Introduction to Blue Prism

Blue Prism RPA is probably one of the best technological boons associated with 21st century. By Using the large level of data and knowing the pulse of customer demands, the efficiency and the level of work has become an important part in revenue collection for the organizations.The Approach which is suitable for this type of tasks is Implementation of Blue Prism Technology to your Business.

The Software Imitates the Workforce nevertheless are able to operate without time consuming and finish bigger tasks in shorter span. They can execute identical task from the rot every time and provide the same amount of results. Because it’s cost-effective, Blue Prism tool crawl back over the API that has transformed the tool into the key part of their business strategy by organizations.

Blue Prism is a set of tools and libraries for RPA. It has two basic components where are business objects that usually interacts with the user interface and the logic which would runs the robot, called process.

Blue Prism Online Course Module

Hope Tutors has a group of skilled trainers, who are aware of the industry know-how and experienced enough to provide training on Robotic Process Automation tool and make the candidates aware of the results of using Blue Prism for business.Through this training, the candidates would find out about the high-quality data that will use consequential Marketing Intelligence and Marketing Strategy Intelligence to find the user behavior, minute changes of every action, surveillance on robot software, real-time analytics, etc., so the candidates will be able to in a position to generate high revenue when it comes to organization making use of the Blue Prism tool.

The Core Objective of our Hope Tutors Blue Prism Online Training is to help you to get the deserved recognition on your company and skyrocketing your career in the RPA. RPA now holds the most demanded skill set in the IT Industry.

After Completion of the Hope Tutors Online Blue Prism Training Course, the following would be achieved by you

The Introduction to RPA and its Features

  • Creation of Simple Real time Automated Projects with the aid of Process and Object Studio
  • Creation of Automated Workflow with the use of Objects and Processes
  • Cross Domain Work Opportunities as it can be implemented in Finance, Technology,Health and more.
  • Real Time Exposure on the Blue Prism Control room and their system and admin panels
  • Designing of Simple back end bots and deploying them
  • Automation Strategy Designing ability by the usage of Control Room and Bots
  • Blue Prism Infrastructure, Installations, and Administrative services
  • Infrastructure and Installation models
  • Improvised Skills in User, Roles, and Permission

Blue Prism Certification Training

Following the finish of Blue Prism Certification teaching, it would be the most priority check for a participant to finish the Blue Prism Certification because the corporate world accepts profile that is certainly arrayed with technology certifications.

The resources that is being used by Blue Prism needs to have very least experience of delivering Blue Prism processes and they really should manage to deliver high-quality processes without supervision.

Resources only become certified once they will have completed the 1-hour online Accreditation Exam – this might simply be taken after all of the mandatory training modules have already been completed together with individual has then had at the least approximately three months connection with user configuration process on a customer or partner environment.

Resources which have taken the training yet not the exam must certainly be capable of delivering high-quality processes beneath the supervision of Accredited resources.

What are the Benefits of Blue Prism ?

Effective Digital Workforce

Blue Prism connects the enterprise technologies to permit companies to create effective digital business strategies. This kind of approaches from a protected platform in addition to a straightforward pace, making their operations agile.

Productive Platform

With Blue Prism, businesses can look ahead to intelligent automation of these business processes. This enables their workforce to successfully work together, letting them do more in a brief period of the time.

Adaptive Software

Blue Prism is an easy-to-use software. An attribute that makes it so is its user interface that supports several languages that enables users who can speak and read languages other than English work comfortably aided by the utilizing application.

Further, Blue Prism provides the productive insights into the business processes with the help of third-party tools. It would lead to implementation of new strategy that is based on collection of data especially for them.

Secure Application

To Secure the important part in Commercial organization success, the business intelligence plays a key role to it.Blue prism is more capable of understanding this and helps the implementation of multiple security levels if the ball rolls onto the user privileges that distinguish roles and their access

The Authorization Credentials would be stored securely with the help of integration with blue prism as it would integrate with the credential vaults and applications.This helps in accessing the data without security compromise.

Scalable System

Blue Prism runs an advanced admin console where the senior and admin users are able to run the control settings.In addition to it the blue prism tool would run the on-premises with the help of azure and aws with infrastructure choices

What are the Features of Blue Prism Tool ?

  • Multi-Environment Deployment Model
  • Automated Credential Management
  • Audit Trails
  • Process Changes Comparison
  • Process Configuration
  • Application Automation
  • Central Admin Console
  • User Roles Settings
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Integrations

How Much Blue Prism Software Costs ?

Blue Prism is an operating system for the digital workforce constructed on the Microsoft .NET Framework. Businesses interested in their implementation of Blue Prism Technology can ask for their enterprise pricing plans directly through the company via email or phone.

What are the Career Opportunities for Blue Prism Tool ?

A profession in the area of Robotics Process Automation is considered to be very effective for career development. Also, keeping in view of the future scope in this field, one could easily expect that an important share of job opportunities in the field is likely to be generated in this field. As well as the pay packages when it comes to experts who will be well skilled regarding most of the working components of this field is relatively a lot higher when compared to the other fields.

