New Microsoft Azure Certifications Path in 2020

Most of us know that there is a lot of opening in the field of cloud computing. This is because everywhere we are connect using cloud. Even while reading this article we are connected with cloud by some way.
Most of us have a question what to choose Azure or AWS?
This is one of the biggest debates between cloud computing experts. These two are not an option of the cloud computing, they are very dominating things in this field. People who wants to enter in this cloud computing may either choose one of these two for starting their carrier. So, choosing either of these is not so easy.
Each one has more advantages as well as disadvantages. This will help you to choose either of these & focusing in it. Mostly Azure has more advantages. Also, it grows more when compared with others.

Why we want Cloud Computing?

We are more interested to know that why we want to choose cloud computing. For this the only one-word answer is its opportunity. We have many jobs than skilled one. Growing skill gap is there with 46%. Almost 96% of field workers seems to be lacking in the advanced skills. Most of the businesses may get hurt by this skill gap. They may lose $250 million annually.
Even though they need experts with most advanced skill, also they need freshers.

What Should we choose Azure or AWS?

We don’t need any of the college degree to start our carrier in the cloud computing. But we must need the training. For having this training, we must choose which one is suitable either Azure or Aws?
It seems to be very easy to choose AWS. Since mostly it dominates in cloud-based domain. Especially in the cloud marketing of the public, AWS grow with 49% in 2nd quarter of 2018. But When we see 4th quarter Azure grow with 89%. This growth rate is the result when compared with 1st quarter of 2017.
This is not the only difference. When we see enterprises adoption Azure competitivity dominates AWS. In 2018 the state of cloud is conducted by the Rightscale. The result is Azure is growing very fast than AWS.
We should prefer Azure when we have interest with AI as well as ML. TechRepublic release an article. According to this, Microsoft wish to have Azure for ML cloud. We also know that Microsoft is leading in hybrid cloud. AWS is very important in this hybrid, but Azure is also there. They connect the data center with the cloud. Also, they enable easy mobility between the premises as well as public cloud. They also provide many types of the hybrid connections.

Certifications of Azure are kept on changing:

We know that Microsoft is going forward in capturing the market in the cloud computing. They are kept on updating the certificates which they already providing. They recently announce 3 new certificates. They are for admins, developers as well as architectures. They conduct 2 exams for each of the certificates.

  • The Microsoft certificate of Azure for Developer Associate:
    This training course prepare us for the new version of the certification for the Azure development examination AZ 203. Once we complete this course we can select, develop as well as implement the Azure solutions. This will include the cloud storage, PaaS. Also, the cloud security as well as cloud integration also include in this. Now we are ready for developing the services for the Azure Cognitive, BOT as well as IOTs solution.
  • The Microsoft Certificate of Azure Solutions for the Architect:
    This training course helps us to became on expert as Azure Architect. In this course, we will learn for configuring the infrastructure, implementing the workloads as well as security. This will also help us to learn the creating as well as deploying the apps. Also, we will learn the data security, determine the requirements of the workload & data platform for the architect. We can also learn the cloud solution, creating continuing as well as strategies of the infrastructures. Also, we will learn executing the deployment, migrating as well as integrating the API.
  • The Microsoft Certificate of Azure Solutions for the Administrator:
    This training course prepare us for the new version of the certification for the Azure administrator examination. This exam helps us to learn what ever needed for the Azure admin. This course also includes the subscription management & resources, storage implementation, deploying the virtual machine & network, manage as well as secure the identities. Also, we can migrate the servers to the Azure & managing the service of the apps.


It doesn’t matter whatever we select its all of sure we will get succeed in the cloud computing. There is huge demand for the skilled professionals. We can choose any of this path, since its our carrier. Whatever we choose will definitely fit for us. So, the year 2019 is definitely called as the year of Azure.
I hope now you came to understand about New Microsoft Azure Certifications Path in 2019. All the above sessions give you more interest in working with the Azure. Learning Azure will boost your carrier. For learning Azure please enrolled with hope tutors. I hope this article values your time.

February 4, 2020
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