What Is Salesforce? A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Salesforce

Now a days, we can see there is big surges in the Cloud Computing. One of such technology is Salesforce. It has a very good impact in the computing world. In this article, we introduce you about the Salesforce. We are going to discuss the following. They are,

  • What is the Salesforce?
  • Why we use this Salesforce?
  • Where we will utilize the Salesforce?
  • Why most of the companies search for the experts with this Salesforce Certification?


Before disusing this first we see how it Begins.

Before Salesforce, we host CRM solutions on a company’s own server. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Can any one of you imagine about the cost & time it takes for the companies for having the own CRM? Fine, it may take many months / even a year to set this. Also, it may cost millions of the dollars. After setting this, it may be extremely tough to use. Then what is the best solution for this?

Building more affordable software for CRM & delivering this as an online service. This is the main deal behind the Salesforce. Start as SaaS company, the Salesforce leads as the 5th biggest software company.

What Made the Salesforce to Hit instantly?

The answer for it is so simple. It is the Cloud Computing. The Salesforce is not just about the best product in fraction of cost. It is about replacing all the process which are so lengthy installations. Also, to move everything to internet. They play a major role in changing the business models. When we use the Salesforce then we don’t need contracts for the long-term / more expensive licensing deal. This is possible with 50-dollar per month of subscription fees.

Why we go for the Salesforce?

Before we see what Salesforce is, let us briefly discus why we go for Salesforce.

  • Salesforce provides the fastest paths. This is from the Idea to the App. So that you may concentrate only on building the app with the help of Salesforce tools. It is better than building infrastructures & tools. This will save your time and money.

  • Generally, the customers say that it is unique. This is mostly for the following 3 major reasons. They are,
    1. Fast – It may take one year or more to deploy the traditional software of CRM. This is comparing to
    that of months / weeks with the Salesforce.
    2. Easy – The Salesforce wins with the category of easy use. You need spend for lot of time to put it
    for using & less time to figuring out.
    3. Effectiveness – Because this is very easy for using, we can customize it to meet the business
    needs. The customers find this Salesforce as effective.

  • It is with the cloud. We can use this from anywhere. This is possible with the help of internet and more online connections.

  • If we hire the business which is changing rapidly. Else if we have seasoned company which we run for years & it is also changing probably then the Salesforce is scalable to the growth.

  • Salesforce can integrate with the 3rd party app. If you need to integrate the Salesforce with the Gmail, then it is possible for you to do this. If you need to integrate this with the accounting software, then this is also possible for you to do. On other side, it is very difficult to integrate with the other CRMs.

  • It is very affordable, especially when you consider the more capabilities. Even the startups & small business uses this Salesforce.

Statistics that make you to choose the Salesforce:

All over the world more than 150,000 and more customers are there for the Salesforce on May 2016. It dominates with 19.7% as the market share in the CRM world. The Salesforce App Exchange features has more than 2,700 apps. This has driven to the total of 3 million of the installations. Also, 70% and more Salesforce customers uses this apps.

Today, most of the companies develop their apps based on the Salesforce platform / also migrates to the Salesforce. This increase the demands for the Salesforce developers & admins. Currently, the most wanted skill is the Salesforce Architect.

What Is the Salesforce?

I have already answered this question in why we should go for the Salesforce. Now, we see about what is the Salesforce? From the tech giants such as Google & Facebook to the nearest call centers for you. All uses this Salesforce services & products for solving the problems.

The Salesforce begin as the company of SaaS CRM. This now provides many software solutions. Also, the platform for the users & developer to develop. Also, to distribute the software for the customs. Salesforce.com based on the multi-tenant architectures, which means multiple customers can share a common technology.

You don’t need to get worrying about the apps / infrastructure upgrades which automatically happens. This helps the industries focus on the innovation in spite of the managing technology.

The Services & Products which the Salesforce Offer


To understand about the Salesforce, we must know about the various services. Also, the products that the Salesforce has offer & when you should use them. With the Salesforce, we can access widely the products & services. This will be in the following. They are,

• Cloud.
• Social.
• Mobile domains.