To create an offer of those great long lasting job opportunities offered by the RPA Tool,the most mandatory thing for anyone to achieve would be to balance their knowledge regarding most of the in-depth components of Robotics Automation. Also,the good thing is that one may find a number of institutes which can be currently delivering the greatest RPA Training in Chennai in an effort to|improve the knowledge among the list of aspirants on the go.

Blue Prism Salary Trends in India

For fresher, pretty much initial salary is technology independent If you do not get placed in an item development area or squeeze into some rare opportunities by any business. As we know the range of salary for freshers would come around 3.5-5 LPA

If you are getting the 2–3+ yrs of expertise, certainly you are going to be earning somewhere around 8–10+ LPA.


Upgrade Your skills With Corporate Training

Corporate Training is essential for software professionals as it enhances their skills, productivity, and overall performance in the workplace. With rapidly evolving technologies and industry trends, continuous learning through corporate training programs keeps software professionals up-to-date with the latest tools, methodologies, and best practices. These programs provide opportunities to acquire new technical skills, improve problem-solving abilities, and develop critical soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and leadership. Moreover, corporate training fosters a culture of learning and innovation within organizations, creating a knowledgeable and adaptable workforce. It helps software professionals stay competitive in the ever-changing IT landscape, contribute effectively to projects, and meet client expectations. Ultimately, corporate training empowers software professionals to excel in their roles and drive business success.


Course Curriculum

Blue Prism Infrastructure and Installation
How Blue Prism works & areas of RPA 00:00:00
Users, Roles and Permission 00:00:00
Flow Charts
Design 00:00:00
Draw flow chart and diagrams 00:00:00
Inputs and Outputs 00:00:00
SDD, PDI, ODI 00:00:00
Object Stuidio, Process Studio
Development 00:00:00
Basic actions in Blue Prism 00:00:00
Object in the context of business and Blue Prism 00:00:00
Process – business and Blue Prism context 00:00:00
Actions in the Object and Process Studio 00:00:00
Object Studio – Object flow 00:00:00
Process Studio – Process Flow 00:00:00
Correct use of data types, session and environment variables 00:00:00
System Manager 00:00:00
Exception Handling and case management 00:00:00
Publishing process in control room 00:00:00
Control Room resource and session mgmt 00:00:00
Basic VBO’s – in built VBO’s 00:00:00
Basic work queues – all the templates 00:00:00
Blue Prism internal calculation functions 00:00:00
How to debug process solutions 00:00:00
Work Queues
Work Queues and Advanced Features 00:00:00
Basic work queues 00:00:00
BP Work Queue template1 00:00:00
BP Work Queue template2 00:00:00
BP Work Queue template3 00:00:00
Mode of interactions with various application types 00:00:00
Windows applications – win32 mode Mainframe applications 00:00:00
Web application – html mode 00:00:00
Surface automation – region mode 00:00:00
Advanced Features ▪ Undefined Collections 00:00:00
Casting 00:00:00
Code Stage 00:00:00
Global Send Keys 00:00:00
Application Manager Mode 00:00:00
Dynamic Attributes 00:00:00
BP Advanced features
Governance and Security 00:00:00
Credential Mapping 00:00:00
Advanced Surface Automation 00:00:00
Google – Gmail Application interaction with BP 00:00:00
Development Best practices 00:00:00
Case study on BP 00:00:00
Writing customised sql stored procedures to update dashboard 00:00:00
Creating new tiles and populating the dash board 00:00:00
Complete understanding on the new features in blue prism version6.3 00:00:00
Scheduling the production bots and monitoring 00:00:00
Managing the task scheduler 00:00:00
Setting up new run time bots in real time 00:00:00
Login agent configuration and windows task scheduler 00:00:00
Multi Bot Architecture 00:00:00
Environmental lock and request stop commands 00:00:00
Real time usage of session and environmental variables usage 00:00:00
Calendar configuration and usage in scheduling 00:00:00
Log utilisation and version controlling 00:00:00
New outlook vbo functions 00:00:00


Recorded Sessions

We provide the video recordings of our classroom sessions and you can rewind and go back for your immediate and future references.

Flexible Timings

The training sessions are customized to the preferences of the students and the session timing is designed to be flexible.

Practical Case Studies

We provide real-time case studies. The materials are purposefully hand-picked to serve the needs of the students.

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  • Experienced MNC employees who has at least 8+ years of experience
  • 3 Real-time Examples will be given to students
  • 100 % Job assistance including resume preparation, mock up interviews
  • No limit in attending interviews\n
  • 100% real time project training
  • Individual attention to students with flexible schedules
  • Instalment options for fee payment

  • Dedicated HR Person will be allocated for Placement Assistance.
  • We tied up with more than 300+ companies and 50+ consultancy.
  • More no of interviews will be scheduled after training program.
  • Continuous job Assistance will be given even after the training program.

Kindly call or WhatsApp to +917871012233.

It will be vary from 30 to 50 hours.Depends on the candidate Years of experience.

We have successfully completed 4+ years. We placed more than 1000+ students

Yes First session is free of cost.You shall get the batch timings, duration of the course.

You Shall pay in two installments.EMI Option is also available

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