The Node.js Development course is primarily designed for UI/Web Developer who want to learn how to develop high performance, event-driven, real-time and scalable networking and web applications

Node Js training

Node Js Introduction:

Before Jumping into the conclusions of the Node JS Training in Chennai by Hope Tutors, We would have a brief glimpse on the Node JS.

Previously Client-side scripting was the main and only functionality of JavaScript. JavaScript typically is embedded in a web page’s HTML file. JavaScript runs client-side by a JavaScript engine in the client web browser. The interactive functions of your favorite websites are written in JavaScript. By 2009 Ryan Dahl invented Node.js which allowed JavaScript to be executed in the server-side too. It is used to create a server-side application of a typical client-server architecture. For a web app, the browser is the client. A machine that responds to the client request is a server. FYI: The first server-side JavaScript environment is Live Wire Pro Web from Netscape.


Node.js is built on top of the Google V8 JavaScript engine. V8 is the same engine that powers Google Chrome. The Node.js run time environment is cross-platform and hence widely used. It is open source. It will execute JavaScript code outside of a browser. Using Node.js modern-day applications are developed. These days’ companies use Node.js to create a RESTful backend API known as REST APIs. Isn’t it the right time to take up a node js course in Chennai? “Hope Tutors” training institute also provides a node js online course in Chennai.


“Although I was once reserved about recommending it for mission-critical applications, I now heartily recommend Node for even the most demanding server systems.”

-Ryan Dahl, inventor of Node.js.

Node js Features:

Typescript is popular amongst the JavaScript community. Typescript is a superset of JavaScript with optional types support. Node.js introduces “JavaScript everywhere” concept. Now applications are developed with a single programming language. Back then, client and server had different programming languages.

This led to modern full-stack application development called the MEAN stack.
“npmjs” (node package manager) website hosts a variety of open-source libraries for Node.js. Command Line tools and server-side scripting are coded using Node.js extensively. For example; Node.js can produce dynamic web page content served by server-side scripts. This content will be served before the page is sent to the user’s web browser.

Node js Concepts:

Network programs such as Web servers or REST APIs could be created using Node.js. Node.js functions are non-blocking whereas PHP functions block until completion. Non-blocking refers to the commands executing at the same time. The signal either completion or failure via callbacks. Non-blocking is also termed as Asynchronous. Blocking until completion refers to the commands that execute one after the other. Blocking code is also known as Synchronous.

Node.js architecture is event driven which is capable of asynchronous I/O. Hence the throughput is optimized along with improved scalability of the web. Real-time applications with several input/output operations are the perfect fit for Node.js with MongoDB.

An Analogy:

Apache is a multi-threaded HTTP server. It means for every single request that the server receives, a separate thread is created which would handle that request.

Whereas Node.js is an event-driven architecture. It handles all the requests asynchronously from a single thread.

node js Training
The main event loop keeps running even after forwarding the request to the thread pool. It can accept more incoming requests as it does not sleep or wait. SQL queries/HTTP client requests/file system reads follows this practice. Concepts are well explained by creative teachers who are committed. Hope Tutors trainers excel in delivering node js training in Chennai.

What are the Benefits of Node JS Training in Chennai:

Corporate users of Node.js include GoDaddy, IBM, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Netflix etc. Many small to mid-tier organizations are embracing the modern Node.js runtime environment. The reason is to head start their application development process.

Some of the real-time communication programs like messengers, social media, and browser games rely on Node.js. They preferably integrate Node.js with the highly scalable “NoSQL DB” like Mongo DB.

Node.js can be combined with a browser, a database that supports JSON data (such as Postgres/ MongoDB) and JSON. This is for a unified JavaScript development stack like the trending MEAN/MERN stack. Similar to the latest features of server-side development patterns such as MVC, MVP, MVVM, etc., Node.js permits the usage/reuse of the service interface and model between the client-side code and server-side code. The ultimate benefit of taking our node js course in Chennai is you having a confident career.

