RPA Interview Questions – 5

 RPA Interview Questions – 5

  1. What is full form of VBO?
  2. What is the extension of the VBO?
  3. How to export or import VBO?
  4. How to create VBO?
  5. How to call VBO in process studio?
  6. Can we call multiple VBO in process studio?
  7. Can we call VBO in object studio?
  8. How call VBO in object studio?
  9. How many VBO can be called in object studio?
  10. Can we export or Import VBO?
  11. How many types of VBO are available?
  12. How to implement error handling in VBO?
  13. What is internal business object?
  14. Can we export or import internal business object?
  15. What is User defined VBO?
  16. Can we upload VBO to control room?
  17. What is action in VBO? Is it possible to use Code Stage in VBO?
  18. What is the default template of VBO?
  19. What happened when you publish an object?
  20. Can we publish object studio directly to control room?
  21. Is it possible to call Code Stage in process studio?
  22. How many types of VBO does blue prism provide?

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September 24, 2019
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