player in the marketing. There is a wide range of opening in this field. So, C# experts tend to acquire jobs in the marketing sector. If you have certificate with you? Then it will be an added advantage for you. You will stand out from others in the job market once you have certificate.

Demo Classes and Fees Structures of our C# training institute:

Once we receive your call or message, our team will call you. They will arrange a call with trainer. Once it is done, they schedule demo sessions. This demo sessions are totally free of cost. If you want to more demo classes? Don’t hesitate to ask. We provide any number of demo classes. All these demo classes are also free of cost. These demo sessions really help you to get better understanding. Especially about the training sessions.
We don’t want to make you more difficult to learn new technologies. That means you don’t want to worry about the money. We just want you to learn new technologies at minimal cost. So, we provide all our training at affordable fees. We provide this only for our you. We don’t want to burn your money. So, all our training sessions will be value for each and every single money which you pay for us.

C# Course Certification:

We provide you C# course certification under the name of Hope Tutors.
Reach us today through call/ email/chat to know more about our C# training.
Hope Tutors wishes you good luck for your career growth.

Hope Tutors wishes you “All The Very Best”.


Learn Corporate Training With Us    

Especially in the software industry, Corporate Training has grown into an essential part of the employment life. Every minute, a new piece of software comes into the market, accelerating the growth of the tech sector. Every new good or service is intended to lessen and deal with issues faced by clients across the world. Employees learn these fresh skills more quickly thanks to corporate training, which enables the company to better serve its customers. The software specialists can develop creative solutions by drawing on their broadened knowledge bases, improved coding abilities, and problem-solving skills.

