How to Download and Setup Uipath in Windows

What is Uipath ?

UiPath has become the well-known Robotic Process Automation tool that’s used for windows desktop automation. This tool is easy to utilize and the very best component is a drag and drop features for perfroming and executing the activities.

Why UiPath?

There is lots of tools accessible in robotic Process Automation nevertheless the UiPath is in top Position from all of the tools. Based on the Forrester survey UiPath could be the leader in top 10 RPA tools.

Top features of UiPath is normally listed below

  • Hosting Options
  • Application compatibility
  • Security measures
  • Advanced Screen Scraping solution
  • Scalability and Robustness

Similar to the Automation Software UI path is not a freeware.But plus aspect to UI path is they provide community edition which is totally featured, extensible to make use of in academia,nonprofits and smaller sized businesses with an annual turnover of considerably significantly less than $1 million and can carry out for an person to comprehend and get accustomed with the device.

Download Uipath Communiy Edition here or Train with us where we provide free installation and advanced Uipath Course for Upskilling your Career in Automation.

Who may install UiPath community edition?

This tool is free for individual programmers, open source projects, academic research, education and small professional teams. That is a most suitable choice to explore the tool before you can actually choose the license. The majority of the times it is great to evaluate an instrument and carry out some POCs and find if it is worthy of for your organisation.

How exactly to set up Uipath In Windows

Offer your points and register to obtain a link free of charge download of UiPath community edition

Verify your email inbox and open up the e-mail from UiPath organisation on some occasions mail could b} in promotions particularly if you are employing gmail

Go through the below download link for community edition

After the download is complete, go through the exe file to begin the installation.

Follow through the easy UI displays and you may landed on a display screen where you will need to activate your free of charge license for community edition

Are you Interested In Joining ?

Attend a Free Demo Session with a sip of Coffee.

Select “Activate community edition” and enter the e-mail address which you have provided during registration process

Select “Activate” button, please be sure you are linked to internet when activating


You have finally successfully installed UiPath community edition, explore the newly installed tool and see what you can do.

February 4, 2020
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