What is Python and its Features ?

Python is a robust high-level object-oriented program writing language .An excellent language for beginners due to its readability and various other structural elements made to make it simple to understand, Python isn’t limited by basic usage.

Actually, it powers a few of the world’s most complicated applications and website. First created in the late 80s by Guido van Rossum,Python happens to be in its third edition,Python is normally in its third version currently, released in 2008, although the second version originally released in 2000 is still in common usage.



What are the Benefits of Python Programming Language


Simple Language:


Coding in #Python is simple. A end user with the non-coding history can certainly learn this vocabulary if they have the nice logical skill as python make use of basic vocabulary for coding.


Free and Open Resource :


Python is a freeware and open source software program so it could be easily downloaded and used.Python is a open up and freeware source software program so it could be easily downloaded and used. It doesn’t need any activation essential or subscription to focus on it.


Portability :


Python can work any operating-system. Also, people utilize the python code written using one system onto another program without making any adjustments to the code.People utilize the python code written using one program onto another operational program without making any changes to the code.


Extensible and Embeddable:


This feature is provided to an individual concerning extend python from its initial state.


The Extensible Software would support the plug ins that combine additional functionality to the scheduled task


High-level Interpreted Language:


In this feature the code which execute instruction straight and freely without previously compiling an application into machine vocabulary instructions


Object Oriented :


Python is object-oriented so that it is organized about objects instead of “actions” and data instead of logic.


Features of Python


  • Python is easy and portable
  • Python can be an interpreted language.Interpreter executes the code series by line at the same time.This makes debugging easy and therefore ideal for beginners.
  • Python is free of charge and open source.
  • Python can work equally on different systems such as Windows equally Linux, Unix, Mac etc, hence additionally it is called cross-platform language
  • Python provides interfaces all or any major commercial databases.
  • GUI Applications can be created and ported to different system calls with Python
  • Python works with functional and structured development methods in addition to OOP
  • Python provides very high-level dynamic data types and works with dynamic type checking.
  • Garbage Collection Automation was Supported by Python
  • Cross Platform Languages Integration is easily possible with Python

Where to start learning Python ?


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