SEO Interview Questions and Answers

1.What is mean by SEO?

SEO’s expansion is Search Engine Optimizations. SEO is the process of keeping the change position of the web pages or websites in the search engines. This could be resulted by using the keywords / phrases.


2.Can you list 2 types of the SEO?

Following are the two types of SEO. They are,

  • On Page Optimization.
  • Off Page Optimization.


3. Can you list the tools used in SEO?

Following are the tools that we use in SEO. They are,

  • Keyword Planners.
  • Google analytic.
  • open site explorers.
  • Google Webmasters.
  • Alexa.


4.What is mean by Cross linking & the functions of the Cross linking?


  • Cross-linking uses to refer process. This process will link a site with another sites.
  • This provides users with the reference sites. It contains the contents which are related with the searches.
  • The two websites which are cross-linking do not own by same individuals.
  • In other terms, we can say that cross-linking as the barter where I can link with you and you can link with me.
  • It could be the two-way links or three-way links. In two-way links site A will link to the site B & site B will link to the site A. In the three-way links, site A will link to the site B, in same way B will link to C & C will link to A.


5.What do you think as the important purpose of the keywords in the SEO?

We can say keywords as single word. With the combination of these keywords we can make phrases. The keywords / phrases are generally used by search engines. This is to populate each subject through the internet. The Search engine will store the keywords in DB. Once search is complete, it comes with the good possible matches.


6.Can you tell me functions of the body contents relevance?

The text which do not contain images in the web pages. This refers as the body contents relevance / non-images text. This will help in the best optimizations of the site. This will improve the ranking in search engines.


7.Can you list me the type of the Meta Tags in the SEO & characters limits of them?

We have four types of Meta tags. They are as follows.

  • Meta Description tag with 1200 pixels limits
  • Meta Keyword tag
  • Title Tag with 600 pixels limits
  • Meta Robots


8. Can you list me few Black Hat SEO techniques?

Following are few black hat SEO techniques. They are,

  • Hidden texts
  • Link Farming
  • Gateway / Doorway pages
  • Cloaking
  • Keywords Stuffing, etc.


9. What do you say if nothing displayed while we do the search with the domain?

When we search on our domain & if nothing displayed then, we have 3 possibilities. They are,

  • Site may be banned by the search engine.
  • May be site have no indexes by the search engine.
  • Few canonical issues.


10. Explain about Cloaking?

It is deceptive way to optimize the website for the searches. In this, the different contents can show the search engines crawlers. This will be then what we present to end user.


11. Can you tell me about the character limit in the Meta Descriptions tags?

We can able to add seventy characters to the title tag & two hundred and twenty-two characters in the Meta Descriptions tags. The google also now place the limit for pixels.


12. Explain the Google Sandbox?

It is imaginary areas. New websites & search ratings are kept hold. This is until they proved to be worthy for such rankings. In other terms, it will check standards of such website.


13. Explain the Black Hats SEO?

This is to get high rankings in the search engines result pages, the website goes for many of the methods & techniques. These are characterized as 2 categories. First method which accepts by the search engines guideline is called as the White Hats SEO. The next method is not accepted by the search engines guideline is called as the Black Hats SEO.


14. Can you list the difference with the PR & SERP?

Page ranks will be calculated based on the quality which inbounds the link from the other websites / webpage to our webpages / websites.

SERP is placements of the websites / webpages. This will return by search engines after the search queries / attributes.


15. What will you tell about the significance, creating the content / building the backlinks?

Both of them are said as necessary. Creating the quality contents are equally important for building the backlinks. Even the building backlinks which are very useful for building the authorities. This is to the site & for the rankings. The quality of the contents is the 1st element. This is responsible for the rankings.


16. Differentiate the SEO & SEM?

SEM stands for the Search Engines Marketing. SERM is used to promote the websites via paid advertisements. This is achieved by increasing visibility in the SERP in Ads sections. While SEO optimize the site for increasing the organic rankings of the site.


17. What will you do if SEO methods / technique doesn’t work?

My 1st attempt is I will try to analyze the problem. Then I will try to resolve them.

  • First, I will try for seeing whether this is new project. Then will re-check with key words.
  • Then, I will look for the relevant keyword which is very helpful.
  • Even the webpages & websites have indexed & still not appeared on the top 10 pages of the search engines result pages. Then I will make few changes in the page texts, titles & description.
  • If websites are not indexed / dropped from indexing, then this may comprise the serious issue & rework may require.


18. Explain PPC?

It stands for the Pay Per Clicks. It is advertisements campaigns hosted by the Google. This is segment into 2 modules of CPC. CPC & CPM via flat rates & biddings respectively. In the CPC, if user click the advert, after that only advertiser will charge.


19. Can you tell me about 301 redirect?

This is the method which the users are redirected to the new pages urls to old pages urls. This will be the permanent redirect. Also, this is useful in the directing these link juices to the new urls from the old urls.


20. What is mean by Webmasters tool?

This is the service which provided by the Google. We can simply say this from where we can get the backlinks information, search queries, crawl errors Indexing the data, CTRs etc.


21. Can you tell me what is the keywords density & the formulas for founding the keywords density?

From the SEO points of view, the keywords density helps for standing out the contents from other. Formulas to know these keywords density is multiply by 100. This is achieved by the total numbers of the keywords/ total numbers of the words in the article.


22. Explain about the robots.txt?

This is text file. Through these files, it will give instruction to the search engines crawler. The information is about indexing & caching of webpages, files of websites / directory, domains.


23. Can you tell me how will you optimize your websites which has pages in millions?

From SEO views, for the dynamic websites, additional SEO stuff must be implemented. They are as follows.

  • Best Internal link structures.
  • Generation of the dynamic titles & descriptions.
  • Dynamical XML sitemap generations.


24. Can you tell me the new updates in SEO?

Following are the new updates in SEO. They are,

  • Panda.
  • Penguin.


25. Can you tell me about neutralizing the toxic links to the site?

Through the Backlinks Quality Checker we can understand about who will link with our websites. Now, we must go to a Toxic link report. There we can find all links. It may be harmful to our website. If any links is there in the Toxic link report which matches with the links on our website, then we should remove it. This is possible by using Google Disavov tool.

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