Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers | Part 2

Automation Anywhere Interview Questions and Answers

1. What to do if a certain environment alters and an automated work does not function?

Here is a hottest concern in Information Technology: Change. And this extends as far as how the brought in systems can tackle and keep hold of it. In case we need to change back-end systems, automation software is willing to react in many ways. Firstly, sturdy automation software has mechanisms to handle the errors and they comes as built-in. It helps to keep track of these concerns when they surface. It is easy to construct logic into the system for story lines when we wish the system to respond in a particular way. When systems and environments redesigned, automation software also makes it feasible to edit scripts effortlessly without having to re-write them or re-record  already automated tasks.

2. Does Automation Anywhere recognize the processes to bed automated?

We have the best possible idea on your enterprises and businesses as to what sort of processes would be obliging to automate. But how do we decide what has to be automated first? Our automation software tool should contain mentods to calculate the Return On Investment (ROI). ROI is helpful to regulate what are the processes would be most fortunate to automate first, and thus making it our priority.

Then, besides ROI calculators, it is advisable to enlist the information online to determine our potential automation clients. You can use tools to create ideas that already exist, or for an even more effective line from idea to automation utilize tools like Cumulus which inspires people in the organization to recommend tasks to be automated, permits others to vote on tasks, displays time saved by automating that certain workload, and aids you go in direct into automating the projects with the most most ROI.

3. How many different systems can Automation Anywhere work with?

Since it is okay to have zero back-end coding, Automation Anywhere that makes use of  front-end automation permits the users to communicate with almost all of sort of systems. And this facility comprises huge Line of Business (LOB) systems.

4. How precise Automation Anywhere tool is?

When it comes to automating a particular process, precision and perfection is expected no matter what.

The major goal of Automation software is to conserve time, lower costs, and zero human error. Many assignments and processes in Automation Anywhere runs incessantly without crash or exhaustion. Perhaps if errors comes up, the system sets off the alarms and intimates us right away, averting us the wasted time or money. This error might have slided through the cracks and lead to dissentient.

5. How to control task creation process?


There are three commonly used procedures to have control over the task creation in Automation Anywhere.


The options are:

  1. Hand-pick a sifted through group of profesionals to develop automated tasks and processes, and let them supervise the automating process.
  2. Dispense the executable run-time licenses to the people in the organization who should certainly be using automation.
  3. Make use of the company’s personal or online training amenties to fortify that people who creates tasks have a good understanding of what they are doing.

6. What are the types of automation software?

There are generally three categories of automation software. They are:

a). Macro recorders

If there are multiple simple and mundane tasks to automate, a macro recorder might be the correct tool to do the tasks. These recorders can do the job right to run a single task on a single computer. A free or inexpensive macro recorder is unlikely to be able to handle complex scenarios and it does not allow users to easily edit scripts.

b). Application-level macros

Some applications are highly effective at automating tasks specific to their originator entity, if they tend to use applications like Word or Excel. A major difference between application-specific and enterprise-grade automation is its  scope. With exhaustive automation software, we expand the value of automating in single applications like Excel, to other applications like Word. And this multiplies the time-savings and error depletion we experience by automating one application.

c). Robotic Process Automation

RPA creates software robots. Enterprises and outsourcing entities relies heavily on RPA. Tasks are better done by computers and human workforce could focus on works that demand creativity, judgment, and personal interaction.RPA solutions give organizations the capacity to automate on the front-end. RPA software supplements human work in a meaningful way and companies that benefit from automation can also benefit from more value-added work from their workers.

7. What are the uses of Automation Anywhere?


  • We can check inventory, re-order supplies, create reports, accelerate data entry processes, and formatting.
  • We can automate various web tasks like searching and submitting forms, website login, records updation, monitoring front-end operations.
  • We can auomate website testing, system administration, and website monitoring.
  • Automation Anywhere helps data transfers, and importing / exporting files in an application.


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8. Can we use Automation Anywhere testing Agile method?

Yes, we can use Automation Anywhere to this testings. However, there are some preconditions. The very first thing is frequent change of the needs of Agile testing. In this case, it is impossible to use it. Several times it is required of the complex amount of documentation. In such situation also the testing for agile method is not helpful. However, in case of incessant integration, it is possible to use it that easily.

9. Why should we not consider manual testing in automation anywhere?

The real concern is it requires a lot of extra solutions and it consumes lot of our time if the processes are done manually. There are some chances of many of errors that can pinpoint their presence due to fallacies. When projects are bounded to time or when they are considerably large, it is not a good option to cons-go for manual testing. It can debase the work performance of resources. This mistake causes the error if performing the same task repeatedly in a short span of time.

10. What are the things to monitor in the process Automation?

We need to Run the scripts frequently and it is a good practice. It must be considered on precedence as through this practice it is feasible to be keen on scripts and any errors if they show up it can be detected immediately. Identification of work plans which are reusable and writing it in a different file is another advisable practice.. Adding necessary comments and following the coding conventions are the other useful methods.

11. What are the inevitable features of a good framework in Automation Anywhere?

Several times there is a necessity to alter some things related with automation due to a different array of reasons. This can be done only if the framework is adapting them. A good framework always has incorporated this characteristics. The scripts must be a stand-alone and independent of everything. A framework should follow all the practices relevant to coding. Besides, a framework must have the ability of re-usability. A reporting feature is another vital characteristic that any framework must have. It must have a feature to combine with other applications and framework.

12. How to script the standard Automation Anywhere Testing?

It is important to note that for every ten code lines, there must be three lines of code. Paramount usage of framework wherever possible is also an important facet. Appropriate identification, invariable naming convention, Error handling and management are some of the factors that has to be dealt with.

13. What are the notable processes that can be automated?

Below are the five things:

  • Smoke sanity test suite
  • Smoke test suite
  • Automation behind Graphic User Interface
  • Build deployment
  • Test data generation

14. What sort of structure is utilized in Automation Anywhere programming?

There are four crucial structures that are generally used:

  • Watchword-Driven Automation Framework.
  • Information-driven automation systems.
  • Crossover Automation Framework
  • Distinct automation structure.

15. How does Sikuli work?

Sikuli is inherently acute and exceptional automation tool that can be used for automating the blasted articles and supplementary websites and programs. If there is a need for Application Programming Interface (API), it can be utilized. Moreover, it can be comprised into many systems like Java and Dot Net. Applications that are based on windows can be converted into computer applications with the assistance of Sikuli. And it is possible to interface it with different tools like Selenium.

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