Python online course

Python is a general-purpose programming language and it is widely used to develop varied and robust applications. Because of its structural elements and efficient readability, Python is not constrained just to the fundamental utility and it is a highly recommended language for beginners. As the matter of fact, it powers many complex web designs and applications.

Unlike other programming languages, Python’s programs do not need to be compiled in advance in order to run, since it is an interpreted language. This feature offers it the ability to let the code written in Python to be easily moveable between the platform and letting the small snippets of code to be tested perfectly. Since it is found in various other applications and used on most operating systems, with the right Python training you can fully comprehend this universal language.

As much as its applications in our everyday programming are evolving, professionals with the right amount of exposure to Python with hands-on and real-time scenarios are sought-after by the large organizations. But preparing yourself up to the challenge is the wise thing to do. Taking a Python online training would certainly help. Experienced professionals, as well as the college freshmen could take the course and be benefitted for its flexible and high-mode structural framework and programming virtuoso.

And not everyone is up for classroom training. This mode of training is easily accessible for people preoccupied with a strenuous professional schedule. It is much advantageous to learn Python online in regard to the simple and thorough knowledge we get to obtain from it. The intellect experience yielded by the course is wholly enriching and the Python training will prove to be the best thing you would do yourself.

With it’s easy to grasp the framework of systems, it is a much-needed requirement to learn even more advanced other programming languages. So, for amateurs with no prior experience with the coding language, it is an inevitable language to be proficient in. As an endorsement for its credibility and authenticity, Python is the trusted companion of many notable organizations like IBM, Pinterest, Nokia, Google, Yahoo!, Instagram, and Disney. For learning Python will help you navigate throughout the other realm of programming languages and framework structures. Large companies such as these are based solely on Python, making it a most prevalent and the programmers the most demanding necessities.

The advantages of Python

Prototypes are created and developed with the Python training. Since it is simple to work with and easily readable, making it a best user-friendly language. Just like the elementary English and abstract mathematics, this programming language is constructed so as to be exceedingly readable. The code would be organized coherently into neat little blocks with the use of whitespace. The good-looking and easily maintainable code can be written just by following the basic coding suggestions, and standards.

You need to learn python online in order to understand Process automation, the keyword of this century that is adopted by almost all the corporations and enterprises, relies heavily on Python for its immense contributions to the infrastructure automation. Subsidiaries of data analytics – key technologies such as big data, data mining, and machine learning – are the largest beneficiaries of Python. Infrastructure automation, that seeks to automate complex and intricate business and workplace tasks, is provided with the library resources of Python wherewith it develops adept and dexterous automation tools.

Best productive coding environment can be availed with the Python training, a feat unparalleled even by the enduring languages like Java and C#. Even professionally well-organized and experienced coding professionals have a lot to learn from Python. Web development has never been the same since the arrival of Python. Django, the best web framework, is the milestone in the field of web page development and web applications development. Once Django is done, you can move on to Flask, yet another useful web framework, to build customized and contained web applications.

Even if you are not a proficient programmer, Python is easy to read. With the sufficient amount of practice and hands-on practical approach, you can grasp it in its entirety. So in an environment that consists of large development teams and multi-programmer paradigm, it is an ideal option. And it comes with the agile and iterative design. With a set of minimal lines of code, we can build complex applications and construct the code. In a new and relatively small company that needs to have ideas that will convert into the implementation of those ideas, the contribution of Python is enormous.

Django, a complete and open-source web application framework, is powered by Python. In addition to Django, frameworks like Rails or Ruby can also be used in simplifying the development process. It does not matter whatever the product of the company may be, whether it is mobile-based, web-based, or in the enterprise-level, the role of Python is embedded in the supporting utility and the part of the core product.

Since it is developed and maintained by a large community of developers, this open-source, functional, imperative, and object-oriented language is strong with a huge support among its ilk. The core functionality, as well as the robust language structure, is improved by millions of these developers and the versions released lately is put into the continual upgradations and improvements. So a network of like-minded developers is formed and nurtured effectively. New functionalities that would meet the growing standards of development.

Python training will support you in your search for a lucrative job. According to, a popular job-searching portal, a well-established and skilled Python developers earns as much as $107,000. From the scientific standpoint, Python is more advanced in design and profit than Ruby, another notable web development language preferred by professionals.

In the Python online course, you will learn Cybersecurity, the trending and the most-timely needed solution to the problems the internet community is facing, is at its most potential and high point when it is combined with the security features of Python. The facility in writing code, the execution speed, and the flexibility supports you to design an applications that can withstand any cyber security threats.

Python has the best numerical computation engines NumPy and SciPy, with which we can perform the complex calculations with a single and rudimentary import statement iterated by a function call. The sectors of machine learning and artificial intelligence have seen the potential impact Python has made. The scientific Python code would help the data analysts as well as the big data analysts to develop a powerful mechanism of machine learning techniques. As the niche for diversity is the necessity and an inevitable requirement, taking a Python online training would be of immense help.

