Big Data Training

There is an enormous need for big data analysts in IT industries since information technology handles millions of data every single moment. In order to keep track of and to analyze the data, the contribution of big data analysts is highly appreciated among IT companies.

In that same vein, Hadoop is an open-source software framework which is used to store the data sporadically and to process the datasets of big data. It is done with the aid of MapReduce programming model. With a lot of commodity hardware nodes, Hadoop posits it as possible to run applications on systems.

According to a survey reports, more than 60% of modern corporations are solely depending on big data analytics to raise the organization’s social media marketing abilities. And, more importantly, in another survey conducted by Peer-Research Big Data Survey, they list the benefits of big data for a big company.

big data training in chennai

Big Data Features

The big data Hadoop certification course offered by Hope Tutors is designed to give you the complete insight into the big data framework by giving you a thorough understanding of HDFS, YARN and MapReduce. We will train you to analyse the data that is collectively stored in HDFS. Using Flume for the digestion of data also is trained in our big data training course.

Processing the data with Spark is a major part of our Hadoop big data training course as you will learn different interactive algorithms and how to use Spark SQL to generate, transform and query the data forms. And during our big data training course, you are going to work out industrial level projects in the sectors of telecommunication and social media for the deeper understanding of big data.

MapReduce is the essential component of Apache Hadoop software framework and MapReduce is notable for its ability to sort out through unstructured data sets. So learning MapReduce will enrich your ability to navigate datasets that is in its primal form.

Our best Hadoop big data training course in Chennai also covers PIG and SQOOP aspects as well. With PIG, its structure is so flexible that it can be substantially parallelized. Its textual language is vital to handle very large datasets. In addition, Sqoop is used to transfer the data from Hadoop to the database servers, vice versa.

YARN – Yet Another Resource Negotiator – is a cluster management program. YARN is a wide-reaching operating system for big data applications. All of these will be covered in Hope Tutors’ big data training course. All these tools are put together and easily integrated with Hadoop and the big data will be processed faster.

We hope this video here will illustrate big data

Hope Tutors Big Data Course Features

Our Hope Tutors Big Data Training Center in Chennai is a distinguished milestone in guiding students in their career path. Situated in the main part of Velachery, Chennai, our best Hadoop Big Data Training Center is offering students the best training they could ever have. Hope Tutors leads you through a step-by-step process to learn the effective force of big data.

Hadoop Training in Chennai

Not only Hope Tutors provides classroom sessions, we lead the students through the practical application of what they have just learned. It is one of the many striking features of Hope Tutors. Students are given in-depth and clear understanding of big data and are trained in a good environment.

Our trainers have adequate knowledge and are very experienced experts in big data analysis. They guide you to achieve your career goals with much efficiency.

What will you learn from our Big Data Training?

  • First of all, you will understand Flume architecture and its configuration.
  • The functionality of RBDMS and its workings in relation to HBase. The differences between them also will be covered.
  • Understanding Spark SQL and how to create and run its frameworks.
  • With Hive and Impala, you will learn how to create a new database. And learning to use Hive and Impala to partition.

Online Big Data Training

Besides our classroom training, Hope Tutors Big Data Training Institute provides online training sessions to those who want to learn the course easily from their home.

big data training in chennai

To whom the Big Data is for?

  • Analytics professionals
  • Data analysts
  • Senior IT professionals
  • Data management professionals
  • Project managers
  • Business intelligence professionals

So having a certified training in big data will certainly boost your career opportunities. Our Hope Tutors Big Data Training Centre in Chennai will make your dreams come true to become an assured big data analyst.

Hadoop Training in Chennai

Big Data and Hadoop Course Certification

Why is certification in big data important?

  • Just being graduated is not enough to equip your future in big data
  • Big companies are hiring big data analysts who are extraordinarily trained with Hadoop in best institutes
  • You could learn the complete skills that is necessary to be an effective big data analyst


  • How big data analysis helps businesses to multiply their revenue?

          For a company to speed-up its outcome it has to analyze consumers’ preferences and choices and analyze the data to launch new products and recommendations. Thus this new approach increases the company’s revenue.

  • Distinguish structured & unstructured data.

Unstructured data is something that is not established in advance that includes metadata, audio, video, FB posts and Twitter tweets which is not gathered as a whole in a database, while a structured data is well-organized like numbers and dates in order and it can be easily stored, managed and processed.

  • What are the major elements of Hadoop application?
  1. YARN
  2. HDFS
  3. Hadoop Common
  4. PIG
  5. SQOOP
  • What is HDFS in big data?

          Hadoop Distributed File System is the storage component of Hadoop which serves as the data collector which stores varieties of data as blocks.

  • What are the major concepts of Hadoop framework?

          MapReduce and HDFS are the main concepts found in Hadoop.


  • What is the course duration for big data in Hope Tutors?

          It takes 30 hours of training in big data.

  • Can the course fee be paid in installment?

          Of course! We accept the course fee in installment structure.

