Salesforce Certification – How it can help you fast-track your career?

Customer demands are higher need at all the time. The Salesforce makes Customer Resource Management the best. Especially for the enterprises as well as the managers. Get the Salesforce certificate and build a career around the Salesforce. Also, unsheathe its power as a prolific management platform.

Salesforce is one of the top certificates in today’s world. This will offer some of the best salaries. This is for the trained as well as certified experts. The average salary of a Salesforce experts will be $70,000 to $170,000 per annum. 

So, in this article we will look at the top Salesforce certificates. Also, what are the benefits of having these certificates. Similarly, how you can easily get clear the Salesforce exam. Also, we will see all the details. These are related to the various Salesforce certificates. So, without further ado lets us begin with the topics.

Introduction to Salesforce:

Salesforce is the number 1 Customer Relationship Management tool. It will have a market share of nearly 20% globally. It offers a complete suite of tools and technologies. This is to stay on top of their customers. Along with the CRM tool, it also offers tools for the following. They are,

  • Marketing.
  • Cloud.
  • Analytics.
  • Sales and more. 

So, Salesforce has many certificates based on what our requirements are. Also, for what skills you are looking to build.

The Salesforce products and services will deploy. This will be across the industry verticals in the following field. They are,

  • Retail.
  • Automotive.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Hospitality.
  • Media.
  • Entertainment. 

Salesforce offers solutions for the following. They are,

  • Sales.
  • Communities.
  • Analytics.
  • Marketing.
  • Service.
  • IoT.
  • Artificial Intelligence. 

Then there are other cloud-based solutions. That Salesforce offers the following. They are,

  • Heroku for PaaS.
  • specialized PaaS for custom app integration with Salesforce etc.,

Overall, Salesforce certificate is your passport to. This will be a high-flying career without any doubt.

Let us now compare the Salesforce CRM with SAP CRM:



Salesforce CRM



User interface

Highly intuitive



Third-party extensibility


Performs well in SAP ecosystem



In the cloud

Both cloud & on-premise


Industry-specific versions

Customization is time-consuming

Industry-specific versions for over a dozen industries

As we all know, Salesforce is one of the top certificates. This will provide you with a whole host of skills. It is the most global CRM tool. Salesforce offers certificates for the following candidates. They are,

  • Developers.
  • Architects.
  • Admins.
  • Designers.
  • Project managers. 
  • Marketing experts.
  • Sales experts.
  1. It gives added weightage to your resume.
  2. You can get certified within a short duration of time.
  3. You can clear just one or multiple certificates.

When you take the Salesforce certificate you do it online. Once you have cleared the Salesforce certificate, you can get the validation online. So, this is your way of getting assured. The Salesforce certificate that you have is a valid one.

Why has Salesforce taken the center stage in the CRM domain?


Unlike other CRM software or CRM solution providers the following. They are,

  • Salesforce is easy to use. Also, it is much more intuitive. Thanks to its developers, Salesforce is a no-code platform. It has become the face of the CRM industry. This will be in almost every industry across the globe.
  • It facilitates both multiple integration & the functionalities. It provides the basic service. This is needed to allow easy data collaboration. It will be between the following. They are,
    • Multiple departments.
    • Centralized customer information.
    • An array of reports.
    • The ability to run on any browser.
    • Tablet.
    • Desktop.
    • Mobile device. 

It provides the facet of the reliable data security as well as the protection. Ensuring that the sensitive information will not lose or compromised.

  • Salesforce can provide the employees with the resources. Which they need to maximize the efficiency as well as the productiveness.
  • The Salesforce offers the educative, informative blogs as well as article posts. It will routinely conduct an educative webinar. Also, it will host its own channel in the YouTube. This will cover a full spectrum of the topics. It will cover all the topic which related to the CRM. Moreover, it will publish an exhaustive web accessible. This will be a user guide. Even the novice users can get a hold of the Salesforce interface.
  • Salesforce marketplace, AppExchange is an online store. This will equip users with easy to the following. They are,
    • Access.
    • Downloadable.
    • Installable apps.

There apps are related to big industry players. This will be like LinkedIn and Microsoft Outlook. It is to enable their full integration with Salesforce. The AppExchange gives users tools. That are apt for connecting with their customers and building deeper relation.

Aren’t all these points quite exciting? If you are an IT enthusiast who wants to build a career around CRMs. Then Salesforce is undoubtedly your holy grail. However, to land up on a high-paying Salesforce job. There is an innate need for you to get certified as a Salesforce expert. Not only will this certification revamp. Your chances of getting recruited but also lay the foundation. This is for a stable and sustainable career in the Salesforce landscape. A certification training will boost confidence. This will be in you and at the same time instill. A desire in you to pursue this career path for a prolonged period.