So where does Python lead you to?

There is a whole lot of opportunities for Python developers, and it has opened up new vistas of job portals and job sectors where almost all the programming and developments are accomplished with this language. You can have opportunities as a:

  • Application Reliability Engineer
  • Django Back-End Developer
  • Django or Python Developer
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Data analysts
  • Software architect

So a best Python online course would be the right choice that equips you to become the best Python programmer through our Python online training.

Python Online Certification

Python is a utilitarian programming language – meaning it is practically simple to read and write. It’s less emphasis on conventional syntax, which would be too much to grasp and hard to work with for many, has attracted a large community of developers and even non-programmers. So in order to set you up for the challenge in programming, gaining a Python certification would be an immense support. Some of the biggest tech companies in the world – Google, for instance – uses the language for several of their applications. Google even has a separate portal devoted to Python. Moreover, since the rise of the Django framework for web development, Python has evolved to be an officially supported language with high demand.

Part of the reason for this rapid increase the popularity of Python is its highly productive association with cloud computing solutions and big data. Data science hinges completely on Python, which also is greatly used in Artificial Intelligence systems and the mechanisms of machine learning.
Now, it is comprised of two Python online certifications in order to prepare a good community of programmers.

  1. PCAP – Certified Associate in Python Programming 
  2. PCPP – Certified Professional in Python Programming

Python certification has authorized Pearson VUE, a global conductor of various IT-related certification programs, to coordinate these two Python certifications.

PCAP – Certified Associate in Python Programming

This Associate program is a ground-level certification that asserts your ability in programming and serves as a compliment to the competency. This portal is apt for newcomers as well as aspiring professionals. Fortunately, this Python online certification demands no prerequisite, so anyone can with the fundamental idea of programming can take this test. Altogether 75 minutes are allocated for this Single-choice/Multiple-choice examination format that consists of 40 questions that are largely designed to test your programming credentials.

The primary goal of this Python certification is to equip you with the basics of programming in the Python language, common library functions, and the essential programming techniques. You will have exposure to key concepts like runtime environment, conditional execution, general coding techniques, semantics, and loops. The other exam objectives are formatting and outputting of the data, logical and bitwise operations, iterations, multi-dimensional arrays, and class variables, implementation of inheritance, conventional functions, Python modules, and Boolean values.

PCPP – Certified Professional in Python Programming

Once the Associate program is done, it is advisable to take this professional-level certification examination that seeks to advance your knowledge of the Python language deeper. You should hold the PCAP Associate Python certification in order to take this test. The exam format, as well as the time duration, is the same as the PCAP, but the passing score would be 80%, unlike PCAP’s 70%.

As it is the extension of the foundational course, this PCPP Python online certification demonstrates the advanced programming techniques. You will learn the advanced library functions, vocabulary, and the customs of the programming. As a professional, you will be able to deal with complex and intricate coding problems as well as creating and using complex algorithms.

Because of its versatility, Python is not limited to certain domains but works across multiple platforms such as mobile applications, desktop applications, web development, and other hardware solutions. It is no doubt that with the sufficient amount of python online training, you can master both of the two above-mentioned certification programs. Since it contains simplified syntax and because of its significant natural language, the Python code can be written and executed much faster.

What is Python?

With readable code structure and with several programming paradigms at its core, Python is a leading programming language that seeks to write a software that can be applied to various application domains. The origin of it is stemmed from the intention of replacing ABC language and its deficiencies. In addition to the existing ABC language, new features like extension handling and extensibility are added in it. With newer updates and with many implementations, it runs in C, Java, and on, the native languages on which it is written.

With the use of modules – and these modules being open-source – Python has the ability to interact with other languages as well. Its outreach extends beyond multiple channels such as graphic design applications, image processing applications, web applications, language development and prototyping, and business and enterprise applications.

It has created massive followers since its syntax is simple enough to read and exhaustive in its structural architecture and is user-friendly in its usage. With a good library accessibility and well built-in applications, many enduring web products like Google, YouTube, and Yahoo! are developed with it.

Python VS. Java

Although it runs slower than Java, Python programs can quickly be developed. Where the Java codes are considerably longer, its codes are much shorter – as much as 3.5 times. While we cannot type Java dynamically, we can do it with Python.

Python VS. JavaScript

As the Object-based programming languages, both Python and JavaScript are similar in their purpose. But whereas JavaScript can only be used as a scripting language, both the programing language as well as the scripting language can be availed with Python. Moreover, the code reusability, as well as the ability to write much larger programs, are the notable strengths of Python.

Python Careers

Even though Python offers an immense amount of career opportunities and has a high demand for Python developers in India, the supply is considered deficient. Job portals like Naukri and provide roughly 20,000 to 50,000 job listings for Python, showing the high demand. Compared to other languages, Python has a positive future when it comes to the jobs.