  • Is online training available?

          Yes, Hope Tutors provides online sessions.

  • Can I attend the training on weekends?

          Yes, if you cannot attend classes on weekdays, we’ve arranged weekend sessions.

  • I am not sure about if I would join Hope Tutors. What to do?

          To know what we are teaching you could request a free demo.

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Big Data Interview Questions with Answers

Big Data Interview Questions and Answers

Course Curriculum

Hadoop YARN Introduction 00:00:00
Hadoop YARN Setup 00:00:00
Programming in YARN framework j 00:00:00
Understanding big data and Hadoop
Big Data 00:00:00
Limitations and Solutions of existing Data Analytics Architecture 00:00:00
Hadoop Features 00:00:00
Hadoop Ecosystem 00:00:00
Hadoop 2.x core components 00:00:00
Hadoop Storage: HDFS 00:00:00
Hadoop Storage : Azure Data Lake Introduction 00:00:00
Hadoop Processing: MapReduce Framework 00:00:00
Hadoop Different Distributions. 00:00:00
Hadoop Mapreduce Framework & YARN
MapReduce Use Cases 00:00:00
Traditional way Vs MapReduce way 00:00:00
Why MapReduce 00:00:00
Hadoop 2.x MapReduce Architecture 00:00:00
Hadoop 2.x MapReduce Components 00:00:00
YARN MR Application Execution Flow 00:00:00
YARN Workflow 00:00:00
Anatomy of MapReduce Program 00:00:00
Demo on MapReduce. Input Splits 00:00:00
Relation between Input Splits and HDFS Blocks 00:00:00
MapReduce: Combiner & Partitioner 00:00:00
Demo on de-identifying Health Care Data set 00:00:00
Demo on Weather Data set. 00:00:00
Hadoop Architecture and HDFS
Hadoop 2.x Cluster Architecture – Federation and High Availability 00:00:00
A Typical Production Hadoop Cluster 00:00:00
Hadoop Cluster Modes 00:00:00
Common Hadoop Shell Commands 00:00:00
Hadoop 2.x Configuration Files 00:00:00
Single node cluster and Multi node cluster set up Hadoop Administration. 00:00:00
Advanced Mapreduce
Counters 00:00:00
Distributed Cache 00:00:00
Reduce Join 00:00:00
Custom Input Format 00:00:00
Sequence Input Format 00:00:00
Xml file Parsing using MapReduce. 00:00:00
About Pig 00:00:00
MapReduce Vs Pig 00:00:00
Pig Use Cases 00:00:00
Programming Structure in Pig 00:00:00
Pig Running Modes 00:00:00
Pig components 00:00:00
Pig Execution 00:00:00
Pig Latin Program 00:00:00
Data Models in Pig 00:00:00
Pig Data Types 00:00:00
Shell and Utility Commands 00:00:00
Pig Latin : Relational Operators 00:00:00
File Loaders 00:00:00
Group Operator 00:00:00
COGROUP Operator 00:00:00
Joins and COGROUP 00:00:00
Union 00:00:00
Diagnostic Operators 00:00:00
Specialized joins in Pig 00:00:00
Built In Functions ( Eval Function 00:00:00
Load and Store Functions 00:00:00
Math function 00:00:00
String Function 00:00:00
Date Function 00:00:00
Pig UDF 00:00:00
Piggybank 00:00:00
Parameter Substitution ( PIG macros and Pig Parameter substitution ) 00:00:00
Pig Streaming 00:00:00
Testing Pig scripts with Punit 00:00:00
Aviation use case in PIG 00:00:00
Pig Demo on Healthcare Data set. 00:00:00
Hive Background 00:00:00
Hive Use Case 00:00:00
About Hive 00:00:00
Hive Vs Pig 00:00:00
Hive Architecture and Components 00:00:00
Metastore in Hive 00:00:00
Limitations of Hive 00:00:00
Comparison with Traditional Database 00:00:00
Hive Data Types and Data Models 00:00:00
Partitions and Buckets 00:00:00
Hive Tables(Managed Tables and External Tables) 00:00:00
Importing Data 00:00:00
Querying Data 00:00:00
Managing Outputs 00:00:00
Hive Script 00:00:00
Hive UDF 00:00:00
Retail use case in Hive 00:00:00
Hive Demo on Healthcare Data set. 00:00:00
Advanced Hive and Hbase
Hive QL: Joining Tables 00:00:00
Dynamic Partitioning 00:00:00
Custom Map/Reduce Scripts 00:00:00
Hive Indexes and views Hive query optimizers 00:00:00
Hive : Thrift Server 00:00:00
User Defined Functions 00:00:00
HBase: Introduction to NoSQL Databases and HBase 00:00:00
HBase v/s RDBMS 00:00:00
HBase Components 00:00:00
HBase Architecture 00:00:00
Run Modes & Configuration 00:00:00
HBase Cluster Deployment. 00:00:00
Advanced Hbase
HBase Data Model 00:00:00
HBase Shell 00:00:00
HBase Client API 00:00:00
Data Loading Techniques 00:00:00
ZooKeeper Data Model 00:00:00
Zookeeper Service 00:00:00
Zookeeper 00:00:00
Demos on Bulk Loading 00:00:00
Getting and Inserting Data 00:00:00
Filters in HBase. 00:00:00
Getting started with Sqoop
In this module, you will be introduced to Hadoop you will get to know the Traditional database’s application. Also, you will get to know the basics of Sqoop. 00:00:00
Sqoop as an Import/Export tool 00:00:00
Sqoop Import Process 00:00:00
Basic Sqoop Commands 00:00:00
Importing Data in HDFS using Sqoop 00:00:00
Exporting Data from HDFS 00:00:00
:Import /Export Data between RDBMS and Hive/HBase 00:00:00
Architecture 00:00:00
Flume events 00:00:00
Inceptors, channel ,sink processor 00:00:00
Twitter Data in HDFS 00:00:00
Telnet as source and HBase as a sink 00:00:00
Twitter Data in HBase 00:00:00
Oozie and Hadoop project
Oozie Components 00:00:00
Oozie Workflow 00:00:00
Scheduling with Oozie 00:00:00
Demo on Oozie Workflow 00:00:00
Oozie Co-ordinator 00:00:00
Oozie Commands 00:00:00
Oozie Web Console 00:00:00
Oozie for MapReduce 00:00:00
PIG 00:00:00
Hive and Sqoop 00:00:00
Combine flow of MR 00:00:00
Hive in Oozie 00:00:00
Hadoop Project Demo 00:00:00
Hadoop Integration with Talend. 00:00:00
Understanding Apache Kafka and Kafka Cluster
Need for Kafka 00:00:00
Core Concepts of Kafka 00:00:00
Kafka Architecture 00:00:00
Where is Kafka Used 00:00:00
Processing Distributed data with Apache spark
What is Apache Spark 00:00:00
Spark Ecosystem 00:00:00
Spark Components 00:00:00
History of Spark and Spark Versions/Releases 00:00:00
Spark a Polyglot 00:00:00
What is Scala? 00:00:00
Why Scala? 00:00:00
SparkContext 00:00:00
RDD 00:00:00



