AWS Interview Questions & Answers | Part 1

AWS Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. What is the significance of buffer in AWS?

The Elastic Load Balancer warrants that the succeeding traffic is distributed favourably across different AWS cloud instances. A buffer, in turn, synchronizes various components and prepares the additional elastic to a burst of load or traffic in the nick of time. These processed components tend to work in a wobbly way of receiving and processing the given requests. So the buffer generates the symmetry, coupling diverse source apparatuses and designs them to strive at the similar rate to provide more quick services.

Q2. What are the safety protocols to protect the data in the AWS cloud?

It should be guaranteed that it is made invalid to hinder the information in the cloud during the carrying movement of the data from one starting point to its destination. It is equally important to ensure that there should not be any dripping of the data en route in the security key from multiple storerooms in the cloud. Insulating the information from additional companies’ information and then encrypting it by means of viable ways is also advisable.

Q3. What are Scalability and Flexibility?

The capability of a strategy to increase the number of tasks to be done on the present hardware resources and to mobilize the hefty workloads effortlessly, thereby deactivating the inconsistencies within the cloud application is scalability. The ability of a venture to expand the work on its current and auxiliary hardware property is recognized as flexibility, since equipping the facility to divulge command empty of putting in the infrastructure at all. AWS has many configuration management solutions and resources for AWS scalability, flexibility, availability, and management.

Q4. What are the layers of AWS cloud architecture?

There are altogether five different layers are in AWS architecture. They are:

  • Cluster Controller (CC)
  • Storage Controller (SC)
  • Cloud Controller (CLC)
  • Walrus (W)
  • Node Controller (NC)

Q5. How to facilitate the spin-up services in the cloud?

The Application Programming Interface (API) tools are utilized for the spin-up services and also for the written scripts. These written scripts could be coded in languages like Perl, bash, and other preferred languages. There is another option of patterned administration and specifying blueprint tools such as a dummy or improved offspring. The Scale tool can also be used and eventually it is a go with a controlled elucidation like a RightScale.

Q6. What is Qlik Sense?

It is an application whose primary task is data visualization that entitles the search and exploring a large amount of data to make sense of the quality and quantity of the datasets. Through the practice of analysis, we can create compact, elastic, and conversing visualization and thus bring forth solutions accordingly.
As this Qlik application is fastidious and meticulous in its work progress, it controls and maintains the access, sharing, and monitoring the database.

Q7. How is a new data table added?

Both data managers and many data sources could be availed to add new data table in a cloud application.
Choosing from the data connections which were already defined by the user or administrator and folders and selecting the desired table from it.
Selecting from a new data source such as ODBC or OLE, and coupling them all together with connectors, web and data files.
Qlik data market can also aid to select from its public or normal commercialized databases.
It can be simply done by uploading the file from the computer or through an application.

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