The Cloud Services Offered by Salesforce:

Following are some of the cloud service offered by the Salesforce.

  • Salesforce Sales Clouds.
  • Salesforce Marketing Clouds.
  • Salesforce Services Cloud.
  • Salesforce Community Clouds.
  • Salesforce Commerce Clouds.
  • Salesforce Analytics Clouds.
  • Salesforce App Clouds.
  • Salesforce IoTs Clouds.
  • Salesforce Health Clouds.

Let us see this in detail.

Salesforce Sales Clouds:

This Sales Clouds is the CRM platform. This enables us to manage our organization’s sales, marketing & support. If we engaged our company in B2B and B2C then the sales clouds are the best service. It must be the need for our sales team.

Salesforce Marketing Clouds:

This marketing clouds provides us with the world’s digital marketing platform which is very powerful. This marketers in the industry can use this cloud. This is to manage the following. They are,

  • Email.
  • Mobile.
  • Customer journey.
  • Social media.
  • Content creation.
  • Web personalization.
  • Data analytics.
  • Content management.

Salesforce Services Cloud:

This is service platforms for the organization’s customer service & support. It provides some features like social network plug-ins and case tracking. This is especially for the conversation & analytics. This is not only to help the agents in solving the customers problems quickly. But it gives the customers accessing for answering. Using such answers, the customers solve the problems by their self.

Salesforce Community Clouds:

You must need social platforms for the industries. This is to connect & facilitate the communications. This is among the partners, employees & customers. Then the Salesforce Community Clouds is a service which you must need. You use the platforms to exchange the data & images on the go.

Salesforce Commerce Clouds:

The commerce clouds enable our industry. This provides seamless customer services & experiences. This is irrespective of our customer’s location. Also, it provides integration for the customer data. So that, the consumers feel the better experiences. Following are the goal for providing the customer. They are,

  • Positive.
  • Engaging the customer experiences.

Commerce Clouds is the needed services.

Salesforce Analytics Clouds:

The Analytics Clouds provides the platform for the business intelligence. This is for your industry for working with the following. They are,

  • Create graphs.
  • Large amount of the data files.
  • Charts & other images of the data.

It can optimize for the mobile access & data visualization.

Salesforce App Clouds:

To develop the custom apps which runs in the Salesforce platforms. Salesforce App Clouds can used. The collection of the development tools is provided for you. You can use it to create the custom apps. Few tools in this App Clouds include the following. They are,

  • Force.com allow the admins & developers for creating the websites & apps into the Salesforce.com apps.
  • App Exchange is the online app marketplace. This is for 3rd party apps which runs in Force.com platforms.
  • The Heroku Enterprises gives the developers more flexibility in creating the apps using the preferred languages as well as tools.
  • Salesforce Thunders is the big data & rules processing engines. This is designed for analyzing the events & taking the personalized actions.
  • The Salesforce Sand box allow the developers for testing the ideas more safely. Also, isolated development environments.

Salesforce IoTs Clouds:

When our industries need to store & process IoT data, better you utilize this Salesforce IoTs clouds service. The platforms are built for taking the massive volume of the data. These are the data which are generated by the following. They are,

  • Sensors.
  • Devices.
  • Applications.
  • Websites.
  • Partners.
  • Customers.

On receiving these data, the platforms initiate the actions.

Salesforce Health Clouds:

If we are the Health IT industry & require the CRM systems. This System will incorporate doctor-patient relation & record managements. Then all you need is the Health Cloud. Through this patient profiles you supports as the direct relationships. This is possible by integrating the information from the multiple data source.

Other Services Offered by the Salesforce:


Chatters is the platform for the enterprise collaborations. This is from the Salesforce which enables the employee to collaborate. Chatters can help us drive productivity. This is by connecting the employee. Also, it helps in the sharing the knowledge between the departments in the industries. Also, we can able to be sharing the knowledge between the different industry.


It is a platform. It enables you for developing the apps & exchanging the data. This is possible via APIs. The APIs refers to pre-build the programming code component.

