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People are stating Robotic Process Automation the buzzword in IT industry now as, “Mimicking human actions to do a process without Human Intervention”. As its stated, in this automation era, the lot of RPA tools are kept on introduced by different providers.

But, the below are the most popular RPA implementation tools in market,

  • UiPath
  • Blue Prism
  • Automation Anywhere

And many more…

We face lot of questions, while attempting to work for RPA training, and the most common question framed is “Which tool is having demand for talents in IT?” the answer now, is UiPath – RPA tool.

UiPath is the future of RPA tools and is really in demand of knowledge now. Hence, we are organizing the Best UiPath online training from Hope Tutors.

Usually IT companies chose tools to work broadly on three criteria, Reliability, Security and Cost. The working methodology in most of the IT Projects are,

  • Work for POC (Proof of Concept)
  • Present it to Client
  • Get the Project Billing

For the POC’s preparations, UiPath tool is mostly preferred in lot of MNC’s, because they are providing a community edition free to download and end to end access to the tool, which is easy for them to do a detailed analysis and study of the tool.

Because of the community edition access of UiPath, most of the top and mid-level companies choosing UiPath for their projects, which in turn creates employment opportunities.

The UiPath online training with Hope Tutors is carried out from Professionals working in UiPath tool real-time. The UiPath Online training comprises of from basic to advanced level training and certification topics. Our Online UiPath training focus on study about UiPath Components in detail, User Interface Automation, UiPath OCR, UiPath Excel automations, UiPath multiple environment automation support and many more

Overview of UiPath Components

Uipath software platform consists of 3 components.

    • UiPath Studio
    • UiPath Robot
  • UiPath Orchestrator

UiPath Studio is a designer tool used to create diagrams of business processes. UiPath Studio in visual point of view, very similar to Microsoft VISIO or other flowcharting software solutions.

UiPath Robot runs the processes designed in UiPath Studio, the same way as Human user does. It works either in a fully autonomous more or Assistance mode.


In assistance mode, the humans can trigger processes based on their needs, whereas in autonomous mode, the robots can work unattended in any environment, and handle number of processes without human supervision.

UiPath Orchestrator a Web based management platform that enables remote control, monitoring, release management and centralized scheduling of Robots and processes. It is facilitated by human robots collaboration and business exceptional handling by using centralized work queues. It also offer analytics and insights in figural reports and dashboards

User Interface Automation

Any user interface can be automated with all RPA tools successfully. User Interface automation in desktop applications are mostly expected to fasten the Human operations, from most of the clients. A detailed study of UiPath User Interface Automation will be accommodated in our UiPath Online Training from Experts in Industry with detail implementation notes.

UiPath OCR

OCR – Stands for Optimized Character Recognition, it converts images to text. UiPath is well known for its OCR feature and as per the industry expert’s opinion, when compares to other automation tools, UiPath performs OCR activities extraordinarily.

Email Automation with UiPath

Automation was made easy with RPA tools. Operations with Email even, get automated in all possible user expected way, using UiPath. Emails are the medium where most of the bus A Detail study of Email automation will be there in our Hope Tutors – UiPath Online Training

UiPath Excel automations

Whenever we are dealing with structured data, we cannot avoid excel in any stage of work, hence excel is unavoidable in all operations of a business, and so hassle free Excel automation is required in most of the concerns. This excel automation can be done using UiPath tool, which is the next level of Macro’s in Excel, a detailed study of this will be there in Hope Tutors – UiPath Online training

UiPath Citrix Server and SAP Automations

UiPath is capable to get connect with Multiple environments and do automation, say, for example, if a process is working with data copied from the Citrix server, we can automate using UiPath. The Capability of UiPath keeps–on increasing by its team, as of now it can work much compatible with Citrix, SAP and mainframe applications, in future this may increase. Our Hope Tutors – UiPath Online training covers UiPath automation in multiple environments.

There will be a Real-time Case study from expert Industrial trainers as a part of the Training with detail note in Modules, Instances and interview point of preparations.

