DevOps Training in Chennai

Are you looking forward to startup with the DevOps? Are you interested in learning the concepts of the DevOps? Are you confused with choosing the right institute for DevOps Training in Chennai? Then our Hope Tutors is the ultimate choice for you. Hope Tutors provides the world-class DevOps Training in Chennai. 

In this DevOps Training in Chennai, we provide very advanced course Materials. We design the course material in such a way its suits for all. This suits for both the beginners as well as experienced candidate. These course materials are available for you at very affordable price. We provide you these course materials once you done with the enrollment with us.

We design these course materials with the real time field experts. These experts are working in this field & in different MNCs. Our trainers train you from the basics. Another best thing is we train you on the required DevOps Tools. Also, we train you in its development lifecycle.

A brief introduction about the DevOps:

We can able to find that nowadays most of the companies are started adopting the DevOps. This is because it is just a collaboration. It is the collaboration of both the Development & operation team. Both the team members want to work together for enabling CI as well as CD. 

This Process helps the companies to deliver the developed code continuously. Also, this delivered code are with high quality as well as speed. The bugs in the codes can also able to debug in short time. In mean time the rate of the bugs is very less. Also, the companies can able to receive the feedback from the customers.

Why should you take the DevOps Training in Chennai with us?

There are plenty of option for the DevOps training in Chennai. But our Hope tutors is the ultimate choice for you. We provide more effective style for the training. Following are some of the important training features of our DevOps Training in Chennai. They are,

  • More advanced course materials designed by the industrial field experts.
  • Training sections are taken by the industrial field experts.
  • We provide flexible timing. Our DevOps Training in Chennai conduct many training sections on different timings. You can able to choose any timing based on your flexibility.
  • We create the WhatsApp forum to connect both the students as well as out trainers. So that, all your doubts are cleared at any time.
  • We also provide assistance for you to search for the jobs. 
  • We provide you the access for DevOps Interview questions.
  • We also help you in preparing your resumes.
  • We contact more mock sections which helps you in your interview.
  • Our DevOps training in Chennai are available at affordable fees.
  • At the end of the course we make you to feel like an expert in this filed.

Advanced Course Curriculum of our DevOps Training in Chennai:

Generally, we use different type of tools in various stages of the DevOps. In our DevOps training in Chennai, we provide you the advanced course curriculum. Following is our course curriculum. They are,

  • Docker
  • Jenkins
  • Ansible
  • Git
  • Nagios
  • ELK
  • Chef


Docker is lightweight DevOps tool. It uses container for packing up the app with all requirement as well as dependencies. This is before shipping complete container in single package.


It is open sourced CI server. It builds & test the software as well as monitor executions & status continuously. From this the team members as well as users can able to easily get the updated code.


Ansible provides simplest way for automating apps & IT infrastructures. Just like Cloud deployment, network configuration as well as creation of the development environments.


Git tracks each and every change in the files. So, with the help of Git you can able to coordinate works among team.


It is the best monitoring system. Using this you can able to find any of the infrastructure problems and resolve it. 


Using this tool, you can able to collect the business insights. This is out of the logs as well as data.


This tool is used for transforming infrastructure into the codes. This is especially without the breaking.

Benefits of the DevOps:

Following are some of the very important benefits of the DevOps. They are,

  1. High Speed.
  2. Very Reliable.
  3. The Silos breakdown.
  4. The Fastest delivery.
  5. Collaborations of the teams.
  6. Risk management.
  7. High Security.

Trainers Profile of our DevOps Training in:

Our trainers of the DevOps training in Chennai are very experienced one. They have more in-depth knowledge in this field. They are always free to clarify your doubts. 

Our Trainers,

  • All the trainers in our DevOps Training in Chennai are industrial field experts. They are working with real time research topics. 
  • All the queries of you are clarified immediately.
  • Our Trainers are with friendly approach. So, you can able to clear all your doubts immediately. 
  • They will share many real time challenges which they face every day in their day to day activities.
  • They have more than 5+ years of experience.
  • They train more than 500+ students every year.
  • Training with more practical as well as theoretical knowledge. 
  • Sharing real time experience in Industries.
  • DevOps Certification holders.
  • Have very good contact with the many HRs in different companies.
  • Guidance in completing your real time projects.
  • Working in different multinational companies such as TCS, CTS, HCL etc.

Reasons for Learning the DevOps Training in Chennai:

Are you still confused why you want to learn the DevOps Training in Chennai? Then following is the answer for you.

