Tips to Crack Data Science Interview

Tips to Crack Data Science Interview

Nowadays data scientists are most popular profiles in all the IT field. The companies are willing to pay huge amount of money. In order to form the data science and analytics team. The description of the jobs may vary. We are going to see tips to crack beginner level data scientist interview. There are few questions that could be a deal-breaker.


The market demand for the Data scientist is keep on growing. The technologies are growing very fast day by day. So that, no one should know about the entire job description. Now we will see in detail how to achieve all the required skills.


Now let’s list down the questions for the personal interview. It is for an entry level data Scientist.

A Data Scientist should have at least 4 years of working experience. We should work as the Business Analyst for minimum of 4 Years.  We should have good knowledge in SQL, Python and data visualization. This will help us to update our profile as the data scientist.


Knowledge about the Data science

Some special questions which we come again and again are as follows. They are,


  • What do you think a data scientist can do?
  • What do you think that the most important skill the data scientist should have?

The answers for this question will give us more interest. It will give us commitment towards the data. We should also concentrate on the Communication skill. Since HR directors don’t have any technical skill.


Technical Questions

Before appearing the interview, we should know depth in technical skills and tools. Here are some of the hot topics that we should concentrate before the interview. They are as follows,


  • Which machine learning tool we should use for the specific issue.
  • The resolutions between the different type of the models.
  • We should know about the training, testing as well as validation the result. The different way of control for the model complexity.
  • How to model a quantity that we should directly observed.
  • We sound sounds good in the various techniques. We should be well verse in the numerical optimizing.
  • We should know about the dealing with the correlated data features.

Area of Expertise

Candidates should have prepared in the following areas. They are,


  • Linear regression
  • Predictive modeling
  • Statistical Inference
  • Product Metrics
  • Clustering
  • Decision trees
  • Dimensionality reduction.

We should be aware of the company and its current projects.


Resume Guidelines

Before we have a look in technical point, we just look for resume guidelines. Following will give the resume guidelines.


  • It is best thing to keep our resume in a single page. It should have our name and email details. They should also contain contact no, Hub and our LinkedIn account details.
  • The resume should include recent work experience with details of programming skill. For example, your python skills. We should also update the business output. The business output will include the increase of revenue in percentage. We should update the achievements done.
  • We should list down the key project which we worked so far. It should contain our skill in data organization. It should also cover the manipulation as well as database among them.
  • We should update all the certified courses as well as training we undergone. It will show the dedication we have in learning.
  • We should update our education background we did so far.
  • The resume should contain the area of interest which we have.
  • We should make sure whether we mention the keywords. The keywords are automation, analytics as well as machine learning. It will also include python, SQL, NoSQL as well as MS-SQL.
  • Finally, we should set up an alert on job sites. We should give alert for the title Jr data scientist. The job alert must also contain Sr data analyst. Jr Machine Learning & Sr Analytics Consultant should be there in our alert.

Now we are going to see to have a look at personal interview. This will be the tips for us to crack our interview.

The possible Interview Questions asked by the Vice President of Data Science

This section will be more Technical oriented. They will discuss with us in Technical aspects.


  • They may ask us to explain about any of the data.
  • They can give us any exercise and ask us how will you do it? Also, they may ask whether we face any issues regarding this?
  • They will ask about a project which we worked. The main aim of this is to understand the ability of us. They can understand the ability of us to handle project end-to-end.
  • They will ask what process you will follow to make your work more effective?
  • They will ask us to explain about the finding of people in our own way.
  • Finally, they may ask the one thing which we want to improve.

The possible Interview Questions asked by the Chief Technology Officer

This section will be more Technical oriented. They will discuss with us in Technical aspects.


  • They will ask us if we have any enterprising experience.
  • What is the area we think that we need more development in?
  • What is the reason for you to leave your current company? Why you choose this? This will be a mandatory question.
  • List out some of the key learning by you from your previous experience?
  • What will be your proudest moment so far in the data science journey?

The possible Interview Questions asked by the Data Scientist

This section will be more casual. They will discuss with us about the old projects. The challenges we face during previous projects. They will discuss with us about the current data science team structure. It will also include the detail of the current project.


  • They will ask us to give an example. Which we thought was completely outside box and helped in turning the project?
  • What do you mean by logistic regression?
  • How can you develop A/B test?
  • Can you tell me about your experience? How you come into machine learning as well as learning process?
  • They will ask us about large amount of the data which we worked. They will ask us to explain about the result.

The possible Interview Questions asked by the VP Marketing

This section will be more business oriented.


  • What do you want to work with us?  This will be the mandatory question asked.
  • They will ask us about interaction we have with the marketing team in previous role.
  • They will notice how good we maintain our eye contact during discussion.
  • Are there any data science actives which we involved beside our project?

The possible Interview Questions which we can ask

These are the possible questions that interviewee can ask to the interviewer.


  • Can you tell be about the project which I want to work if I got the job? This is the questions which we can ask at CTO or head of the Data Science.
  • I hope that you got a chance to know about myself as well as my skill. If you have any more questions or clearance about my education? We will discuss and clear it. This is the possible question which we can ask to the HR.
  • Finally, don’t forget to do negotiation in your salary package. Don’t admit yourself for the low wages.

These are some of the tips. It may be helpful for you to crack out the data science interview. All the best for your interview.

April 22, 2019
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