Big Data Analytics Training

     Finding patterns and coherent structure of information from the collected raw data pool is data analytics. By analyzing data in this sophisticated manner a data analyst draws definitive conclusions and inferences. When it comes to the large volume and high-velocity data, data analytics is an indispensable necessity for the meaningful productivity.

Data Analytics Training in Chennai     Each and every second we create data. According to Forbes, a notable business magazine, we go query Google 40,000 times every second. And on YouTube alone, we upload 300 hours of video every minute.

what is big data analytics?

This kind of rapid growth in data storing, sharing, and developing necessitates to analyze the consistent patterns in order to better understand the nature of it to be used in business development.

Big Data Analytics Course Feature

  • You will learn the representation of the data, programming, analysis, and retrieval. This basic understanding of what data analytics is and what it does is fully given to you.
  • We train you to apply mathematical and statistical models to detect the pattern and drawing authentic conclusions from that data.
  • Identifying and solving the problem with the ability of critical thinking to assess and manipulate the outcome results is Hope Tutors best data analytics center’s trademark.
  • You will learn to create logical synthesis and appraise the value propositions as part of your data analytics course.

Data Analytics Training Institute in Chennai

  • You will learn how to communicate the findings and its implications and to apply them in corporate settings.  
  • You will have the best understanding of computational analytics, which functions as an interface to transform raw data into knowledge and the main focus lies in non-homogenous datasets.
  • You will learn deterministic optimization, probabilistic models, data mining, and pricing analytics in our training course.

Why Hope Tutors to learn Data Analytics?

  • Of all the fleet of training centers all around Chennai, Hope Tutors Data Analytics Training Institute in Chennai is the best choice to learn and achieve. We provide finest data analytics course to mainstream students as we are much experienced in training lot of students and professionals alike.
  • We offer our students with practical computational skills with customized tools to learn the course fluidly.

Data Analytics Certification Training in Chennai

  • You are trained with some of the finest analytical professionals, who are experienced in their field of study with the best erudition.
  • Hope Tutors Data Analytics Training Institute in Chennai has a notable track record of achieving 100% placement for all our students, and this feat is remarkably unsurpassed by any other training organization.
  • Our erstwhile students have been placed in major multinational corporations in Chennai and abroad.
  • Besides classroom sessions, Hope Tutors provides hands-on practical sessions to equip our students to understand completely what they are learning.
  • Not only we do train, but also guide our students to attain the career for which they aspire to.

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Best Data Analytics Online Training

     Hope Tutors Data Analytics Training Center in Chennai is proud to say that we offer online data analytics training sessions for those who cannot attend on-premise sessions.  

Job Opportunities – Data Analytics

     According to The Hindu, there is going to be a shortage of 200,000 trained data analysts in India in this decade. And statistical analysis and data mining are being extended to widespread organizations to keep track of their backstory and improve upon them by finding flaws and correcting them. So data analysts are in high demand and the number is soaring up each year.

Data Analytics Training in Chennai

     Filling up the skill gap in data analytics is on momentum as a large company cannot trace its performance without the valuable contribution of data analysts.

     According to, a data analyst earns an average salary of Rs. 3,49,284 a year. This is not a small amount to leave it unconsidered.

     You will be placed in large corporations to fetch the data from diverse resources and support the management through SQL-based queries and data analytics.

     In order to expand the company to the next degree and to subsequently plant multiple franchises, a company relies on data analysts to provide insights.

The Eligibility criteria to make career in Data Analytics

  • Data visualization analysts
  • Quantitative analysts
  • Statistical researchers
  • Business analysis engineers
  • Senior software marketing analysts

Why is Big Data Analytics Certification important?

     To make the most of your career goals, it becomes crucial to learn an additional course to have complete knowledge of your field of career. Also having a certification ascertains your reliability and assures your place among the best analysts.  So don’t WAIT to join our Data Analytics Training in Chennai and get certification.

Questions and answers regarding Data Analytics

  1. Explain data modeling.

     Once the data has been prepared by the methods of detecting outliers and connecting the missing values, this stage then directly taken to model the data where it is run in a frequent process to check the improvements. In this way, data modeling brings forth the best viable results.

      2. Define data cleansing and explain how it is achieved.

     In a given large dataset a data analyst extracts the important information to data analysis. At this stage of data cleansing, the data is studied carefully to figure out any anomalous patterns, incorrect information, and sorting out repetitive data. The datasets are assessed to magnify the strength and quality of the data.

     3. List some of the best tools that are useful to data analysis.

  • RapidMiner
  • OpenRefine
  • NodeXL
  • Google Fusion Tables
  • Tableau

     4. What is collaborative filtering?

     The collaborative filtering is an algorithm designed to analyze the behavioral data of the users and recommend similar consumed products based on that analysis.

     5. Describe cluster analysis.

     In cluster analytical method the characteristically similar objects are classified into a group to distinguish themselves and arranged in a categorized order. It is the main target of data mining and it is widely used for statistical data analysis.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Data Analytics

  1. What is the course duration of data analytics in Hope Tutors?

             The course covers 30 hours of time duration.

      2. Can the course fee be paid in installment?

             Of course! We accept the course fee in installment structure.

      3. Is online training available?

              Yes, Hope Tutors provides online sessions.

      4. Can I attend the training on weekends?

               Yes, if you cannot attend classes on weekdays, we’ve arranged weekend sessions.

      5. I am not sure about if I would join Hope Tutors. What to do?

               To know what we are teaching you could request a free demo.


      If you want to enhance your career or improve your skills feel free to contact our Data Analytics Center in Velachery, Chennai. We are always there to help you.

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to Statistics
Research Methods & Sampling
Descriptive Statistics
Inferential Statistics
Regression analysis
Logistic Regression & Bayes
Advanced Excel
Basic R library usage
Basic Python Library usage
Applications of algorithms with examples



Few of advanced topics in this training are

  • Elasticity(Ec2)
  • Storage
  • Security.
  • Virtual private cloud
  • S3
  • and many more AWS Services

AWS jobs give you attractive salary.

Source: Glassdoor

Cloud Solution Architect: Max Salary is 33L per year

Cloud Admin: 16L is max salary per year.

Cloud Developer: 12L per year

Following are some important reasons to prefer Hope Tutors.

  1. Best-in-class training.
  2. Advanced training material.
  3. Flexible time.
  4. Online classroom.
  5. Well trained faculty.
  6. Real-time projects.
  7. Assistance for certification.

We do offer online training, with the help of gotomeeting software, candidates and trainers sessions would be conducted. All the sessions will be recorded and will be used for revision to the students.

We Provide Demo Class for free, we do not charge fee for demo, Kindly Contact us @7871012233 for enrolling yourself.

No. You can join without any prior requirements. If you are a developer or architect, it will be an advantage.

Sure. Highlighted benefits are.

  1. We conduct mock interview for you
  2. Our experts prepared advanced set of questions you should know.
  3. The interview questions are available any time for you.
  4. Trainers are available at time for support.

Our Training program will be well equipped to clear the AWS Global certification.You must earn a passing score via a proctored exam to earn AWS Certification.

Hope Tutors is a global Classroom professional training provider with 5+ years of experience. We are offering some of the most updated, industry-designed certification training programs which includes courses in Networking,Programming, Artificial Intelligence and 100 other top trending technologies.

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    ram from vadapalani. i had great experience in hopetutors. in 2017 i joined weekdays direct class in velachery. but discontiue after two weeks because of timing problem.but they continously reached me and sort out my timing problem. i have finished the training in 2018 november.. they are really care about their students. they are providing training in best quality

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