  • Growth in your career is very fast.
  • Your programming codes are with very fewer errors.
  • Continuous and very fast release of the codes.
  • New trendy technology with many innovations.
  • Make you unique from general sort of candidate.

Required Skill for joining with the DevOps Training in Chennai:

Our DevOps Training in Chennai suits for all the level of candidates. You don’t require any of the knowledge to take this DevOps training in Chennai. But having some basic knowledge in the following will be more added advantage. They are,

  • Basics of VCS.
  • Basics of the Java.
  • Basics of the Linux.
  • Basics of the JavaScript / Ruby.

Who can hire this DevOps Training in Chennai?

Following are some of the candidate who can hire DevOps Training in Chennai. They are,

  • Students who have more interest in DevOps.
  • Freshers who are looking for their jobs.
  • Testers.
  • Developers.
  • Analyst.
  • Architects.
  • Managers.

Job demands as well as salary trends in the field of DevOps:

One of the most trending field in today’s market is DevOps. We can able to find lot of job opening in this field. This can be found when you surf in the job searching website. There are more than 850+ jobs available in the job market. You can able to see this from Naukri as well as LinkedIn. Most of the companies give high priority with the certificate. The candidate with the Hope Tutors certificate is unique from others.

One of the highest earning field is DevOps. Especially in the IT sectors. The range of the salary may vary based on your experience. The salary for the beginners is $2,88,795 – $10,93,112. $5,97,427 – $19,67,180 is the salary for the mid-level engineer.


Corporate Training is Important For Career

Corporate training is an essential investment for career growth and advancement. With rapidly evolving industries and job market demands, individuals need to continuously upgrade their skills and knowledge to stay competitive. Corporate Training equips professionals with the latest tools, techniques, and industry insights necessary to excel in their careers. It offers targeted learning opportunities, addressing specific skill gaps and enhancing expertise in areas such as leadership, communication, technical skills, and more. By participating in corporate training programs, individuals can broaden their knowledge base, increase their marketability, and unlock new career opportunities. Additionally, corporate training fosters professional growth, boosts confidence, and improves job performance, leading to increased job satisfaction and potential for promotions. In today’s dynamic business environment, embracing corporate training is key to staying relevant, adaptable, and poised for success in one’s career journey.


Course Curriculum

DevOps Overview 00:00:00
What is DevOps and Why do we need DevOps 00:00:00
Understand the CALMS Model of DevOps 00:00:00
Understand Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous 00:00:00
Deployment 00:00:00
Tool Chains and Ecosystem of Deployment Pipelines 00:00:00
Pipeline we will be building for this course 00:00:00
Source Code Management
Git & GitHub
Why SCM (Case Study) 00:00:00
Version Control using Git 00:00:00
Installing Git 00:00:00
Branching & Merging and working with various Git Commands 00:00:00
Stashing, Rebase and Revert 00:00:00
GitHub (as Git Server) 00:00:00
Webhooks 00:00:00
Cherrypick 00:00:00
Real Time Projects:
Set up Git on Local and work with various commands in Git. 00:00:00
Work with remote repositories (Github) and branching 00:00:00
Work on merging techniques. 00:00:00
Continuous Build and Integration
Jenkins and Maven
Introduction to Jenkins and Maven 00:00:00
Maven Architecture 00:00:00
Security 00:00:00
Jenkins Admin 00:00:00
Plugin Management 00:00:00
Log Management 00:00:00
Scheduling jobs – Polling SCM, Schedule based 00:00:00
Build Pipelines from Change Management to Automation of Testing and integration with build servers such as Maven. 00:00:00
Real Time Projects
Jenkins Install on AWS or VirtualBox 00:00:00
Jenkins Plugin Management and Configurations 00:00:00
Integrating Jenkins with Git and Maven 00:00:00
Create Delivery Pipeline to demonstrate Continuous Integration (from code check-in, build, test and deploy to QA environment). 00:00:00
Continuous Testing (Automation)
Implement Webdriver with TestNG 00:00:00
Overview Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver 00:00:00
Introduction to X-Path and TestNG 00:00:00
Executing tests using various browsers using Selenium 00:00:00
Selenium integration with Jenkins 00:00:00
Real Time Projects :
Selenium integration with Jenkins 00:00:00
Sample Java code for Selenium Test cases using Webdriver 00:00:00
Integrating QA into Delivery Pipeline in Jenkins 00:00:00
Configuration Management
Ansible Overview and Architecture 00:00:00
Ansible Installation 00:00:00
Ansible Playbooks 00:00:00
Ad-hoc commands using Ansible 00:00:00
Real Time Projects :
Setup Ansible in Master/Slave mode 00:00:00
Ansible Basic commands 00:00:00
Create an Ansible Playbook to configure Nginx or Tomcat Server 00:00:00
Working with Ansible Galaxy and Roles 00:00:00
Continuous Deployment
Docker Architecture 00:00:00
Working with Images and containers 00:00:00
Docker Hub / Repository 00:00:00
Docker Compose 00:00:00
Docker Swarm for container orchestration 00:00:00
Docker Networking 00:00:00
Real Time Projects:
Docker Host/Node Setup 00:00:00
Lifecycle container commands 00:00:00
Create an Image and run it to create a container 00:00:00
Docker Volume and how files get shared between host and node 00:00:00
Creating Images from Dockerfile and Container 00:00:00
Working with Private Repositories 00:00:00
Docker networking with overlays 00:00:00
Continuous Monitoring
Nagios 00:00:00
Introduction to Nagios 00:00:00
Install / Setup 00:00:00
Plugins and Objects in Nagios 00:00:00
Commands and Notifications 00:00:00
Real Time Projects :
Nagios Setup 00:00:00
Infra/Application monitoring with Nagios 00:00:00