Node js Frameworks:

Hapi.js, (real-time web applications like chat applications), Express.js, Sails.js are just a few frameworks to build apps for node.js. Express.js is one of the most wanted and essential web frameworks for Node.js. It is a minimalist framework for building a host of web and mobile applications as well as APIs (REST APIs). Popular applications like MySpace, Geeklist, Klout,, and Yummly are few powered by Express.js. Express.js offers various features like middleware, template engines, simplified multiple routing, database integration and much more. Learning is just fun again at Hope Tutors node js course in Chennai.

Node js Salary:

Full stack developers are valuable and getting well paid. They make things fast and simple. Top MNC’s and good startups are in shortage of full stack developers. Salary is not a constraint for full stack developers. That is the reason we highly recommend you to take up the node js course in Chennai from Hope Tutors. So why wait? Just take up a free demo on our node js training in Chennai. Get to know about our node js course content.

Node js Future:

At Hope Tutors, we are focused on modern technologies that are in great demand. Hope Tutors node js course in Chennai will open up more opportunities for you as a developer. Node.js developers are already in great demand. The MEAN stack community is doing great. The future seems bright for the right talent. Now is the right time to do a node js course in Chennai at Hope Tutors. We do provide a node js online course tailored at your convenience.

Why Node js Training in Chennai with us?

At Hope Tutors, we offer a practical based Node js training in Chennai from real-time working developers. We deliver theory sessions that are just necessary to understand the practical concepts of Node.js. So if you are looking out for node js training institutes in Chennai, then Hope Tutors will be your right choice. For people who could not come to our office can take up node js online course. Our Node js online course is similar to our classroom course. At Hope Tutors, we are passionate about technology and teaching. That is the reason we are amongst the top of node js training institutes in Chennai. Get in touch with us to know about the node js course content.

Who can take Node js training?

Corporates, working professionals (for career growth), students and those who wish to build apps can take up our node js training in Chennai. Hope Tutors node js course syllabus is rightly crafted to support your needs. Your node js classes in Chennai is now one free demo away. We also provide a node js online course for people with location constraints. Get in touch with us to know about our node js course syllabus. In life, Starting is usually the hardest thing.

Node js certification?

At Hope Tutors’ we are pleased to offer node js course completion certificate. We evaluate your performance during the node js course. Once Hope Tutors’ trainer is satisfied with the practical knowledge you have acquired with the node js training in Chennai, you will be issued a certificate. A node js certification shows your interest and commitment towards the course. It speaks a lot in a job interview especially when the competition is high. We also help you in assisting to apply for the official node js certification. The official Node.js Certified Developer
program is run by the Node.js Foundation along with Linux Foundation and
Node.js contributors. Mode of the exam is online, the cost is $300 and includes one free retake if unsuccessful.

Job Opportunity for Node JS

  • Excellent Job Opportunity for freshers with JavaScript knowledge in IT industry
  • Numerous openings for web designing professionals with high pay across industries

Contact us today to know more about our Node.js, Angular 2 Training and schedule a free demo class.