The top Salesforce certifications:


Following are the best Salesforce certificate. They are,

  • Salesforce Administrator Certification.
  • Salesforce Platform app builder Certification.
  • Salesforce Sales cloud consultant Certification.
  • Salesforce developer Certification.
  • Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification.
  • Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification.
  • Salesforce Service cloud consultant Certification.
  • Salesforce Certified Technical Architect.
  • Salesforce Certified Application Architect.
  • Salesforce Certified System Architect.

Let us now classify the certifications based on the roles. They are,


  • Salesforce Administrator Certification.
  • Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification.



  • Salesforce Platform app builder Certification.
  • Salesforce developer Certification.
  • Salesforce Platform developer 1 Certification.


  • Salesforce Sales cloud consultant Certification.
  • Salesforce Service cloud consultant Certification.


  • Salesforce Certified Technical Architect.
  • Salesforce Certified Application Architect.
  • Salesforce Certified System Architect.

Let us now explore each of these certifications:

One of the important things about Salesforce is as follows. They are,

  • There are associate and professional level certifications.
  • No hierarchies or tiers. 

But Salesforce just focuses on the various job roles available. There are certifications based on these roles.

Unlike other programs, you won’t find certification tiers or hierarchies. Such as associate, professional or expert, within the Salesforce certification portfolio. Instead, Salesforce certifications focus on various job roles. Also, tracks and common among Salesforce professionals.

Salesforce Architect Certifications:

The Salesforce architect certifications have completely revamped. This is in order to make it more in line with the needs of the customers. 

  • Salesforce Certified Technical Architect.
  • Salesforce Certified Application Architect.
  • Salesforce Certified System Architect.
  • Salesforce Certified Data Architecture and Management Designer.
  • Salesforce Certified Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer.
  • Salesforce Certified Identity and Access Management Designer.
  • Salesforce Certified Integration Architecture Designer.
  • Salesforce Certified Mobile Solutions Architecture Designer.
  • Salesforce Certified Sharing and Visibility Designer.

This Salesforce architect certification comprises of three tiers. They are as follows.

  • Architecture Designers.
  • Domain Architects.
  • Technical Architect.

The architect designing certifications help you in your career to go next. This is by giving you an expertise in specific design validation. The domain architect certification from Salesforce includes the following. They are,

  • The certified system architects.
  • The certified application architects.

This will help you to gauge your skills in the Salesforce platform. It has a multiple connected specialty. The domain architect certification is given to a person. When they meet the specific requirements. There will be a set of four specialization certifications.

Salesforce Certified Technical Architect certification is one of the most important certifications. This is also the best certification. Especially in the category of the architect. This certification will be your testimony. It is the fact that you can implement the custom designs on the platform. This top certification can earn by first. This is possible by getting both the domain Architect certifications. In order to clear this certification. First you will deal with a hypothetical situation. This will be in the detailed customer requirements given. Also, you must recommend an architecture design. So, in order to move to the next task. You must clear the previous task successfully.

 Since, this is an architect level certification. You will undergo with the test. This will be at three different levels of expertise. They are,

  • The architecture levels.
  • The technical levels.
  • The domain levels.

The architect level certification has many levels. You must prove your skills in the various domains. This will be in order to get the certification. When it comes to the domain level. You must need to have the knowledge of native the Salesforce functionality. Also, you must need to have the knowledge of the Salesforce features. The apex level Salesforce Technical Architect certification has an exorbitant fee. They may be of $6,000.

Salesforce Consultant Certifications:

There are many certifications for the Salesforce consultant roles. These certifications are for those who have a customer-facing role. Who can do the design as well as implement the solutions? This will be in their area of expertise. So here we will discuss the top Salesforce consultant certifications.

Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant: 

This is a person who will be designing the Sales Cloud solutions. Also, for who as well as the implementing of the Sales Cloud Solutions. This will include the interface and the apps design. Also, the management as well as the analytics design.

Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant:

This is the certification that identifies your ability. This is to the design solutions. Especially for contact centers. Also, analytic solutions for the metrics tracking.

Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant:

This is the certification for professionals. Who wants to design, deploy as well as to manage Pardot solutions. Also, for those who do the business requirements review.

Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant:

This certification validates your skills. This will be in configuring as well as implementing the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Also, to troubleshoot the issues that might occur.

Salesforce Certified Community Cloud Consultant:

This is the person who implements the Salesforce Communities apps. Also, assists the customers for the following. They are,

  • Configuring.
  • Managing.
  • Troubleshooting the platform.