Features of Hope Tutors Online Training

  • Detail Content for Training from Experts in Industry
  • Real Time Case Studies
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Professionals working in Industry as trainer
  • Video materials with life time validity
  • Hands-on Training
  • Resume Preparation from HR Experts
  • Placement Assistance and Job References
  • Community and Forum Support for certifications and interviews

UiPath Online Certification

Certifications became the Proof of knowledge nowadays, and companies expect the knowledge in technology as well as the certifications and selection criteria for any job offerings now. Hence a global recognized certificate is really creating value to any profile. When we talk about UiPath certifications, the UiPath Academy is offering UiPath global certifications.

The different levels and role based certifications in UiPath with duration below,

Level 1 – RPA Developer Foundation Training – 60 Hours
  • Who can learn: Support representatives, RPA Developers, technical people with basic programming skills (.NET, C#, VB, etc.)
Level 2 – Orchestrator Trainings – 8 Hours
  • Who can learn : RPA Developers, Monitors, Orchestrator Admins
Level 3 – RPA Developer Advanced Training – 40 to 50 Hours
  • Who can learn : RPA Developers
Implementation Methodology Training – 2 to 3 Hours
  • Who can learn : Project Managers, Program Managers, Technical Leads, Solution Architects
Business Analyst – 2 Hours 30 Minutes
  • Who can learn : Business Analysts, RPA Project Managers
RPA Awareness Training – 2 Hours
  • Who can learn : Project Managers, Project Owners, Business representatives
RPA Infrastructure – 6 Hours
  • Who can learn : Solution Architects, Infrastructure, Orchestrator and Database Admins, RPA Developers
Solution Architect – 3 to 4 Hours
  • Who can learn : Solution Architects, RPA Developers
SAP Automation Training – 1 to 1.15 Hours
  • Who can learn : RPA Developers

Certification Cost

Mostly the role-based training seems to be free of cost and apart from the role-based training, the Foundation and orchestration levels of certification are free of cost. For advanced level certification cost, we need to contact UiPath support team, from word of mouth we heard the cost approximately comes close to 40,000 INR.

The Foundation and Orchestration level certifications are increasing values to professional’s profiles, which in-turn opens opportunities in well-known RPA development Multinational companies.

Advance level certification process

The RPA Developer Advanced Certification eligible candidates must have strong programming skills, who are in the path of moving towards RPA Developer or RPA Service Support or RPA Solution Architect in their career are eligible to take this Advanced level certification in UiPath RPA tool. The enrollment for the Certification exam will be processed via the professional’s current working organization RPA Sponsor.

The certification exam is instructor-led and is conducted as 2 parts:

  • Part 1 will be an online test, with a 70% passing score
  • Part 2 will be a practical webinar conducted by one of the UiPath – RPA Experts, where passing score is 70%

Candidates crossed the online test will be eligible for the practical Webinar session. The RPA Developer Advanced Certification proclaims that the attended candidate has attained in-depth knowledge about the UiPath components, features, and technology, has successfully automated a real-life project based on UiPath best practices and automation principles, and is now qualified to fulfill any of the key technical roles such as RPA Developer, RPA Solution Architect or RPA Service Support roles in any RPA development-oriented projects or organization. The cost for certification applied to an individual user. When compared to other tools certification, UiPath certification is quite costlier, since worth to attempt.

As already stated a developer can attempt this certification, the most preferred profiles in IT are also.Net or Java developers with RPA Skillset. In Professionals circle, the UiPath certification seems to be the best return investment.

Top MNC’s like Capgemini, Accenture, Tata Consultancy Services, Cognizant and more we’re recognizing UiPath academy certifications and considering the job applicants as valuable resources for any immediate implementation. Hence the certification in-turn creates a lot of employment opportunities as a token for learning.

What is UiPath ?

UiPath is a Software that implements the RPA Concepts.

The basic idea of RPA is to mimic and handle the Repetitive rule based process without human intervention. The RPA tools are designed to work in such a way to record the repetitive actions and programmed to do repeatedly with RPA developers and run without any human intervention.

UiPath tool is the most successful tool to implement RPA as its having the below features,

  1. Hosting Options : Have Deployment options across Cloud, virtual machines and terminal services
  2. Virtual & Enterprise Applications Compatibility
  3. Security & Governance
    • Release Environments
      • Have role based release actions
      • Have Staging and production environment for QA and compliance
    • Centralized Repository for Version Control, Execution Logs and Credentials
    • UI Security
      • Auto lock and Auto login features
  4. Performance
    • Rapid Development Support
      • Have libraries of Re-usable Business components
      • Custom library options
    • Large Group Deployment
      • Automatically deploy large group of robots
    • Rules-Based Exception Handling
      • Handle rule based expectations with intelligence and proactive manner
    • Highly Elastic Scalability
      • Dynamically upscale and downscale
    • Work Queues

The above features made UiPath and outstanding RPA intelligence tool, which in-turn create value to its Clients and developers.

