Automation Anywhere Interview Questions

  • Automation Anywhere Types of License:
    • Development – For script creation and execution
    • Run time – Only for execution purpose
  • Image Recognition and Image’s test recognition (OCR):
    • Engine is required for image processing
    • Three engines are in AA
      1. MODI – Microsoft Office Document Imaging (Plugin/package)
      2. TOCR – TRANSYM Optical Character Recognition
      3. TESSERACT – Google’s tool (Default)
    • UI Path:
      1. Google OCR (Optical character Recognition)
      2. MODI
  • How security is implemented in AA:
    • TLS (Transport Layer security) 1.2 – Data in Transit (Movement)
    • AES 256 – System
  • How security will be implemented as Command in AA or Command level security implementation:
    • PGP – Pretty Good Privacy
  • Will load Add-in can be used in excel : Load Add-in will/must not be used for excel. It’s a security violation as it controls the excel sheet for settings change
  • What is the default variable? My list Variables and Prompt Assignments
  • Where prompt file will be stored in variable? Only on List variable
  • What is OCR? Optical character recognition is used to recognize the text from an object
  • What key will be used to insert variable : F2
  • What Symmetric Algorithm will be used for encryption? Triple DES (Digital Encrypted Standard), AES 256, etc. Go to PGP -> Encrypt files -> Symmetric Algorithm to know the details
  • What are the Encoding types in available in Automation anywhere? ANSI, UNICODE, UTF8
September 24, 2019
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