Python Scope, one of the subset tool of Python, is practically renovating the fields of data analysis and data science, helping the clients to detect the hidden patterns and have them extracted from the databases.
With much-advanced libraries available for Python such as SciPy, pandas, IPython, NumPy, and scikit-learn, we can explore the uncharted and improved areas of Python and various Python career opportunities.

  • As a Python Developer, you are going to develop software pertaining to asset management and use server-side logic. Integrating different systems, implementing software solutions, Executing protection, data security, and the data storage solutions are the job profile.
  • As a Research Analyst, with the support of Python, you are going to do the research on a social context, a scenario or an issue and explore consumer behaviour related to the trends in industry. You will inspect the known data from the new perspectives and do the analysis on a daily basis.
  • The job profile of a Data Scientist is to focus on Big Data and to build accurate, functional, and reliable machines.
  • Software Developer will review the existing systems and guide through the ideas to improve the system.
  • A DevOps Engineer works closely with the Scripting /Coding, Collaboration, and the Reengineering of the Business Process.
  • With these varied job roles Python has the best job scope among all the programming languages.

Python Jobs

As the demand for the truly skilled Python programmers is on the rise, a considerable amount of job opportunities are widespread and open for all the talented community of programmers. According to a report, Python programming language is now the most popular language for Data Scientists. With the possession of strong knowledge, it is easy to acquire an on-site opportunity as a Python Architect or programmer in the large corporate organizations.

According to online portals Stack Overflow and GitHub, Python is producing better career opportunities for data analysts and professionals who dabble in big data and data science. With the sufficient knowledge of the numerical and scientific modules, also the ability to write complex algorithms, an established Python programmer can achieve lucrative careers.

Dealing with data and the analytical processes can only be attained by a data scientist who possesses a strong command over Python libraries and tools. In a report by the Hindu Business Line, it is estimated that roughly 1.8-2 lakhs of new jobs would be produced in the Indian IT industry in 2018 alone. Skills such as multicore programming, SIMD vectorization, concurrent algorithms, and other aspects will give the much-needed boost for the Python career. An experienced Python programmer can earn as much as 8-12 lakhs annually. The figures may go up on the basis of the skillsets.

With the fundamental Python programming techniques and the advanced concepts like predictive modelling, the Python libraries and tools are creating new job opportunities every day. Web testing, smart devices, web development and frameworks, big data, gaming, and other business tools are running in Python. So varied job roles such as Research Analyst, Python Developer, Software Engineer and others are created and yield a lot of new jobs for the professionals.

Python Interview Questions

In the Python language, there is three important web applications development framework are prominent. Although they serve the common purpose of providing the robust setting for the network, they are fundamentally different structurally.

The principal goal of Pyramid is to build larger applications. So, the characteristics necessary for developing large applications, namely the ability to use the right tool for the project and the flexibility, come with this framework. The Pyramid is a highly configurable framework, from which developer can pick the templating style, database, and the URL structure according to their convenience.

If we were to build a small application with the minimal requirements, Flask, which is known as “microframework”, is an ideal choice. The external libraries are used in Flask and it comes prepared to be used.

Just like Pyramid, Django can also be used to develop larger applications. But unlike those two other frameworks, it includes the programming technique of object-relational mapping (ORM).

There is a private heap space is in Python to handle the memory management. This private heap contains all the data structures and the Python objects. The interpreter in the language has the access to the private heap and the programmer does not have the access and prevented of it.

Python memory manager is responsible to allocate the Python objects for the Python heap space. If the programmer wants to code, the necessary tools are provided by the core Application Programming Interface (API).

In order to make the place available for the heap space, Python has an inbuilt garbage collector to collect and recycle all the unused memory.

To speed the code up, Python has a multi-threading package inbuilt into its architecture. There is a build in Python called GIL (Global Interpreter Lock). The task of GIL is to ensure that at a given time only one of the ‘threads’ is executed. The GIL is acquired by a thread and does its work and them the GIL is passed onto the next thread.

It may seem on the surface that this process is running in parallel since the process is happening so rapidly. But, actually, with the use of the same CPU core, they are really just taking turns during the execution.

So, since they are taking turns to the execution process, using the threading package to make the code run faster would be futile and all the GIL adds the overhead execution process.

As the name itself connotes, with inheritance, one particular class gains all the methods and the attributes of another class. We can easily manage and create a new application as it does provide code reusability.

Super-class is from which the process of inheritance is done and the derived class is the inherited one.
They are four major types of inheritance supported by Python:

  • Single Inheritance – the members of a single superclass is obtained by a derived class.
  • Multi-level inheritance – from base class base1, a derived class d1 is inherited and from base2, d2 is inherited
  • Hierarchical inheritance – any number of child classes can be inherited from one base class.
  • Multiple inheritance – From more than one base class a derived class is inherited.

Course Curriculum

Conditional,Control Statements
String Manipulation
Exception Handling
Advance Python
Regular expressions
GUI Programming


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