Robotic Process Automation Tutorials for Beginners

Before going deep into the RPA Tutorials, have u ever thought that your food can be cooked by robots, served by robots and even music can be played by robots while you are sleeping. If you ever thought about it, you are well into this robotic process automation.



Digital transformation is fulfilled once we extracted more out from a Software. The Interesting passage in the recent technology transformation was the inclusion of robots in the place of humans, where the approach has been called as Robotic Process Automation

The RPA would effectively cut down the labour cost, faster execution of the tasks. The goal is to explain what RPA is and how Blue Prism supports it.

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Even in our digital era, many business processes are still carried out by people. Yet these processes commonly rely on one or more applications, with human beings providing the driving intelligence. For example, think about a back office that handles customer orders. Each order might require getting a customer’s name, then be looking up and be validating the customer’s shipping address. Once this information is available, the next steps might be to calculate the shipping cost and place the order. In a typical back office environment, people execute this process, often relying on multiple applications to complete it.


August 30, 2018
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