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Blue Prism Technical Interview Questions and Answers

1. Is coding needed for Blue Prism?

Blue Prism’s digital personnel is built, administered and belongs to the customer, which combines both operations and technology thereby sticking to an operating model that encompasses all of the enterprise. So generally the coding process is not necessary and Blue Prism is capable of automating any software.

And the automating process is done in all the facilities where the organizational or administrative work is performed across a company.

2. What are the thin and thick clients and the differences between them?

Thin client is an application whose inherent attributes are unobtainable when looked into with the RPA tools. Citrix and other virtual environments are prime examples.

Whereas thick client is an application whose native attributes are reachable and can be used when searched with the RPA tools. Calculator and Internet Explorer browser are important examples.

3. What about the security and the auditability of Blue Prism?

Security and auditability are intrinsically built into the very design of Blue Prism robotic automation platform at multiple levels. The runtime environment is fully segregated to edit the process.

Allowance to create, edit and run the various processes and business objects are particularly mapped to each authorized customer.

A whole audit of changes to the existing process is held fast and differences of the before / after effect of alterations are given.

The logs generated at run-time for every process offers a fully developed and time-marked history of every activity and decisions made within the automated process.

4. To run Blue Prism’s automation platform, what hardware infrastructure is used?

Blue Prism is primarily developed to provide flexibility and to meet the most sophisticated IT life cycle for IT operational faithfulness, protective nature and the ability to support. The software can be launched either as a front or back office processes and running quite adeptly on a usual desktop in the front office and on any scale of systems for back office processing as well.

5. What is process studio and how does it affects Blue Prism?

A blue prism Process is generally outlined as a sketch plan that looks like a usual business flow chart diagram. Processes are created in the Blue Prism zone called Process Studio which resembles the other process modeling applications and utilizes the standard flow diagram symbols and connotation.

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6. Define session variables.

Session Variables are discrete to the instance of a process. If two instances of the similar process perpetuate at the same time and ratio, they both have the similar session variables and the Session Variables values will be non-identical and disparate.

From the control room we can gaze and alter the session variables.

7. What is a Visual Business Object?

Visual Business Object (VBO) represents the adapter to the user-side interface of a distinct application. To bring it to an end, every Visual Business Object has three major components.

A Connector is a basic library provided by Blue Prism for communicating with a certain sort of application user interface.

An application control interface (ACI) that uses the VBO’s connector to show the components of a particular

application’s user interface.

In one or more pages, each of which deploys all or part of an operation that the VBO can operate on.

8. How a particular action is created and published in Blue Prism?

As the moniker go, actions involve the follow-through of a business object. So every individual action consists of a set of stages along with data modules holding information used by that certain action.

Actions are published, which allows it be called by methods and possibly other software. An action can also abide hidden, and making it available only to other actions in this business object. Whatever way is preferred, the action starts with a Start stage and is done with an End stage, and in between appear whatever stages are needed to carry out the workloads the action performs.

9. How should we select a connector in Blue Prism?

The connector’s work is to tackle low-level interaction with an application’s user interface. Since application interfaces may take a wide variety of technologies, Blue Prism offers a several connector choices.

  • An HTML connector, which permits working with HTML, JavaScript, ActiveX controls, and other common components of a browser interface.
  • A Windows connector, giving access to Windows applications designed using the Dot NET Framework.
  • With the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) library, Visual Basic 6, PowerBuilder, and other Windows-based user interface technologies.
  • A Java connector for working with user interfaces generated by using Swing, Java applets, and Oracle.

10. How to deploy the Blue Prism applications?

Just like many of manual processes, automating process needs to be controlled and tamed. To follow this Blue Prism provides two tools:

  • Control Room
  • System Manager

The purpose of control Room is to let the business analysts to work with Blue Prism processes and tools.

  • Starting and halting the instances of Blue Prism processes. It’s also feasible to do this from the command line and with external software, Control Room is not necessary.
  • Spectating the log brought forth by every Blue Prism process, either during the process is running or after it is finished.
  • Sighting the work queues, inspecting things such as how well the Blue Prism processes have gone into a specific input file and what exceptions have happened.

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