RPA Interview Questions and Answers

RPA Interview Questions and Answers

1. What Are the Key Advantages of Robotics Process Automation?

  • Accuracy

The main objective of RPA is to provide high-caliber productivity with zero human error. Robots are consistently reliable when it comes to the high-stakes business processes.

  • Enhanced analytics

With the certainty of error-free operations, data that are in the various spectrum in the collective form would improve drastically in the process.

  • Cost-effective

The operational costs are highly reduced as the RPA systems do not grow weary of incessant workloads.

  • Faster

As the bouts of workload increase considerably, RPA accelerates the processes in a comparatively shorter period.

2. What considerations have to be taken at the planning juncture of automation?

The foremost task is to opt in the right tool for the endeavor, which is followed by choosing the framework on which the projected work has to be done.

On the basis of the task In Scope and Out, Scope tags are fetched in. It is suggested to prepare project charts to mark the timelines.

At last, identifying the deliverable outcome is done, so that the automation could be aimed at the requirements of the customers, by providing adequate furtherance of the quality of the final product.

3. How the Robotic Process Automation is reliable and secure, and why RPA is significant?

For every business ventures, the eventual goal in mind is to gain a bit more than has been invested in the first place as a capital. For that matter, RPA is a proven technology that reduces human labor by replacing it with robots that are not tend to spawn prone error-ridden operational processes.

By propelling and encouraging parallel operations that range from fundamental frontend and backend processes to the advanced cloud-based environments, RPA expedites the performance of the heaping workloads well before the deadline.

4. What the popular RPA tools?

Although RPA tools are ubiquitous and many tools are available in the technology market, these are the reliable and widely used tools:

  • Blue Prism
  • Automation Anywhere
  • UiPath
  • OpenSpan
  • BlackLine
  • Verint
  • Datamatics
  • Workfusion

5. Name the systems that can be robotically integrated with Blue Prism?

The notable distinctive feature of Blue Prism is its ability to incorporate diverse sources of technologies into its software systems. The integrated technologies in turn synchronized with Blue Prism software infrastructure, thus becoming robust and secure.

Rather than setting up individual adaptors for every single application in the software, Blue Prism comes packed with technologies and programmed with tools like Java, Windows, Green Screen, and Mainframe.

These settings are additionally allied with even more resolute tools so that they could be linked with Blue Prism. Without impacting the already existing systems, Blue Prism adapts with quite an adaptability the newly designed, built, and tested applications.

6. What are the important stages of RPA lifecycle?


To develop a potential RPA business process, RPA architects and business management team collaborate to analyze and identify the business process.

Bot Development

At this phase, an agent that simulate the human activity is induced so that the robotic process could develop.


The developed bot is tested with the specially designed QA that certifies the successful architecture of the product.

Deployment and Maintenance

Once an RPA product is done, it is launched to be deployed to the user-end and maintained with carefully developed additional tool systems.

7. Why Blue Prism is much preferred over other RPA tools?

Blue Prism supports and enables both internal encryption / decryption and external encryption / decryption.

The process and the design of automation can be closely monitored.

Within the process automation, the customized .Net code is synched for the availability of highly robust systems.

We can enable the audit logs ourselves.

8. How Robotic Automation is different from macros and screen scratching?

Unlike the generation-old applications like screen scratching and macros, any given application that is used by human can also be used by robots. RPA is equipped with handling complex applications like web frameworks, mainframes, web service apps, and can work efficiently with Application Programming Interface (API) hosting services.

These applications are read by the robot, either through existing APIs where they are prolonging, through the operating systems before applications appear. In this case, the modern robots reads an application screen in context and in the same way a user does. As part of the robot training, it is shown how to read the display of the application much like a user.

9. What about the security and the auditability of RPA Blue Prism?

Security and auditability are embedded into the Blue Prism robotic automation platform in all of its functional areas. The runtime environment is fully separate to the environment of process editing.

For the each authorized user, approval nods to design, create, edit and execute the process and business objects are unique to each permitted user.

A full audit trail of constant alterations to any process is on a place, and resemblance of the before and after forces of changes are given.

For every action and decision made within an automated process, a log is created at run-time for each process, and this process provides an explanatory time-ridden history.

When compared to the old and archaic processing, the users would find the driving force behind a process with Blue Prism gives a lot more control from a yielding perspective that ensures the uninterrupted process in line with the process definition.

10. What are the framework types used in Automation Anywhere?

  1. Data-driven automation framework.
  2. Keyword Driven Automation Framework.
  3. Modular automation framework.
  4. Hybrid Automation Framework.

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