DevOps Interview Questions

Question 1
What is the scope of DevOps?
As per the current market scenario, the vacancies of DevOps engineers are always increasing day by day. DevOps teams always try to automate everything. Nowadays, all the companies are willing to recruit DevOps engineers.

In my point of you, the future would be DevOps. In coming days, the huge requirement will come up for DevOps engineers.

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Answer : It’s like a Collaborative role… A Devops engineer should work with Software engineers to deploy and also operate our systems. Also he should work with an operation team. In that Devops team is like a team of Developers and operational persons are working.

Devops engineer should have the capability of handling both the Developer and Operational side.

Answer :Web operations are nothing but it has to deal with website’s daily operation work will be like maintenance and upgrading or degrading the website structure. Along with webops team took care of the system and network activities.

Devops is like understand each other and help with the business to build a new product or resource within the given time and builds out the bug-free products to the organization.

Answer : Devops is all about providing the best product to customers. In Devops you will learn about software development, deployment, automation and configuration. You should have the confidence on your own, then you will achieve anything in the world.

With devops you will learn different types of tools like Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, Docker, Ansible, Github and more. Try to find a best Institute for Devops, also make sure you have attended the demo before taking the course. In my own experience I would suggest Hope tutors training Institute.

Answer :
Devops engineers day to day tasks are,

  • Make sure that Pipeline are running smoothly
  • Work on automation Backlog
  • Dealing with legacy stuff
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Dealing with legacy stuff
  • Self-development and training.
Answer :
For the below purposes, we need Devops,

  • Better Resource Management
  • Reduced human errors
  • Quicker mitigation of software defects
  • Stable operating environment
Answer :The best way to learn Docker and Devops is either by yourself or find a good Institute or find a good Online trainer for you.

When it comes to Institutes I will recommend Hope tutors Training Institutes. They will provide both classroom and online training. Their trainers also well experienced in this field also they would give a project to their candidates and try to help them out when they got stuck into their project. At, Hope tutors Training fees also reasonable. Never miss the demo at Hope tutors, then only you will get a idea of how capable the trainer was, so don’t miss it.

Answer : DevOps, if you are trying to learn DevOps, it is not at all tough. When it comes to implementing in the real-time scenario you might get a tough situation. In the beginning, you might find some difficulties but once you got that experience on your own. Definitely, you will look like a pro in DevOps.

If you have any previous experience as a windows admin, then you will ready for Devops positions. Devops is currently making a big money in an organization because they do both developer and operation side.

Answer : Once you will complete the Devops course, you must need to understand how the error comes, how Devops engineer try to resolve the error… you should try to implement automated Installations and also deployment.

Try to understand basic security for Infrastructure.

Try to understand the concept of Monitoring and logging.

Try to learn various devops tools like Jenkins, Github, Puppets, Nagios and Docker.

Try to Implement Virtualization concepts.

Answer : DevOps, with this new technology you can continuously monitoring, testing, Integration and deployment without any time delay, you can build a product for customers. DevOps is like a hassle-free technology for both development and operation side.

Nowadays many organization are moving to work with Devops tools. So that the huge requirement will come up for this technology. The job opportunities of devops is rapidly increasing day by day.

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December 12, 2019
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