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Mercury pioneered LoadRunner as a Performance Testing tool in 1999, later acquired by HP in 2009. It supports various development tools, technologies and communication protocols. LoadRunner is the only tool in market which supports a large number of protocols to conduct performance testing. In a recent assessment, LoadRunner has about 85% market share in Performance Testing industry. Hope Tutors is the best provider of LoadRunner Training in Chennai with real-time projects, affordable fees, and assured placement.

Best Online Performance Testing Training

Hope Tutors is well equipped with the latest infrastructure and experienced trainers to provide Online LoadRunner Training.

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Course Curriculum

Performance Testing Introduction
Overview of Performance Testing 00:00:00
Performance Testing Concepts 00:00:00
Performance Testing Types 00:00:00
Why to use performance Testing tool? 00:00:00
Various LR components 00:00:00
Overview of Virtual User Generator 00:00:00
Understanding VuGen layout 00:00:00
Recording types 00:00:00
Overview of Protocols supported 00:00:00
Record and Replay
About Protocol Advisor 00:00:00
Single protocol record and replay 00:00:00
Multi protocol record and replay 00:00:00
Vuser Script language selection 00:00:00
Vuser Script language selection 00:00:00
Understanding the replay features 00:00:00
Actions in VuGen 00:00:00
Commenting and logging 00:00:00
Creating Transactions 00:00:00
Correlation concept 00:00:00
Importance of correlation in performance testing 00:00:00
Understanding Correlation Design Studio 00:00:00
Setting correlation rules 00:00:00
Manual correlation 00:00:00
Data parameterization 00:00:00
Correlation vs. Parameterization 00:00:00
Running actions for iterations 00:00:00
Customizing iterations timing 00:00:00
Browser settings and simulation 00:00:00
Bandwidth simulation 00:00:00
Checkpoints & Content checks 00:00:00
Thread and Process
Error Handling setting 00:00:00
Running as thread and process 00:00:00
Think time settings 00:00:00
Running the script as Process and threads 00:00:00
Rendezvous settings 00:00:00
Introduction Controller 00:00:00
Working of Controller 00:00:00
Concept of scenarios and groups 00:00:00
Working with Manual scenario and Goal oriented scenario 00:00:00
Concept of Load Balancing and How-to in LR 00:00:00
Defining Service Level Agreement 00:00:00
Understanding various Monitors graphs 00:00:00
LR Analysis 00:00:00
About Correlating, overlay and merging graphs 00:00:00
Exporting analysis reports 00:00:00
Understanding and analyzing performance graphs 00:00:00



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  1. Best Institute For Load runner


    My training experience in Hope tutors is good . 2 months i there for my training, on that time i learned lot of new concepts. one of best institute in chennai.

  2. Training experience


    I am automation tester i learned load runner for my project. The experience in Hope tutors in really nice

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