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As the keyword of this new century is undoubtedly proved to be the “automation”, particularly “Robotic Process Automation,” it is no wonder that multitude of beginners of the career as well as experienced professionals flooding to get to know RPA with its potential and its impact on almost all sectors of business. To get a proper idea of RPA, we need to get hold of good understanding and knowledge of what it is. It is suggested, even recommended and endorsed by business experts, that the future in RPA is a certainty for those who possess an authorized Automation Anywhere certification from a proficient RPA training institution. But not all are okay with a medium where we are demanded of a classroom training sessions. But fortunately, we have yet another mode of RPA learning as an added advantage: online RPA training.

Now, it is the greatest boon for many people with the orientation of professional busyness. As it is understandable that not everyone is carved and available for classroom training sessions, software training institutes have facilitated the aspirants with Automation Anywhere online training. Despite some concerns, in the beginning, online training had been proved to be effective on par with the classroom training. So, to clear the questions and help you understand how an online training mode in RPA could serve the even better way of learning Automation Anywhere training course, we are in need of an understanding how we could learn Automation Anywhere online that would enrich our intellect experience.

Automation anywhere Online certification:

Business process automation is estimated to reach the new level of growth as it is being adopted by almost all the large corporations and enterprises. But as the demand increases, it is equally important to identify the qualified professionals for the benefit of an organization. Needless to say, professionals with an added qualification of RPA Automation Anywhere online certification has maximum chances of getting hired. So it is all the more necessary to possess an Automation Anywhere certification and it is undoubtedly the best thing to help you with the job opportunities.

Getting certified online has its many merits, significantly it helps you to see the panoramic view of the Automation Anywhere tool and its digitized workforce. So in this environment, Automation Anywhere platform has created a set of automation techniques that have extended its influence to various financial services, insurance companies, healthcare, and BPO. So in that same vein, there are 2 levels of certifications are available. On the first level, you can earn “AA Certified Advanced RPA Professional,” that acknowledges your potential as a skillful automation expert. This online course is an entry-level accreditation that will help you to relate Automation Anywhere and its seamless applications with the existing technologies. In effect, to automate any particular business process, the tools it has to offer will work together to bring the desired end. A yet another program “AA Certified Master RPA Professional” serves as the second level – a more advanced and in-depth level – where you are conceded to be in possession of the more advanced and proficient understanding of RPA online certification.

So this Automation Anywhere certification program is more of an assessment of what one may know about it in terms of its practical and theoretical applications in real-time cases. This online certification is, in essence, will give you the perspective whereby you will know how to engineer a scalable process with zero error rates and at the same time with the dramatic cost reduction. The cognitive capabilities of a digital bot devised by the digitized tools of Automation Anywhere will result in efficient and agile workforces. All these abstract ideas are put into hands-on implementations in the RPA online certification.

This test that demands 40 minutes requires you to pass off with at least 70%. The entirety of the course is thoroughly covered from the inception of the key commands to the fully developed bots and operate and apply them to any process. As for the Automation Anywhere certification, the prerequisite to take this online course is drastically narrowed down so that any technical professional can take up the program. Business architects, developers, business analysts and anyone with the sufficient programming knowledge can grasp the certification course effectively. As the course constitutes of the cognition bots and its everyday relevance, the course is going to be a practical study.

What is Automation Anywhere?

Simply put, Automation Anywhere is one of the prominent vendors of RPA, who had developed the most admired business process automation tool that is hailed as the most accessible of all RPA tools. It is well-known for its competence in offering the necessary tools to automate even highly intricate business processes and enterprise-level tasks. In its inner workings, it seeks to blend in both the typical robotic automation with the more advanced and intellectual elements like natural language comprehension and the capability to read even unstructured data.

Structurally, Automation Anywhere is packed with three crucial components that propel its ability to work beyond. Control Room is a platform that serves as the brain of the entire application and which controls the digital bots. The eponymous Bot Creator is responsible for the bots with the aid of the authentic code that is stored in the Control Room. And Bot Runner is where we run and execute the fully developed bots. As bot runner is where the bot runs, they report back to the control room of the status. So with these powerful design, the front and back-end tasks are automated effectively.

Automation Anywhere provides the cognitive abilities in automating a process and serves as the stimuli thereby any given process could respond by automating remote and utmost complex tasks. It dispenses the tasks across multiple computer systems and even records the total number mouse strokes and keyboard clicks as well. We can schedule anytime from anywhere the tasks to be done in advance.

Automation Anywhere Careers

What could be the better reason to opt for Automation Anywhere than its new partnership with IBM? In an unprecedented move, IBM has formed this affiliation in order to boost its own products such as IBM Business Process Manager and IBM Operational Decision Manager. Positively, this move is certain to drive forward more and more new jobs related to automation. As RPA is integrated into the strategy of broader process transformation, new career opportunities are opened up.

In the financial and accounting firms, tasks like auditing and invoice processing are entirely automated with it. And in IT operations, it supports in system integration, setting up of the software, and batch processing. ERP integration, inventory management, and Excel automation are done in the manufacturing industry. Recording the patient records, medical MI processing, and data migration are automated in healthcare. When it comes to retail business, we can automate the processes of gathering the product details and importing email and online sales. The outreach of it exceeds even more and could not be contained in a single source of reference. So the next decade will certainly be a pathway for RPA professionals in general and Automation Anywhere in particular.

