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Why Angular? – The clash of Angular vs React Js vs Vue.Js:

Angular is the creation from Google. Angular is a Framework whereas React and Vue.js are libraries. You can build modern Web, Mobile and Desktop applications using Angular. Angular apps are ideally feature rich and can be scaled. If you have embraced the beauty of Object Oriented Programming Paradigm; then Angular is the framework of your choice. TypeScript has become the modern day JavaScript. If you adore coding in TypeScript, Angular is just made for you. Being a core web developer, I see beauty in Angular Framework. Angular has a steep learning curve. My Time with learning Angular was actually well spent and fun. Google,, Forbes are very few who have embraced Angular.

Pal, continue reading if you are in the lookout for a virtuous Angular 7 Training in Chennai. Enjoy your article by Hope’ with Hope!

We welcome you to Hope Tutors – The Angular 7 Training Institute!

Angular Versions – The Real Confusion!

The first version of Angular was named Angular JS by Google. The second version was named Angular 2. The secret is, Angular 2 is completely different from Angular JS (or Angular 1). If anyone desires to learn Angular, start with Angular 2 and above. If you knew Angular 2 completely, it is easier for you to grasp Angular 6/7 in just 5 days. Every update (from version 2 to 7) has added framework improvements and developer interfaces/modules. At Hope Tutors we make you really understand Angular with clarity. We recommend to avail a free demo/enrollment into our Angular 7 Training in Chennai.

Taking up your Hope Tutors’ Angular 7 Course in Chennai is the career boost you have waited for.

Note: As a fun fact; try googling for Angular Version 3.

Angular Concepts:

I have listed below some of the key concepts in learning Angular 7 Course:

  • 1.TypeScript.
  • 2.Components.
  • 3.Directives.
  • 4.Data Binding.
  • 5.Services.
  • 6.Dependency Injection.
  • 7.Bootstrap/ Material Design.
  • 8.Communication between Components.
  • 9.Life Cycle Hooks.
  • 10.Router.
  • 11.Forms.
  • 12.HTTP – REST.
  • 13.Pipes.
  • 14.Observables and RXJS.
  • 15.CRUD operations.
  • 16.Unit Testing.

Note: At Hope Tutors’ Angular 7 Training in Chennai you will get to know much more than this.

Angular 6/7 Features:

Angular has undertaken a new version release in every 6 months.

Look down for what’s in store for us in Angular 6/7:

Angular Elements – We can now reuse our components in even React/Vue.js or any framework.

Service Worker Support – Enhanced Progressive Web Apps and Offline Caching.

i18n – Internationalization and Languages support.

Ivy – Yet to be official: Increased Speed and Reduced App Size by this rendering engine.

Bazel Compiler – This builds only the code we have changed. Efficient!

RxJS 6.0 – Better Imports!

Tree Shaking – Unused code are now shaken and omitted from our build. Mighty!

Virtual Scrolling – Scrolling made efficient by Google.

Drag & Drop – Automatic rendering of Drag & Drop items.

CLI Prompts – Yes! Finally the CLI speaks. Miracle!

real-time projects with all these latest features above?

Why Angular Training with Hope Tutors:

At hope tutors we not only understand technology, we excel at teaching. Technology can be learnt with time, but we focus on teaching with clarity and energy. As your wish, you will be trained by working professionals with real-time expertise in modern Angular 6/7 apps. Eventually you will learn by doing practical projects. Theory classes are just taken to understand Angular in a practical way. Teaching and Learning is absolutely fun at Hope Tutors. That’s why our trainees brag that Hope Tutors is an adorable Angular 7 Training Institute in Chennai. Will you miss a free Angular 7 DEMO session at Hope Tutors?

Angular 7 Placement Assistance by Hope Tutors:

With great humbleness; we care about your Job…

Your Job is to complete the Angular 7 Training with Hope Tutors.

Our job is to guide/create you for the role of Modern Application Developer in a brilliant organization.

Angular 7 Certification Course –
You will be delivered with the Angular 7 Course Certification provided by Hope Tutors.

Angular 7 Interview Questions and Answers –
1.5 hour session dedicated to Angular 7 Interview Questions and Answers to crack interviews.

