Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Python

Several years back java was booming and python was zero where but suddenly in 2016 Python surely got to the first placement and since that time it never looked back again. It’s growing and growing bigger daily. The reason is not really why python is 1 that c++ or java are declining, we are discussing reasons shortly. The rise of Python is normally reported by big Communities like StackOverflow and Codecademy and getting larger.

Let you know a very important factor that I am a java programmer and lover and I am still using java for my google android development but I am wanting to learn new technology and desire to be updated. In case you are a Java developer that can be done that with Groovy as well but Groovy doesn’t provide you what Python in terms of with regards to its wide reach in APIs, libraries, frameworks, and domains like Data Science, Machine learning, and Internet Development.

Why Programmers Should Learn Python in 2019?

If you’re considering learning Python but have no idea why you should, listed below are 10 explanations why learning Python in 2018 is effective. However, the questions rely on who asks that i.e. Learning Python is practical to a newbie because simplicity is a major reason to learn Python.

Similarly, learning Python is practical for a skilled programmer who’s looking for data science and machine learning since it is quickly becoming the most used programming language and |now there are highly effective APIs and libraries designed for AI, data science and machine learning. In any full case, listed below are my ten known reasons for learning Python in 2018 without further delay:

Data Science

That’s the one most important reason many programmers learn Python in 2018. I understand many of my close friends who get uninterested in their Java programming careers in investment banks are learning Python on Udemy to produce a profession in data science due to their exciting function and high salaries.

But, what makes Python a favored language for Data Science and Machine Learning. Didn’t R was regarded best for that lately? Well, I believe the libraries and framework Python offers e.g: The libraries are believed by me and framework Python offers e.g: PyBrain, PyMySQL, and numpy on AI, DataScience, and Machine learning are among that reason.

If you are thinking about learning to be a Data Scientist in 2018 and looking for ideas, I recommend you check out Data Science, Deep Learning, & Machine Learning with Python training course on Hope Tutors. I’ve purchased this program and it’s among the awesome resources. You can obtain it in under $10 sometimes.

If you want to understand Data Science learn the Data Science Course.

Machine Learning

That’s also why programmers learn Python in 2018. The development of machine learning provides been phenomenal within the last couple of years and everything all around us is normally changing quickly. Algorithms become sophisticated daily, Google’s search algorithms will be the best example, that may now respond to everything you expect now. Chatbots can be found to answer your queries and Uber is totally driven by algorithms.

If you want to understand machine learning, do a pet project or simply play. Python may be the only major program writing language that makes it easy. Although machine learning libraries be found in Java, you will see more content material around Python since the developer community prefers Python even more about data science and machine learning than other things.

Web Development

The reason behind learning Python is classic development. It offers many exceptional libraries and frameworks for example. Django and Flask make web advancement so easy. The job that will take hours in PHP can be achieved in Python in a few minutes. Python can be heavily used for internet scrapping. A few of the Internet’s well-known websites such as for example Reddit are designed with Python.

Learn the advanced Python Course if you want to understand web development with Python.


You will need a community to understand new technology and close friends are your greatest asset in learning a language of programming. You frequently get trapped with one issue or another and that point you should help. You frequently get stuck with one issue or another and that best time you should help. Thanks to Google, you can look for a solution to any problem associated with Python in minutes. Communities such as StackOverflow bring together many Python professionals to help new entrants.


Its the easiest language it’s very near to English that makes it simple to learn, code and develop with. This is actually the biggest reason behind learning Python. You do not want to begin with a program writing language that has challenging syntax and strange guidelines when you begin programming and coding first. Python is simple and readable. It is also simpler to set up, you don’t need to deal with classpath complications such as for example Java or C++ compiler problems.

Frameworks and Libraries

Among the similarities between Python and Java may be the sheer amount of open source libraries, frameworks, and modules. It creates the development of applications quite simple. It makes the advancement of applications easy really. Simply imagine creating a web program in Java or Django and Python without Spring. It makes your task easy because you will need only focus on business logic.

Python actually has among the best machine learning and data science libraries such as TensorFlow, Scikit-Learn, Keras, Pandas and more. If you would like to find out more about Python machine learning libraries, I |recommend you join my favorite course in Python for data science and machine learning.


One thing that I love about Python may be the nature of the Swiss army knife. It isn’t tied to a very important factor, for instance. R which is wonderful for data science and machine learning, but where web advancement can be involved. Learning Python means a lot of things you can perform. You can create your web applications using Django and Flask, NumPy, Scipy, Scikit-Learn, and NLTK can analyze the info. At the minimum, you can compose scripts using Python to automate a lot of your entire day – to – day work.


When I first learned all about Python first, it was due to my script requirements. I worked with an application that receives UDP text messages, and there is a problem that people did n’t see text messages in the log. I wanted to check on whether we receive UDP visitors on that container and port, and box, but I couldn’t look for a convenient UNIX order to do that.

Obviously, I was impressed by enough time it took him to create such a tool, but it just emphasizes Python’s power with regards to writing scripts, automation, and tools. If you wish to learn how much Python supports automation, the best place may be the Automate bouncing stuff with Python’s book.


Python grows really fast and fast and it all makes a whole lot of sense to understand a growing programming language. if you start your programming career just now, It only can help you get yourself a job quickly, it also boosts your career.|it speeds up your job also. For beginners, this will be the most crucial reason to understand Python after simplicity.


Python developers are probably the most well-paid developers in data science, in particular. They also pay perfectly on average which range from USD 70,000 to USD 150,000 based on their experience, field, and location. If you are thinking about learning even more about high – paying careers in technology, I recommend that I check my prior post for Trending IT Courses in software engineering in 2019.

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