DevOps Job Trends in 2020

Do you know the role of role of DevOps Engineer? Any idea will DevOps engineer will code or test? This article answers all your questions. Most of us have the question that whether they generate the codes. Also, they work as the system engineer. No not like that. We are going to say the answers for all your doubts in detail in this blog.

To know about the basic concept of DevOps go through our previous blogs. Also, some of our previous blogs hands with the DevOps Trends as well as DevOps future. Before we deal with the job trends of DevOps in 2020, we just touch the basics of DevOps.

About DevOps:

DevOps is the strategy of software development. It is used to build the bridge between the team of operation as well as development. With DevOps the companies can able to quickly deliver their small features. Also, the feedback from the customers are also received quickly. The failure rate of the software is very less. The bugs can be resolved in short time. 

Traditional waterfall models have many limitations. It can be easily overcome with the help of DevOps. Following are the process involved in DevOps. They are,

  • Developing.
  • Testing.
  • Deploying.

There are many DevOps tools. Some famous DevOps tools are as follows. They are,

  • Kubernetes.
  • Chef.
  • Nagios.
  • Selenium.
  • Git.
  • Ansible.
  • GitHub.
  • Puppet.
  • Docker.
  • Jenkins.

Now we are going to see about the DevOps Engineer in the below sessions in detail.

DevOps Engineer:

They are one who can able to understand the following concepts. They are,

  • Development life cycle of the software.
  • Many automation tools to develop the digital pipelines.

Still confused with what about DevOps Engineer. Let’s see in detail. DevOps engineers will work with both the development as well as Operation team. They take care of the codes which are ready for the release. They are the developers with more interest to deploy as well as networking. They must have more interest in Scripting as well as in coding. They can able to improvise the testing plan along with the deployment.

Roles as well as responsibilities of DevOps engineer:

Now let’s see what the roles are as well as responsibilities of the DevOps engineer. In a company there are many roles for the DevOps engineer. They are,

  • Software developer or tester.
  • Automation Expert.
  • Security Engineer. 
  • DevOps Evangelist.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Release Manager.

In the team they have composed of all these levels of DevOps engineer. Their responsibilities differ based on their roles. Now let’s see their responsibilities in detail for these roles in below. 

Software developer or tester:

The DevOps engineer in this role will actually do the root level software development. The programmers & traditional code writers come under this category. Apart from the developing, they must also involve in testing the codes. 

Their posting remains same, but their duty will increase. Following are their duties. They are,

  • Coding.
  • Testing.
  • Deploying.
  • Monitoring.

Automation Expert:

We already know that DevOps is based on the automation. As expert, you must know what you need to automate. Also, you must know how one stack can integrate with another stack. We can also call this automation experts as integration specialist. Their duties involve design and analyzes. They should implement the continuous deployment strategies.

Security Engineer:

It is very important role. They are responsible for monitoring the delivery of a product. They will work with the developers. They provide their own suggestions. This can be included in earlier development of the project. They will also report about the downtime of the system. As the result we can able to avoid the security issues.

DevOps Evangelist:

The person with is role is considered as the leader. They are only responsible for implementing DevOps strategy in the development. Also, they want to improve the current architecture. They want to manage all other roles in the team. This is the primary target.

Quality Assurance:

This role is newly introduced in the DevOps. They are only responsible for the product quality. This is the role which is one step beyond the testing as well as quality check. The quality of the product is checked and if any bugs is there it is rectified.

Release Manager:

They are only responsible for the product delivery. These managers must integrate both the new as well as existing framework. They are also called as release engineers. They focus their work coordination from the development to the deployment. Based on the necessary there are many managers. Especially in the multiple features of the same project.

Required Skills:

We must need certain skills to become the best DevOps expert. Following are some of such skills. They are,

  • Basics of Linux as well as scripting.
  • More knowledge in DevOps tools & technology.
  • CI as well as CD.
  • IAC.
  • Concept of DevOps.
  • soft skills.

Job descriptions:

Following are some of the job descriptions which are needed. They are,

  • Knowledge in any one of the cloud platforms.
  • Having good hands of knowledge in DevOps Tools.
  • Expert in scripting as well as Git & its workflow.
  • Good hands of experience in CI as well as CD development.

Jobs and Salary trends:

One of the most attractive salary with job profile is DevOps engineer. They will earn $137,000 to $180,000. It may vary based on the roles as well as years of experience.  As per the famous magazine of America DevOps engineer ranks as 2nd best job. There are lot of job opening in the DevOps field. 

Following are some of the companies and their average salary per annum for DevOps engineer.

S: No CompanySalary
1AmazonRs 638,000 – Rs 1,400,000
2CapgeminiRs 300,000 – Rs 850,000
3InfosysRs 420,000 – Rs 2,000,000
4AccentureRs 350,000 – Rs 1,500,000
5IBMRs 300,000 – Rs 715,000
6CTSRs 360,000 – Rs 800,000
7TCSRs 400,000 – Rs 750,000

An entry level engineer may get salary of Rs 288,795 – Rs 1,093,112. The mid-level engineer may get Rs 597,427 – Rs 1,967,180. More experience engineer will get more than $1,30,000.


From this blog, you can understand different roles of DevOps engineer. As well, you can see job trends and salary trends. DevOps is most powerful technology and if you are in DevOps, this blog will help you for sure. Please enroll your training with Hope Tutors for DevOps now and get all these benefits.

December 16, 2020
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