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Welcome 00:00:00
Define Node 00:00:00
Node Architecture 00:00:00
How Node Works 00:00:00
Node Installation 00:00:00
Node Module System
Introduction 00:00:00
Global Object 00:00:00
Modules 00:00:00
Module Creation 00:00:00
Loading a Module 00:00:00
Module Wrapper Function 00:00:00
Path Module 00:00:00
OS Module 00:00:00
File System Module 00:00:00
Events Module 00:00:00
Event Arguments 00:00:00
Extending Event Emitter 00:00:00
HTTP Module 00:00:00
Node Package Manager (NPM)
Introduction 00:00:00
Package.json 00:00:00
Node Package Installation 00:00:00
Using a Package 00:00:00
Package Dependencies 00:00:00
NPM Packages and Source Control 00:00:00
Semantic Versioning 00:00:00
Listing the Installed Packages 00:00:00
Registry Info Viewing for A Package 00:00:00
Specific Version of a Package Installing 00:00:00
Local Packages Updating 00:00:00
DevDependencies 00:00:00
A Package Uninstalling 00:00:00
Working with Global Packages 00:00:00
Updating a Published Package 00:00:00
Building RESTful API's Using Express
Introduction 00:00:00
RESTful Services 00:00:00
Introducing Express 00:00:00
First Web Server Building 00:00:00
Nodemon 00:00:00
Environment Variables 00:00:00
Route Parameters 00:00:00
Handling HTTP GET Requests 00:00:00
Handling HTTP POST Requests 00:00:00
Calling Endpoints Using Postman 00:00:00
Input Validation 00:00:00
Handling HTTP PUT Requests 00:00:00
Handling HTTP Delete Requests 00:00:00
Express- Advanced Topics
Introduction 00:00:00
Creating Custom Middleware 00:00:00
Built-in Middleware 00:00:00
Third-party Middleware 00:00:00
Environments 00:00:00
Configuration 00:00:00
Debugging 00:00:00
Templating Engines 00:00:00
Database Integration 00:00:00
Authentication 00:00:00
Structuring Express Applications 00:00:00
Asynchronous JavaScript
Synchronous vs Asynchronous Code 00:00:00
Patterns for Dealing with Asynchronous Code 00:00:00
Callbacks 00:00:00
Callback Hell 00:00:00
Named Functions to Rescue 00:00:00
Promises 00:00:00
Replacing Callbacks with Promises 00:00:00
Consuming Promises 00:00:00
Creating Settled Promises 00:00:00
Running Promises in Parallel 00:00:00
Async and Await 00:00:00
CRUD Operations Using Mongoose
Introducing MongoDB 00:00:00
Installing MongoDB on Mac 00:00:00
Installing MongoDB on Windows 00:00:00
Connecting to MongoDB 00:00:00
Schemas 00:00:00
Models 00:00:00
Saving a Document 00:00:00
Querying Documents 00:00:00
Comparison Query Operators 00:00:00
Logical Query Operators 00:00:00
Regular Expressions 00:00:00
Counting 00:00:00
Pagination 00:00:00
Mongo - Data Validation
Validation 00:00:00
Built-in Validators 00:00:00
Custom Validators 00:00:00
Async Validators 00:00:00
Validation Errors 00:00:00
SchemaType Options 00:00:00
Project- Add Persistence to Genres API 00:00:00
Project- Build the Customers API 00:00:00
Mongoose- Modeling Relationships between Connected Data
Modelling Relationships 00:00:00
Referencing Documents 00:00:00
Population 00:00:00
Embedding Documents 00:00:00
Using an Array of Sub-documents 00:00:00
Authentication and Authorization
Introduction 00:00:00
Creating the User Model 00:00:00
Registering Users 00:00:00
Using Lodash 00:00:00
Hashing Passwords 00:00:00
Authenticating Users 00:00:00
Testing the Authentication 00:00:00
JSON Web Tokens 00:00:00
Generating Authentication Tokens 00:00:00
Storing Secrets in Environment Variables 00:00:00
Setting Response Headers 00:00:00
Encapsulating Logic in Mongoose Models 00:00:00
Authorization Middleware 00:00:00
Protecting Routes 00:00:00
Getting the Current User 00:00:00
Logging Out Users 00:00:00
Role-based Authorization 00:00:00
Handling and Logging Errors
Introduction 00:00:00
Handling Rejected Promises 00:00:00
Express Error Middleware 00:00:00
Removing Try Catch Blocks 00:00:00
Express Async Errors 00:00:00
Logging Errors 00:00:00
Logging to MongoDB 00:00:00
Uncaught Exceptions 00:00:00
Unhandled Promise Rejections 00:00:00
Error Handling Recap 00:00:00
Extracting Routes 00:00:00
Extracting the Db Logic 00:00:00
Extracting the Logging Logic 00:00:00
Extracting the Config Logic 00:00:00
Extracting the Validation Logic 00:00:00
Unit Testing
What is Automated Testing 00:00:00
Benefits of Automated Testing 00:00:00
Types of Tests 00:00:00
Test Pyramid 00:00:00
Tooling 00:00:00
Writing Your First Unit Test 00:00:00
Testing Numbers 00:00:00
Grouping Tests 00:00:00
Refactoring with Confidence 00:00:00
Testing Strings 00:00:00
Testing Arrays 00:00:00
Testing Objects 00:00:00
Testing Exceptions 00:00:00
Continuously Running Tests 00:00:00
Exercise- Testing the FizzBuz 00:00:00
Interaction Testing 00:00:00
Jest Mock Functions 00:00:00



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