RPA Interview Questions – 2

1.How can you connect to the database?

2.What the extension for the database?

3.What are the main commands we use to work with OCR?

4.How can you display second highest salary person details based on the id using 2 tables?

5.Explain about the terminal emulator?

6.What are the challenges u have faced while developing RPA?

7.How can you encrypt the Data?

8.What are the commands we can perform in object cloning?

9.What’s your current project and explain about it?

10.What are the lists of tools for robotic process Automation?

11.What is special about RPA tools?

12.Can you draw calculation, Decision, Page, Action symbols?

13.Can you explain how can you open a login page?

14.What are the commands you are using for login page?

15.Can you explain work queues?

16.Can you draw block, exception, recovery, resume symbols?

17.Can you draw anchor tag?

18.How can you create work queues?

19.Can you explain how action tag can be used?

20.Difference between IR and IF? What is the use of IR?

RPA Interview Questions – 3

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March 14, 2023
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