Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers

Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. When should we automate a test in Automation Anywhere?

There are some exceptional cases when we can take it into account of automating a test. For instance, if we are talking about monotonous and repeating workloads. During such a story-line structure, automating a test conserves a lot of time as well as manpower efforts. Moreover, test with more than just one data set can be made more effective with this sort of method. In addition, regression test modes, as well as Smoke & Sanity tests are also the constraints when automating a test is a good choice. But, the ultimate resolution is always based on the return of the investment put forth.

Q2. What should we do before starting to work with Automation Anywhere?

The initial setup of the entire Automation Anywhere is on the first thing of paying attention to choosing the automation tool that is really advantageous to the user in the first place. It is required to pay equal attention to the framework as well if it does exist. The test environment system is also important to be deemed on top priority. Another crucial factor that is very significant a lot is figuring out the test Deliverable models. Moreover, component such as the timeline of the proposed project and its execution are the other elements that must be taken into account during the planning stage of Automation Anywhere.

Q3. What are the essentials features we need to look while choosing a tool for Automation Anywhere?

The provided tools must be simple enough to be used and should have test environment assistance comes in handy easily. It should have debugging capability for the good operations and solutions. It is absolutely correct that testing image and objects are the vital facades in the Automation Anywhere process. Hence, it should have a better image and object testing skills. In addition, it must be able to inspect the database. Object identification, as well as multiple framework assistance is the other characteristics that must be there in a toolkit for Automation Anywhere RPA tool.

Q4. What are the best strategies to work with Automation Anywhere?

The first and foremost thing to note is pay attention to the fact whether the process in question can in fact be automated or not. Sometimes it is feasible but there are more advantages than disadvantages. This must be tested diligently in the incentive stage.

The next procedure is to think about simple implementation and then building up gradually. This will definitely handle the complicated processes. At the same time, we need to pay attention to another crucial fact, that is, information security. It is an important work and must be configured as soon as possible. Another plan that must be thought about is to transfigure the operation which can be accomplished through the best available tool kits.

Q5. What should be the good features of a good Automation Anywhere framework?

Often there is a necessity to alter specific things identified with automation because of a various set of reasons. This can be accomplished only if the framework is adjustable to them. A good framework always has this essential aspect with it. The scripts must be free and unfettered from everything. A framework should adhere to all the usual habits related to coding. And moreover, a good framework has a quality of reusable code contents. Having a reporting aspect is another important feature that any framework must contain. In the end, it must have a feature to blend with other applications and framework as well.

Q6. What is Control Room?

Control Room is the major part of a server component in Automation Anywhere. This important element serves the purpose of holding the whole information in the tools. What is more, control room is used to operate and authenticate all clients within client environment. It usually controls all the user and monitors works based on the control room operations.

We can easily control the users base, testers and people within the organization. The usual options in a control room would be:

  • Dashboard
  • Repository Manager
  • Operation Control Room
  • Audit Trail
  • Task Scheduler
  • Security
  • Client
  • Credential Manager
  • Applications Management

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Q7.What are the fundamental elements that have be dealt with while planning with Automation Anywhere?

Before the start of anything in hand, the focal point is to a center is opting the Automation tool that is central. It is basic to provide the watchful layout to the framework in case it can be accessed easily. The test condition setup is very close to important to consider on requiring.

Another factor in play is the issues in a considerable measure are conscious of the test output. In addition, factors, for instance, the course of events of the ongoing and its execution are replacement factors that must be taken between the arranging phases.

Q8. What are the important operations we can automate?

Below are the following five things:

  • Smoke Sanity test suite
  • Smoke test suite
  • Automation behind Graphic User Interface
  • Build deployment
  • Test data generation

Q9. Is it doable to use Automation Anywhere testing for agile process method? What are the external components that can affect it?

In the course of events, it is highly feasible. However, there are situations where it is not useful. The first thing is to often change the needs of agile testing. In such an environment, it is not possible to use it at all. Most often times there is a necessity of the complex level of documentation. In such environment also the testing for agile method is not helpful in its core projects. However, in case of incessant integration, it is possible to use it that easily.

Q10. What are the features we need to look when selecting a tool for Automation Anywhere?

The tools should be simple to use and have test environment assistance available simply. It must have debugging capability efficiently for the smooth and lively operations. It is fully true that testing image and objects are the crucial aspects in the Automation Anywhere. Hence, it must have a better image and object testing facility. Also, it must be able to test the database as well. Object representation as well as multiple framework assistance are the other characteristics that must be included in a tool for Automation Anywhere.

Q11. Why should we not consider manual testing in Automation Anywhere approach?

The notable problem is it requires a lot of extra resources as well as it is usually a time-consuming process if done through manual processes. There are some chances of lots of errors that can fortify their availability due to inaccurate tendency. When projects are time constrained or when they are considerably large, obviously it is not a good option to consider manual testing. It can demote the work of resources performing testing because of losing interest by performing the same task over again and again in a short time span.

Q12. In Automation Anywhere procedure, what has to be automated at first?

Late automation software are efficient with one of the best options and that is they can estimate the projects and provide useful information on works that offer benefits and simply help in knowing what actually is to be automated first. In fact, this cut down the problem that frequently comes due to the priority of automation. Recommendations from the workforce in case of its suggestions in a business can also be taken so that complicated processes can be automated first and employees’ issues can be eliminated. It is of course this can increase their efficiency.

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