Recorded Sessions

We provide the video recordings of our classroom sessions and you can rewind and go back for your immediate and future references.

Flexible Timings

The training sessions are customized to the preferences of the students and the session timing is designed to be flexible.

Practical Case Studies

We provide real-time case studies. The materials are purposefully hand-picked to serve the needs of the students.

Communal Forum

We have created a WhatsApp community forum, where you can converse and develop your skills.

Lifetime Access

You will have lifetime and unending access to wealth of our course resources.

Placement Support

We offer you job placement guidance by providing rich interview questions materials and job recruitment


  • Jenkins
  • Docker
  • Ansible
  • ELK
  • GIT
  • Chef

Yes. DevOps is suitable for both developer and tester

Basic knowledge about operations is a must to take this DevOps Training. Freshers who want to learn DevOps can also take this training. But if you know some basic knowledge in Deployment and building process. Then it will be an added advantage for you.

Highlighted benefits below

  • Our experts prepared advanced set of questions you should know.
  • The interview questions are available any time for you.
  • Trainers are available at time for support.

DevOps is a smart development approach. It combines both the software development (dev) & IT operations (ops). By applying Continuous Delivery and continuous integration it will make Software life cycle in shorter.MVP shall be delivered in quick span of time.

DevOps has more benefits. Some of them are here.

  • There is a frequent roll of updates. So, the quality of the service can be easily maintained.
  • Customer shall see the results in continuous manner.No need to wait for several months.
  • DevOps team will work forwarded to eradicate simple errors.
  • Open Source Tools
  • Easy to solve bugs.

Anybody with basic knowledge about Linux. If you not having Linux background we will train you from scratch. Freshers who want to learn DevOps can also take this training.

Following are some important reasons to prefer Hope Tutors.

  • Best-in-class training.
  • Advanced training material.
  • Flexible time.
  • Online classroom.
  • Well trained faculty
  • Real-time projects.

Hope Tutors cater to working professionals who aspire to honor their skills to better adapt and grow in the constantly evolving corporate sector. Yes, we do offer placement assistance.

You must earn a passing score via a proctored exam to earn DevOps Certification. Upon receiving a passing score, you will receive your certification credentials. Certification is Subjective, depending upon the exam you will get the certification.

Hope Tutors is a global Classroom professional training provider with 5+ years of experience. We are offering some of the most updated, industry-designed certification training programs which includes courses in Networking,Programming, Artificial Intelligence and 100 other top trending technologies.

We do Accept Paypal/Card, Cash and Cheque, also support the ewallets.

We do offer online training, with the help of gotomeeting software, candidates and trainers sessions would be conducted, since we are using premium version, there is no need to think on communication issues. All the sessions will be recorded and will be used for revision to the students.

Currently there are more than 2000 alumni from hope tutors working in top companies after the completion of DevOps Course with us.

We do have 5+ years of experience in DevOps, Since the trainers are handpicked after several checks, the quality of teaching is never questionable, we also offer assistance in completing certifications.

We Provide Demo Class for free, we do not charge a fee for demo, Kindly Contact us @7871012233 for enrolling yourself.

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