Microsoft Azure Interview Questions and Answers

Microsoft Azure Interview Questions – Updated 2019

Question 1

Imagine you have finished developing an ASP.NET MVC application, protected with SSL. The application is ready to be deployed for production. Installed SSL certificate must be included in the deployment package. The deployment package needs to be configured to satisfy the conditions. How would you go about it?

A digital library needs to be developed on a shared server, which supports various ASP.NET MVC web-based applications. This library will help in the application of security algorithms. On the discovery of a problem in any of the security algorithms, a brand-new version of the digital library needs to be developed and deployed. Application downtime needs to be lessened while the update is taking place. All the applications must utilize the new version with immediate effect. What can be done?

Answer The security assembly needs to be installed in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC). This assembly needs to be updated in the GAC whenever an update is required.

An ASP.NET MVC application is under development which reads and writes data from a SQL server database. The application must be blocked from reading data, locked by other transactions. Exclusive range locks also need to be prevented. Mention the isolation level which should be utilized.

Answer : ReadCommitted

There is an ASP.NET web application that functions in a cloud service. A new and updated version of the application is ready to be deployed. This new version has new SSL certificates and various code alterations. The application is made up of i) web role – 6 instances and ii) worker role – 4 instances. The application is optimized to perform at or near full capacity. The default number of upgrade domains and fault domains are being used by the cloud provider. The new version of the application needs to be released.
At the time of deployment, there should be no deterioration in the capacity and performance of web roles, while temporary deterioration of the worker roles is tolerated. The updated ASP.NET application must be deployed within a span of 6 hours to the cloud service. Which two approaches do you think will work in this scenario?

Answer : The new version of the application needs to be deployed by utilizing an in-place update. Upgrade domains need to be used to make sure that the capacity, at the time of upgrading, is ample. The staging slot for the cloud services is where the new application should be We can swap Virtual IP (VIP) addresses to help activate the new version

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An existing project is being migrated to Azure. The project consists of a database module and a user interface module. Numerous Virtual Machines (VMs) help run the user interface module. A website in the user interface module was developed by using Node.JS. In the same module, background processes are developed using Python. This background process is running as a scheduled job. A self-hosted MySQL database is being utilized by the database module and the user interface module is updated periodically. Up to 25 CPU cores are required for the user interface module.

In case updates to the website result in technical difficulties, you should be able to go back to an earlier version. Up to 50 GB of memory is required for the database. The database is running using a single VM. The solution needs to be deployed to Azure. What is your next step?

Answer : The entire solution needs to be deployed to an Azure website. Azure data management services must be used to run the database.

You are using an Azure blob to store data. The data accumulation rate per day is 0.10 GB. Application of storage analytics data is vital to check whether the Service Level Agreement (SLA) has been adhered to, in addition to analyzing the performance of VHD’s (Virtual Hard Disk) which include usage patterns. When analytics data is more than 100 days old or when the entire data crosses 10 GB, it must be deleted. We require you to set up storage analytics and the storage analytics data must be accessed. State two ways in which this target is achieved.

Answer : We need to access analytics data using the API’s (Application Program Interface) which were used to read table and blob data.
A data retention framework of 100 days must be configured.

Imagine you are developing a web application which uses Azure Table Service. The application you develop is going to store entities in the format of XML Data inside a single table. It should support High traffic throughput. You should not exceed the throttle limit for the table. Take two approaches.

Answer : i) Batch transactions for those entities which appear within the same partition group in the table.
ii) JSON format must be used to store entities.

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You are the architect of a web application. Data that is stored in an Azure SQL Database, is used by this application. You are responsible for reverting the application to the form in which it had existed on any day in the previous 35 days. Your task is to choose a backup solution. What would you do?

Answer : Microsoft Azure SQL Database Point in Time Restore solution must be used.

A web application uses table storage in Azure. You create a storage account titled Contoso, that stores a table called CityPopulationData. This table is where all the entities are stored. Your work is to query the table data using OData. Which URL will work?

Your task is to develop a Rest API service that furnishes data about various products. An Azure virtual machine (VM) will host the service. Use Azure tables to store the product data. You need to replicate the product data to various locations around the world. You must ensure that API calls, that use the HTTP GET operation, function properly. It should work even when there is no access to the data tables at the primary Azure data center. Your task is to configure storage for the service. Which type of replication will you use?