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    My trianer Mr. Adthiyan Rajendran trained me each and every concepts in a vivid manner. Good environment to get trained. Excellent placement assistance. Training based on both technical and non technical. After my course completion i can realise the standard in me. Thanks Hope tutors

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    I am Jayalakshmi from chennai. I came to know about hope tutors through my friend. I complete my Big Data & Hadoop classroom training course here. Institute with good faculties and good infrastructure. Centrailised WIFI. Such a best place to learn.

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    Stuffed trainers with good practical knowledge. Since my trainer Mr. Sathish is a working professional he gave me real time projects to train me.

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    Hello, this id Divya from velachery. I attended big data training in Hope tutors, which was a awesome start up for me to learn big data further.I have a put a constraint to hope tutors that to complete my training in a week time. In a short period of requested time they covered all the topics in an effective manner (Both theoretical and practical). Am very much thankful to Mr. Sathish (big data trainer). I choosed this training center as it was in velachery, but it was really a good experience I had in a weeks time. Thanks Hope tutors.

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    Hope Tutors having very good faculty for Big Data/Hadoop. The institute is providing real-time training for software professionals at Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level in well manner. Infrastructure/ facility is good.

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    I?m learning big data concepts in hope tutors since last 3 months. I?m writing this review to share my experiences about the institution and faculty members. It?s a great journey where I learnt all of concepts in big data with live examples. The ambience is excellent and the trainer is well trainer and having live professional experience in big data

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    Great Learning!! Good Ambience!! I was here for Big-data, From Non-Technology Background! Trainer was able to make me understand with realtime examples which helps lot when it comes to Complex subjects!! which shows he knows the industry in and out!

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    I have joined Big Data analytics course in Hope tutors and have gained experience in concepts like Hadoop, Mapreduce, Hive, Pig. The overall coaching is very good and easily understandable as the project and training are based on the real-time scenarios. I thank ppl here for the coaching and knowledge shared with me.

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    Excellent place to learn a new technology from the experienced people in friendly atmosphere.
    I have learned hadoop ecosystem (HDFS Architecture,Mapreduce,Hive,Pig )here,My trainer is sathish, who is teach me the entire structure of data warehouse in the real world and its uses in data analytic.
    Really thanks a lot to him……

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    Best training institute for Bigdata i joined there and complete my training. Really my trainer is stuffed guy having wide knowledge in all concepts. Useful training.

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    I am having 5 yrs of experience in java. Joined Hope tutors for Bigdata training. Really the way of concepts explanation is good. I suggest some of friends to join there.Best institute for professionals

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    thanks Hope tutors and trainer for my training. Really good experience. My wishes for your future success

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