Companies Using this Salesforce:

Now we have clearly understood about the Salesforce. Also, which service we should use and when. Let’s first look where we use the Salesforce various companies. This is across the different industries.

S:NO Industries Companies Case-Study
1 Financial Services The American Express The American Express start using this Salesforce Sales Clouds in the year of 2010. Now, the companies have the customer success platforms on the Salesforce. It connects 1000 of the employees in an organization, locations & time zones.
2 Health Cares Health Lead With the Salesforce Community Clouds, Health Lead are leading. This is the way for the new models for the health cares. Also, with the Salesforce App Clouds, which can view very easily & update the patients’ data, coordinates with the physicians & find the resources of the communities very effect.
3 Medias Coco-Cola Enterprises CCE uses the Salesforce across many geographies & functions of the business. From the call center agents to the service technicians & sales representative, the Salesforce is used for connecting the people & information. This helped the CCE for delivering the better customer experiences.
4 High techs Sony It uses this Salesforce Service Clouds. This is to tune the customers. These cases are managed as one of the unified agents. This experience which helps them in keeping their customers very happy.
5 Retails Trips A Deals Trips A Deal’s Heroku based clouds platform app was designed & deployed in 5 weeks. This delivers the many advantages to startup business which includes system stability & cost-effectives scalability.
6 Governments <
Obama for the America
Staffs of Obama for the America uses this Salesforce Service Clouds. This is to send the personalized email to the users. They also used dashboards to get real-time read. especially on what the nation was thinking about and where opinions differed across the country.
7 Communication Comcast Spectators This uses this Salesforce. This is to maintain the customer’s profile details. So, they identify the biggest fans & market. This will be more effectively to them.
8 Manufactures In Mobi It swapped out many of the CRM systems for Salesforce Sales Clouds. Salesforce enables In Mobi for running one layer of the data managements in this company. This make In Mobi very fast & efficient companies.

Salesforce Use Cases:

We can see from the above table how the many companies using this Salesforce. Especially, for solving the problems as well as improving the productivity. Now, let’s see how HCL utilized this Salesforce. This is for solving its business challenge.

  1. HCL needs to cater for changing the business requirement. For solving these problems, HCL needs to implement, integrates & migrates. Especially to the new salesforce app.
  2. HCL needs to overcome these challenges of the data redundancy. Also, the inconsistency which is caused by many apps.


To solve this business challenge HCL choose to implement the SFA using the Salesforce.com. The HCL evaluated the Salesforce & also found that this met the requirements. This will be regarding governance, security, collaborations. Also, integrations with the 3rd party apps.

The above picture shows the various types of the modules. That implement these challenges. Following are the explanation of these modules.

Lead Management Modules:

HCL used this Salesforce standard solutions. This is for the lead capturing & assignment, the lead qualifications & conversions. They developed the custom solution. This is for capturing the leads from the external sources. Also, screening the lead to prevent the duplication.

Accounts Management Modules:

HCL used this Salesforce standard accounts management modules. This is to implement the custom solutions. Especially for defining the business logical for the real-time searches. This is for the customer account, managing flow of the data. Also, for managing the daily batch update.

Contacts Management Modules:

HCL used this Salesforce standard contacts management modules. This includes the activity managements. Also, implemented the custom solutions for managing the flow of the data. This will be after accounts conversions.

Opportunity Management Modules:

HCL used this Salesforce Opportunity modules. This is to develop the custom solutions for adding the products. Especially, to opening, enabling the manual products pricing. Also, for creating the discount approval on the Opportunity of the products.

Integrations with the Other Apps:

Salesforce integrated with apps like ODS, SAP, BI. Also, many third-party apps by using the AppExchange apps & customized the Web Services API.

HCL implemented this Salesforce1 Sales Clouds in 4 months with the user adoptions of 92%. For the programs, which impacted 6200 users in 14 countries, 4 months is very quick. Very ease of the integration with the third-party apps improved productivity. This is by the 3-4%. Using the Salesforce, HCL able to validates the data. This enabled HCL to achieve 90% accurate in the master data.

October 17, 2019
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