Python Interview Questions and Answers

Python Interview Questions and Answers

Question 1
What is a Python module?
A Python script that generally consists of functions, classes, import statements and variable definition is a Python module. This module allows us to logically organize the Python code.

Answer : With the aid of PyChecker we can sort out the bugs as it identifies and exposes bugs that are related to complexity. And with another tool namely Pylint which checks against the coding standard, it becomes simple to perform static analysis.

Answer :
Python uses private pile to preserve its memory. And that stack of the pile is holding the data structures and the Python objects. Python language engages a built-in garbage collector which reclaims all the remaining memory.

Answer : Flask is Python’s web micro framework. In effect, Flask has limited or zero dependencies on external libraries. When there are fewer security bugs there is no dependency Flask makes the framework light and usable.

Answer :For building large applications Pyramid is used. It is known for its flexibility and allows the developers to use various tools they need – whether it is URL structure, database or the style of the template. Whereas Django uses Object-relational Mapping (ORM).

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