Course Curriculum

Basics of C# Programming
Introduction about the course 00:00:00
About C# Low level and high-level program 00:00:00
Interpreters vs compilers 00:00:00
Working of compilers 00:00:00
Uses of C# 00:00:00
Preview of visual studio installation for the windows 00:00:00
Preview of visual studio installation for the Mac 00:00:00
Variables as well as data types 00:00:00
Type conversion as well as casting 00:00:00
Commands 00:00:00
Keyword var 00:00:00
In depth knowledge of data types 00:00:00
Double float and decimal variables 00:00:00
About DateTime 00:00:00
Types of errors 00:00:00
About Naming Conversions 00:00:00
About Readline 00:00:00
About arithmetic operators 00:00:00
Precedence of the operators 00:00:00
If conditional statement 00:00:00
Switch conditional statement 00:00:00
About comparison operators 00:00:00
Detail view of logical operators 00:00:00
TryParse 00:00:00
About constants 00:00:00
About command prompt 00:00:00
Detail view about the String manipulation 00:00:00
About escape sequences 00:00:00
About string interpolation 00:00:00
Detail view about loops 00:00:00
About Math 00:00:00
About Random Numbers 00:00:00
Detail study about arrays 00:00:00
OOPS Concepts in C#
Introduction to OOPS 00:00:00
Basics of Methods 00:00:00
Parameter & Return types of methods 00:00:00
Values & References of Methods 00:00:00
Method overload 00:00:00
Classes 00:00:00
About Constructors 00:00:00
Exploration of DateTime 00:00:00
About Static Method 00:00:00
About Scopes 00:00:00
Inheritance 00:00:00
Details of encapsulation 00:00:00
Polymorphism 00:00:00
About Abstraction 00:00:00
Classes – sealed 00:00:00
Classes – static 00:00:00
Classes – Nested 00:00:00
Classes – Partial 00:00:00
Namespaces 00:00:00
Structs 00:00:00
Structs vs classes 00:00:00
Enumerations 00:00:00
Keyword This 00:00:00
Interfaces 00:00:00
Abstract classes vs Interfaces 00:00:00
About exception handling 00:00:00
Composition 00:00:00
Aggression 00:00:00
About association 00:00:00
Advanced C# concepts
Introduction 00:00:00
Dot Net Framework 00:00:00
About debugging 00:00:00
WriteLine Debug 00:00:00
About build, rebuild as well as clean 00:00:00
String and string a side-by-side comparison 00:00:00
About documentation 00:00:00
About snippets and custom snippets 00:00:00
Writing a File 00:00:00
Reading a File 00:00:00
About File Creator 00:00:00
A detail view of cryptography 00:00:00
Role of cryptography in the C# 00:00:00
About console colors 00:00:00
About digit separator 00:00:00
About the default keywords 00:00:00
Collection – introduction 00:00:00
About the Array list – non generic 00:00:00
Hashtable – non generic 00:00:00
Sorted list – non generic 00:00:00
Stack – non generic 00:00:00
Queue – non generic 00:00:00
BitArray – non generic 00:00:00
List – Generic 00:00:00
Dictionary – Generic 00:00:00
SortedList – Generic 00:00:00
Sorteddictinary – Generic 00:00:00
Stack – Generic 00:00:00
Queue – Generic 00:00:00
KeyValuePair 00:00:00
About the NameValueCollection 00:00:00
Classes – Generic 00:00:00
Tuples 00:00:00
Tuples – Nested 00:00:00
About Tuples with the methods 00:00:00
Tuples – value 00:00:00
Tuples – Nested Values 00:00:00
Tuples – value with the methods 00:00:00
About Recursive Methods 00:00:00
Arguments – Optional 00:00:00
Arguments – Named 00:00:00
Arguments – Generic 00:00:00
About params keyword 00:00:00
Functions – Local and Nested 00:00:00
About extension methods 00:00:00
About Stopwatch 00:00:00
Detail view of Delegates 00:00:00
Method calls vs Delegates 00:00:00
Delegates – multicast 00:00:00
Delegates – generic 00:00:00
About anonymous methods 00:00:00
About Lambda expressions 00:00:00
Generic list with the lambda expression 00:00:00
Func – Generic delegate 00:00:00
Action – Generic delegate 00:00:00
Predicate – Generic delegate 00:00:00
Func with the anonymous methods as well as Lambda expression 00:00:00
Action with the anonymous methods as well as Lambda expression 00:00:00
Detail view about events 00:00:00
Timers 00:00:00
About bodied members – expression 00:00:00
About Nullable Types 00:00:00
About conditional operators 00:00:00
Operator – safe navigation 00:00:00
LINQ introduction 00:00:00
Syntax of LINQ Method 00:00:00
Syntax of LINQ Query 00:00:00
Data sorting with LINQ 00:00:00
About LINQ Queries specially with the Methods 00:00:00
TimeSpan 00:00:00
Multithreading – Introduction 00:00:00
Threads – Creating 00:00:00
Threads – Managing 00:00:00
About multithreaded Application 00:00:00
Threadstart – Parameterized 00:00:00
Lock Keyword and Deadlocks 00:00:00
Class – monitor 00:00:00
Mutex 00:00:00
Semaphore 00:00:00
Asynchronous Programming – an introduction 00:00:00
Tasks 00:00:00
Parameter passing to the tasks 00:00:00
About the tasks with the return values 00:00:00
Tasks status – check 00:00:00
Tasks – cancelling 00:00:00
Tasks – waiting 00:00:00
Tasks – Run 00:00:00
About Async as well as Await 00:00:00
About Concurrent Collections 00:00:00
SpeechSynthesizer 00:00:00
Process – start and stop 00:00:00
Arrays – Multidimensional 00:00:00
Arrays – Jagged 00:00:00
Indexers 00:00:00
About dynamic keyword 00:00:00
Dynamic vs Var 00:00:00
Readonly 00:00:00
Directives – Statics 00:00:00
Directives – Preprocessor 00:00:00
EmptyorIsNull 00:00:00
About Destructors 00:00:00
In depth view of using statement 00:00:00
About assemblies 00:00:00
About CultureInfo 00:00:00
About Versions 00:00:00
About Region Info 00:00:00
About Attributes and customer attributes 00:00:00
Detail view of Reflections 00:00:00
Deserialization as well as Serialization 00:00:00
About GUID 00:00:00
Stringbuilders 00:00:00
About pattern Matching 00:00:00
Ref Local or Ref Return 00:00:00
IEnumerator and IEnumerable 00:00:00
About Yield Keyword 00:00:00
About DLL Files 00:00:00
DLL Files – Decompile 00:00:00
DLL Files – Protect 00:00:00
New Features in C#
History – C# version 00:00:00
C# – Environment preparation 00:00:00
Interface Method – Default 00:00:00
C# nulls – working 00:00:00
Assignment Operator – Null coalescing 00:00:00
Declaration – Using 00:00:00
Ref struct – Disposable 00:00:00
Switch expression 00:00:00
Patterns – Property 00:00:00
Patterns – Tuple 00:00:00
Patterns – Positional 00:00:00
About Readonly members 00:00:00
Functions – Static Local 00:00:00
Streams – Asynchronous 00:00:00
Strings – verbatim interpolated 00:00:00
Hat operator / Index 00:00:00
About Range 00:00:00
Azure as well as serverless Functions
Serverless – introduction 00:00:00
Functions – Azure 00:00:00
Legacy Lecture
Interpreters and compilers 00:00:00
Visual Studio – installation 00:00:00
Visual studio – explore 00:00:00
SQL Server – Bonus Sessions
SQL Server – installation 00:00:00
Management Studio 00:00:00
SQL Server DB on Azure 00:00:00
How to create new DB in SQL? 00:00:00