Angular 7 Interview Questions –
10 minutes of mock Angular 7 Interview Questions for every single trainee.

Who can take Angular 6/7 training with us?

We are Hope Tutors and we teach with Energy and Clarity. Corporates, Working Professionals, Students, Managers or anyone who is willing to learn and Practice Angular 6/7 can join us. Age is just a number against your Will to learn and create. Why wouldn’t you join an authentic Angular 7 Training Institute in Chennai? Angular 7 Course is going to be practical and fun!

Thank You for spending Time with Hope Tutors. Have a Great Day!

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Angular 6 components
Services,Routing,Dependecy Injection
Advanced Angular 6 Concepts
CRUD Application
Shopping Cart Application
IRCTC Appplication
Develop CRM Application
Ionic framework


Recorded Sessions

We provide the video recordings of our classroom sessions and you can rewind and go back for your immediate and future references.

Flexible Timings

The training sessions are customized to the preferences of the students and the session timing is designed to be flexible.

Practical Case Studies

We provide real-time case studies. The materials are purposefully hand-picked to serve the needs of the students.

Communal Forum

We have created a WhatsApp community forum, where you can converse and develop your skills.

Lifetime Access

You will have lifetime and unending access to wealth of our course resources.

Placement Support

We offer you job placement guidance by providing rich interview questions materials and job recruitment


  • Experienced MNC employees who has at least 8+ years of experience
  • 3 Real-time Examples will be given to students
  • 100 % Job assistance including resume preparation, mock up interviews
  • No limit in attending interviews\n
  • 100% real time project training
  • Individual attention to students with flexible schedules
  • Instalment options for fee payment

  • Dedicated HR Person will be allocated for Placement Assistance.
  • We tied up with more than 300+ companies and 50+ consultancy.
  • More no of interviews will be scheduled after training program.
  • Continuous job Assistance will be given even after the training program.

Kindly call or WhatsApp to +917871012233.

It will be vary from 30 to 50 hours.Depends on the candidate Years of experience.

We have successfully completed 4+ years. We placed more than 1000+ students

Yes First session is free of cost.You shall get the batch timings, duration of the course.

You Shall pay in two installments.EMI Option is also available

100% real time training.MNC Professionals will take the training classes

Yes each and every session will be recorded.You shall access the recorded sessions for lifetime.

Yes we are Pearson Vue Authorized Test Center.You shall write the international Certification in velachery branch.

Yes, we provide both weekdays and weekend sessions. You can attend the classes according to your convenience.

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  1. Janani Student Angular Training Review


    I got job through Hope Tutors Software Training Institution. it is good for Fresher’s, Best realtime experienced trainer and they have good sample projects. My trainer covered complete basic HTML, CSS and Java Script with Angular 6 advanced concepts.

  2. Nice Training in Angular 6


    I joined Hope Tutors OMR Branch for Angular 6 Training , I have spent around 15k, it was very helpful, Angular Trainer gives Excellent idea on Our Careers and Hands-on experience in jobs environment, it`s Best Angular 6 Training Institute, you can learn several top programming language in Hope Tutors to growth your bright career. I thanks to my Trainer….

  3. Nice experience with my Angular 6 Training in Hope Tutors


    Hi, I joined Hope Tutors for Angular 6 Training Course,The first day they completely evaluated my knowledge and skill sets regarding other front end frameworks and based on that class were started. The trainer who took class was very professional as well as friendly in nature. Since I have attended one to one session, it was very easy for me to clear my doubts, and while talking about the lab environment and practice it was well and best with good guidance. According to our convenience they took classes both in Tamil and English. Conducting Evaluation exams in between the classes which raised my confidence level.

  4. Angular 6 Training with real-time experience


    Best Angular 6 Training Institute in Chennai with Professional environment &l Support for our future activities. They never found difficulties on clearing the doubts and always Encouraged me at high level. I recommend the hope tutors for your training courses.

  5. Good Software Training institution in Chennai


    Top Notch Angular 6 training institute with well professional teaching…Master class!!! crystal clear approach in deriving the course inline with industry standards and needs. Go as Novice and get out as Expert.Thanks to Hope Tutors.

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