Answer : Read Access Geo Redundant Storage replication.

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An Azure virtual machine (VM) uses a data disk. Your task is to host an application there. The application executes numerous input and output operations per second. Your task is to disable disk caching for the data disk. Take two approaches. Each approach should be a solution in itself.

Answer : i) We have to use the Update Data Disk service management API.
ii) We have to execute the following Windows PowerShell cmdlet: Set AzureDataDisk.

You use table storage in Azure to store data. The storage analytics logs are empty. Your task is to configure the Azure storage account. At the same time, it must retain logs for the longest period of time that Azure allows. How would you go about it in the Azure management portal?

Answer : We need to configure two separate data retention policies for logging and metrics. When both of them are enabled storage analytics will delete table entries and logs which are older than the number of days mentioned. 365 days or a year is the maximum retention period.

A business enterprise is aiming to boost its virtual network capacity. They are going to do so through the addition of virtual network subscriptions. Your task is to boost the number of subscriptions from 4 to 18. You have to configure the virtual networks. What is your next step?

Answer : We have to first export and modify the network configuration file and after that import the modified file.

Imagine you are developing a WCF service. You must create a new service instance for each and every client session. Your task is to select an instancing mode. Which instancing mode is the most applicable here?

Answer : We have to use a PerRequest instancing mode.

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You develop a WCF service. This service will be used to analyze and compare various data sources. This service is consuming a lot of time to finish. The service should be able to meet these requirements.
i) The client must be able to carry on processing while the service is performing.
ii) The WCF service should commence communication with the client application as soon as the processing is over.
Your task is to choose a message pattern to satisfy the above conditions. What is your message pattern of choice?

Answer : We have to choose the Duplex message pattern.

Imagine you are responsible for creating virtual machines (Vms) on Azure. You should be capable of changing the Remote Desktop access settings for the VMs. Likewise, you should also be capable of changing the password for the built-in administrator account on every VM. You are done recognizing the VMAccess VM extensions which are necessary. What do you do next?

Answer : We have to use Windows PowerShell cmdlets to activate the VM Agent and VMAccess and VM extension for each virtual machine (VM), hosted on Azure.

You are going to deploy a stateless ASP.NET application on an Azure website. Meanwhile, you add website instances to scale out the application. Many users have signed in newly. Only these users are routed to the currently added website instances. The users should be divided equally among the entirety of the instances. The load balancer should distribute requests evenly. Your task is to configure the environment to ensure that the load balancer works properly. What is your next step?

Answer : In the web.config file for the application, we have to add the following markup


Local food delivery companies use an application, that you maintain. A customer wants some food to be delivered. Your application circulates a message immediately to all of the delivery companies. A company accepts and executes your request. Your application at present can handle up to a maximum of 100 orders. In contrast, delivery companies can dispatch large orders up to 500 products. Your task is to customize the application so that it supports any volume of orders. The message for bulk orders must be circulated only to the companies capable of handling them. Messages concerning small orders should reach all the companies. What service do you choose?

Answer : Azure Service Bus Topics – The way to go about it is to create multiple topics. In that way, we can have one topic for the large orders and one topic for the small ones.Delivery companies that can execute the large orders, will obtain the messages from the matching queue.

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Terabytes of content are stored in page blobs. You are looking after an application that employs the Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) to deliver this content. The expenses you incur for CDN services are more than what you had expected. You need to figure out why the costs are increasing. State two operations that you can use to monitor the application.

Answer : i) We have to monitor the requests which cause an HTTP status code to cross 400.
ii) We have to also monitor the allocated size of page blobs.

You develop a software as a service (SaaS) application. Virtual Machines (VMs), cloud services and websites analyze and read normal data values for the application from the database. The application is not able to scale accurately. All the websites, cloud services and the VMs must use the same data source to read the data. Your task is to device a cache solution for the application. What is your next step?

Answer : We have to deploy a cache using Azure Redis Cache. After deploying we have to access it from the VMs, websites and, cloud services.

Imagine you are developing an ASP.NET MVC application. Only administrators with elevated privileges can deploy the MVC application to remote servers. They have no access to Visual Studio 2012. Your task is to choose a deployment tool and deploy it to remote servers for testing. Which tool would you choose?

Answer : Web Deployment Package

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