Recorded Sessions

We provide the video recordings of our classroom sessions and you can rewind and go back for your immediate and future references.

Flexible Timings

The training sessions are customized to the preferences of the students and the session timing is designed to be flexible.

Practical Case Studies

We provide real-time case studies. The materials are purposefully hand-picked to serve the needs of the students.

Communal Forum

We have created a WhatsApp community forum, where you can converse and develop your skills.

Lifetime Access

You will have lifetime and unending access to wealth of our course resources.

Placement Support

We offer you job placement guidance by providing rich interview questions materials and job recruitment


  • Experienced MNC employees who has at least 8+ years of experience
  • 3 Real-time Examples will be given to students
  • 100 % Job assistance including resume preparation, mock up interviews
  • No limit in attending interviews\n
  • 100% real time project training
  • Individual attention to students with flexible schedules
  • Instalment options for fee payment

  • Dedicated HR Person will be allocated for Placement Assistance.
  • We tied up with more than 300+ companies and 50+ consultancy.
  • More no of interviews will be scheduled after training program.
  • Continuous job Assistance will be given even after the training program.

Kindly call or WhatsApp to +917871012233.

It will be vary from 30 to 50 hours.Depends on the candidate Years of experience.

We have successfully completed 4+ years. We placed more than 1000+ students

Yes First session is free of cost.You shall get the batch timings, duration of the course.

You Shall pay in two installments.EMI Option is also available

100% real time training.MNC Professionals will take the training classes

Yes each and every session will be recorded.You shall access the recorded sessions for lifetime.

Yes we are Pearson Vue Authorized Test Center.You shall write the international Certification in velachery branch.

Yes, we provide both weekdays and weekend sessions. You can attend the classes according to your convenience.

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  1. C# Training


    I have studied C# Training Hope Tutors.Here excellent training provided by trainer. All concepts were practically explained here. particularly practical session was very good. Good environment, Hope tutors is good place to study C# Training.

  2. C# Training


    well experienced trainer teach us. trainer explained all topics practically he had good knowledge in coding. Practical session was very nice.

  3. C# Training


    Online C# Training with hope tutors is thereally wounderful. They provide best training. Also, they record each and every session and upload in their page. It is really useful for me to complete my course.

  4. C# Training


    I have completed the C# Training at Hope tutors. They are providing the best training with experts. Training materials are very advanced and informative.

  5. C# Training


    All the training sessions are at industrial standards. At the end of the training they make us to feel like an expert in the field of C# Dot Net.

  6. C# Training


    I am very happy with C# Training with Hope Tutors. Their KT sessions are really amazing.

  7. C# Training


    Hope Tutors provides the best C# Training in Chennai. The trainers are real time industrial experts. They shared their own experience. It helps me to develop my career growth.

  8. C# Training


    Online Rest C# Training with hope tutors is the best. They provide nice KT sessions.

  9. C# Training


    I have completed the C# Training at Hope tutors. They are providing the best training with experts. Training materials are very advanced and informative.

  10. C# Training


    All the training sessions are at industrial standards. At the end of the training they make us to feel like an expert in the field of C# Dot Net.

  11. C# Training


    All the training sessions are at industrial standards. At the end of the training they make us to feel like an expert in the field of C# Dot Net.

  12. C# Training


    I am very happy with C# Training with Hope Tutors. Their KT sessions are really amazing.

  13. C# Training


    Hope Tutors provides the best C# Training. The trainers are real time industrial experts. They shared their own experience. It helps me to develop my career growth.

  14. C# Training


    Online C# Training with hope tutors is the best. They provide nice KT sessions.

  15. C# Training


    I have completed the C# Training at Hope tutors. They are providing the best training with experts. Training materials are very advanced and informative.

  16. C# Training


    All the training sessions are at industrial standards. At the end of the training they make us to feel like an expert in the field of Rest Python API with Django.

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