UiPath Careers

Average RPA Developer Salary: $92,213 per year (Source: Indeed)

The major considered community of RPA careers are developers with this RPA skill set. Developers with RPA knowledge are getting hired in top multinational companies with 120% hike from their current package. Professionals from another relevant technical background, who are mostly considered are Testers, Process Associates and anybody with domain process knowledge

The above technology score for RPA tools, give a clear picture of the opportunities in RPA tool – UiPath careers. UiPath gets the overall best in the technology category, AA has the biggest market presence and breadth of use-cases while BP scores best when it comes to bot governance, deployment and security. Multinational companies are the authors and implementers of this technology score and based on this they work with projects and hiring.

As per Forrester Wave 2017 Q1[1] report, UiPath is listed as one of the top 5 RPA implementation tools in the IT market. UiPath falls under the strong tools category, which highly impacts its projects intake and in turn UiPath careers

The below Google trends show the interest towards RPA tool – UiPath over a period of time, in turn, shows the UiPath career opportunities too.

Hope Tutors frames the content for form IT experts, which in turn creates value for your profile at the end of our UiPath Online Training, which will open your opportunities in UiPath careers.

UiPath Jobs

The Current job market for UiPath is pretty good. The Hiring for UiPath projects are worldwide and specifically, in India, the job opportunities are good in regions below,

  • Mumbai – Pune
  • UP – Noida,
  • Karnataka – Bangalore
  • Delhi
  • Tamil Nadu – Chennai, Coimbatore
  • Kerala – Trivandrum

And more…

Top and Mid-level companies hiring RPA – UiPath talents are,

  • Accenture
  • KPMG
  • CTS
  • TCS
  • Prodapt
  • Wipro
  • Capgemini and more

CTS is having a separate intelligence hiring unit and doing walk-ins every weekend for RPA talents. Capgemini and Wipro are hiring the RPA developers in contract, based on projects. Accenture is having internal movement policies for its associates, particularly Tester and Process Associates, it gives opportunities to move to IT Technical. Likewise, there are internal movements happening in top Multinational companies as they don’t want to lose their trustable talents.

If any candidate is below 2-3 years of experience, without any stream/technology of the professional if they have RPA skill set are considered for employment, only expectation is a global certified Logo. Whereas the experience grows, say more than 5 years of experienced candidates are hired based on the preferences below,

  • Developers with RPA skill set
  • Tester with RPA skill set
  • Process associates with RPA skill set
  • Others

Based on their background the salary varies too. The variance is based on the preferences, say a developer may get high percentage of hike than a tester, as informed prior.
The updates regarding jobs are available in Hope Tutors – Jobs

UiPath Interview Questions

Some of the RPA – UiPath interview questions are discussed below, for frequent update in RPA interview question visit our Blog url :

    1. What is OCR and what are all its types?

OCR Stands for Optical Character Recognition.

    • Optical character recognition (OCR)
    • Optical word recognition
    • Intelligent character recognition (ICR)
    • Intelligent word recognition (IWR)

  1. UiPath collection for Data Types?

    • – Characters, Booleans or Numbers
    • – Arrays, Lists, Strings
  2. What are Orchestrator Functionalities?

    An Orchestrator can do the below functionalities,

    • Delployment of Robots
    • Audit and Monitor deployed Robots
    • Schedule and Manage Work Queue’s
    • Reporting using ELK
    • Release management
    • Single Sign on and Role based access

  3. What is the complex scenario faced so far in the RPA implementation experience?

    Project-based questions are used to judge the mentioned experience of the candidate. The RPA circle in IT companies are still close, so no fake profiles are entertained in this technology (or) domain. Share your genuine knowledge to get your relevant RPA career with the unexpected package. You can get knowledge from RPA Ui Path Experts in Hope Tutors – Ui Path Online Training.

Course Curriculum

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