Automation Anywhere RPA Interview Questions with Answers

Automation Anywhere RPA Interview Questions with Answers

Q1. What is automation and what are its advantages?


It is, in fact, a process to automate the workloads and procedure with the assistance of automatic apparatus which are based on technology. It is useful for the businesses to consider automation as it produces effective outcomes and cut down the errors from many business processes and transactions. Also, the human interventions can be eliminated up to some extent. A number of procedures can be automated with the use of particular equipment and skill.


Q2. What are the common steps that are used in Automation anywhere procedure?


The very first thing is to choose or think about the test tool. Once this process is done with, the next step is to specify the progress of automation anywhere next to the steps drawing, developing, as well as development. Then in the next step we have to do Testing execution and the ending step is maintenance. It is needful to go through the steps in the defined sequence to remove confusion.


Q3. What elements are important to script standard for Automation Anywhere Testing?


For each ten lines of code in the system, there must be three lines of code inserted. Ultimate use of framework wherever feasible is also an important aspect of Proper cavity, Uniform naming convention, Error handling and admin are some of the factors that must be thought through.


Q4. What is Selenium? How does it work?


It is, in essence, a framework for the test suite that is really considered in Automation anywhere approach and operations. Selenium is open source and can be very helpful when it comes to automating the mobile phones and web environments. Its wide assistance to scripting languages such as Python, Ruby, Java, PHP, Perl, and on and on renders it one of the best framework platform.


Q5. What are the uses of Sikuli?

Sikuli is a very useful tool that can be used for automating the flash objects, as well as online websites. Whenever there is a need of simple application programming interface (API), it can easily be used. Moreover, it can be fused with a number of frameworks such as Java, .Net. Windows-based applications can be automated easily with the support of Sikuli. In addition, it is quite probable to connect it with other key tools such as Selenium.


Q6. Distinguish Sikuli from Selenium.


Both Sikuli and Selenium are important tools that can be worked with Automation Anywhere. Nevertheless, both have their own advantages and disadvantages identified with them. Sikuli helps automating the flash objects while Selenium does not. Sikuli is much useful for automating the Windows as well as web applications programs. On the other hand, Selenium can properly function only on web-based applications. A visual match is available in the Sikuli whereas Selenium is without the same.


Q7. What are the works that should usually be monitored in Automation process?


Running the scripts seamlessly is a commendable practice. It must be considered on top of all, that through this practice it is probable to keep a keen eye on scripts and any mistakes if they emerge can be figured out at once. Identification of plans which can be reused and writing it in a distinct file is another practice to be adhered to. Adding necessary comments and following the coding usual aspects are the other notable strategies.


Q8. What are the features of a potent framework in Automation Anywhere?


In general, there is a need to alter some things identified with automation because of a diverse array of reasons. This can be fulfilled only if the framework is comfortable and usable to them. A good framework always has this important characteristic. The scripts must be a stand-alone feature from everything else. A framework should follow all the practices in relation to the coding. In addition to this feature, a framework must have the quality of reusable code and contents. Having a reporting quality is another important characteristic that any framework must possess. In addition to this, it must have a feature to fuse with other applications and framework efficiently.


Q9. When should we add comments in Automation Anywhere?


  • When first beginning to generate the task and when starting a new task section
  • When adding a new business rule
  • When starting and finishing a LOOP of IF/ELSE statement case
  • When opening a new application
  • When transmitting control to a sub-task


Q10. Why Secure Recording is used?


As critical a process of taking protective measures before starting the process of automating any business process, the command solutions comprehends the mechanisms like the images, texts, object values and HTMLs. Nonetheless, especially for banking processes of financial services, insurance, and commercial environments getting these subtle datasets may pose a dangerous security threat. Therefore, this feature of secure recording levels off these potential security risks as the recording does not captivate these sensitive data.


Q11. What is the aim of web recorder?


It controls all web controls and exploitations. It is relevant only when recording web-only workloads. If website constraints on a web page lingers through the location, the web recorder program can find out the exact controls and synchronize the work at present to run free from error. If the feature of the web controls change its position, the automation task can be upgraded to ensure that the task runs proficiently.


Q12. Explain Object Recorder.


An object recorder is in general utilized to encapsulate the Windows control activities like adding texts in drop-down menus, listing boxes, and buttons. The position of radio buttons and checkboxes, click actions, capturing tree viewpoints are the shot up artefacts of the object recorder that is the important component of automation process and its subdivisions.


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