Salesforce Developer Certifications:

Salesforce App Builder certification: 

There is a single certification for the Salesforce app developer. This is the Salesforce App Builder certification. This certification is your validation of the building of apps. You will also know build, design, implement and modify the apps.

This Salesforce certification tests your knowledge of the following. They are,

  • Designing.
  • Building.
  • Implementing of the Salesforce custom apps. 

If you must clear this certification.  Then you need to know a little bit of coding. Also, you must need some administration skills. Also, a prerequisite you should be knowing. This will be about the Salesforce function customization. Also, the Salesforce declarative development.

Details of the Salesforce Developer exam:

  • Total duration of the exam: 90 minutes.
  • Number of questions: 60.
  • Types of questions asked: objective type.
  • Passing marks required: 65%
  • Fees: $200.

Skills that will be validated through the Salesforce Developer certification:

  • You should be able to design the dashboards and reports.
  • Understand business logic and data models.
  • You should be able to design user interface.
  • Customizing and deploying the application.

Salesforce Administrator Certifications:

Within the Salesforce administration there are two certifications. They are,

  • The Salesforce Certified Administrator.
  • The Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator. 
  • The task of the admin is as follows. They are,
  • To manage the dashboard.
  • Build the reports.
  • Security.
  • Workflow.
  • Users.
  • Data.
  • Maintenance of Salesforce apps and more. 

The advanced admin needs the basic admin as the prerequisite. Also, it builds on top of it. The advanced admin will have in-depth knowledge of the following. They are,

  • Salesforce apps.
  • Extensive experience in Salesforce.
  • The ability to leverage the Salesforce features. This is for the reason of the highest productivity.

For those who want to get into the admin domain. Or who are already in the admin domain. Then it would be easy to go for the Salesforce administration certification. There are two levels of Salesforce administration. They are,

  • The Salesforce Certified Administrator.
  • The Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator.

Details of the Salesforce Administration exam:

  • Total duration: 90 minutes.
  • Number of questions: 60.
  • Type of questions: Objective type.
  • Fees for the examination: $200.
  • Pass mark: At least 65%.

Skills that will be validated through the Salesforce Administration exam:

  • Managing the Salesforce users and security.
  • Build dashboards, workflow and reports.
  • Maintaining the Sales and Service cloud.
  • Customizing the tool as per organizational need.

Once you have passed the Salesforce administrator certification. Then you are eligible to take the Salesforce Advanced Administrator certification exam.

Salesforce Advanced Administration exam details:

  • Total duration: 90 minutes.
  • Number of questions: 63.
  • Type of questions: Objective type.
  • Fees for the examination: $200.
  • Pass mark: At least 65%.

Skills validated through Salesforce Advanced Administration exam:

  • Optimization of the Salesforce platform.
  • Extending Sales and Service cloud.
  • Designing advanced reports and dashboards.

How to verify your Salesforce Certification?

Once you have cleared your Salesforce exam and you got certified by Salesforce. Then you will get a confirmation email. All you must do is login into your account. Then you will receive a link. That link will have your certification. This way you can verify your Salesforce certification.

How to choose the right Salesforce certification?

The Salesforce has a huge number of certifications. You must know what are the certifications that you have interest. It could be one certification or multiple certifications. All this depends on your background. Also, it based on your interests and the effort that would want to put. It also based on the career that want to have and the salary you expect. Also, it will depend on the growth and all those things matter. 

There are field experts who are having multiple certifications. This increases their market. Since Salesforce is a top domain and complete ecosystem within itself. You must do very well for yourself if you are having more than one certificate. This means that take on more than one role or be in a manager role.  Also, you may be able to check other people. How they are working right or not.

What is the career you can expect once you clear the Salesforce certifications?

Majority of the Fortune 500 companies uses Salesforce. Salesforce has nearly 20% of the global CRM market. It is good to see that the number of jobs within Salesforce are extremely large. So, if you want to be a developer, administrator, architect or a consultant. Then Salesforce can offer you all that and more. The salaries for Salesforce experts are among the best in the industry. So, there is never a shortage of good jobs. Also, the growth opening that Salesforce offers is also extremely promising.


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In the software development sector, Corporate Training is essential. It ensures that software professionals have the skills, knowledge, and tools they need to thrive in a continuously changing technological context. Staying up to date is critical with the rapid appearance of new programming languages, frameworks, and methods. Corporate training allows software experts to learn and master these advances, allowing them to create high-quality and innovative solutions. Furthermore, corporate training develops a culture of continual learning within organisations, which leads to increased employee engagement and retention. It also encourages collaboration and effective communication within software development teams, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency. Companies can stay ahead of the competition, recruit top people, and assure the successful delivery of software by investing in corporate training.

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