Automation Anywhere Jobs:

It can be said that we can figure out the number of jobs any particular technology might produce just by the positive recognition it has earned from the reputed large companies and business sectors. For instance, Everest Group, an analyst firm, has estimated that a set of the biggest organizations it had studied had earned nearly more than four times the Return on Investment (ROI). Yet another company had succeeded in automating roughly half a million of its tasks with 98% success rate in a single year. Now with this huge acclaim, more and more companies are launching their own products that need to be automated with Automation Anywhere tool.

So these commendations do automatically render this automation tool a necessity for all ranges of business units and, subsequently, result in multiple jobs produced each day. According to a report by the CEO of UiPath, India alone is going to see the surge of RPA jobs that will amount to 2 lakhs by the year 2021. It is important to note that as it is a popular and efficient RPA tool, a considerable portion of these jobs will be for its professionals. Various reports from the trusted sources reveal that much of the jobs listed in several jobs searching portals such as Naukri, Indeed, Glassdoor, and Monster are profuse with the Automation Anywhere jobs in Chennai. All of these career options are exclusively designed so as to form a powerful team of professionals with RPA digital workforce.

Automation Anywhere Interview Questions

The provided tools that are chosen to work with Automation Anywhere should be simple enough to be used and must possess a good test environment support that is available at all times. Another thing to look for is its debugging capability whereby we can have good operations and solutions. So it is important to note that image testing and objects testing are the necessary elements. So that particular tool we choose must possess the best image and object testing proficiency. In addition, it must be able to inspect the database.

In addition, other framework assistances such as the Object identification is an added advantage in the RPA tool. The first and foremost thing to note is to pay attention to the fact whether the process in question can, in fact, be automated or not. So just by testing the tool even from the initial phase, we can reduce the chances of defunct toolkits. The next procedure is to think about simple implementation and then building up gradually. This will definitely handle the complicated processes.

And at last, it is much more important to pay attention to the information security. So the securing of the information has to be configured as soon as a task has begun. And the operation has to be blended in and transfigured for the maximized productivity.

The initial setup of the entire Automation Anywhere is on the first thing of paying attention to choosing the automation tool that is really advantageous to the user in the first place. It is required to pay equal attention to the framework as well if it does exist. The test environment system is also important to be deemed as top priority. Another crucial factor that is very significant a lot is figuring out the test Deliverables models. Moreover, a component such as the timeline of the proposed project and its execution are the other elements that must be taken into account during the planning stage of Automation Anywhere.

There are some exceptional cases when we can take it into account of automating a test. For instance, if we are talking about monotonous and repeating workloads. During such a storyline structure, automating a test conserves a lot of time as well as manpower efforts. Moreover, test with more than just one data set can be made more effective with this sort of method. In addition, regression test modes, as well as Smoke & Sanity tests are also the constraints when automating a test is a good choice. But, the ultimate resolution is always based on the return on the investment put forth.

Before the start of anything in hand, the focal point is to a centre is opting the Automation tool that is central. It is basic to provide the watchful layout to the framework in case it can be accessed easily. The test condition setup is very close to important to consider on requiring. Another factor in play is the issues in a considerable measure are conscious of the test output. In addition, factors, for instance, the course of events of the ongoing and its execution are replacement factors that must be taken between the arranging phases.

Often there is a necessity to alter specific things identified with automation because of a various set of reasons. This can be accomplished only if the framework is adjustable to them. A good framework always has this essential aspect of it. The scripts must be free and unfettered from everything. A framework should adhere to all the usual habits related to coding. And moreover, a good framework has a quality of reusable code contents. Having a reporting aspect is another important feature that any framework must contain. In the end, it must have a feature to blend with other applications and framework as well.

The main function of the Control Room is to be a server component in AA. This repository contains the entire set of information of the existing tools. Control room controls and regulates the operation and processes of authentication of all clients within a client environment. So a framework developer is enabled to control all the tasks that require the monitoring and user-basis on the control room operation.

And control room, along with the bot runners and the included features of high availability and disaster recovery bots, business continuity is rendered an easily accessible process.

And the control room is consist of a set of options that can be used during the monitoring and upgrading of the internal systems.

Control Room Options are:

  • Task Scheduler
  • Operation Control Room
  • Management
  • Dashboard
  • Credential Manager
  • Repository Manager
  • Client
  • Security
  • Audit Trail

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Course Curriculum

Introduction to RPA
Automation Anywhere - Architecture
Control room
Types of recorders
Smart Recorder 00:00:00
Screen Recorder 00:00:00
Web Recorder 00:00:00
Error Handling
Security/ Encryption
Excel Automation
Image Recognition
Email Automation commands
Citrix Automation
Connect 00:00:00
Disconnect 00:00:00
Sql query 00:00:00
Insert/Update/Delete 00:00:00
Run Stored Procedure 00:00:00
Meta Bots


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    They provided me the real-time case studies and hands-on training. They also provide job posting updates every day. They gave us the frequently asked interview questions to help me prepare for the interviews. Hope Tutors create a WhatsApp group where we can interact directly with the trainer and our fellow students and get clear of our doubts. This forum was very helpful to understand the Automation Anywhere concepts even more deeply. With good support from the team, now I got a job in a US-based company with very good pay.  

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