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Blue Prism is undisputedly a trailblazer in setting the stage for the unprecedented process of automating the business process complexities. And Blue Prism has singlehandedly revitalized this innovative technology of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). In that process of educating millions and immersing them into automation, Blue Prism has succeeded and the tools they provide are reputed in the academia.

As Blue Prism Group is noteworthy for their first-rate training, it is even more important to note that they themselves recognize their students with certifying them by letting them taking the tests and thereby be certified with various Blue Prism accreditation. And the task of conducting the tests are taken care of by Pearson VUE, a global network that orchestrate these tests.

And here we are going to explore in detail the following:

  • How to be certified by Blue Prism-authorized test centers
  • what the Pearson VUE test is all about
  • Opening your own Pearson VUE account
  • Applying for the certification examination 

Blue Prism Course Certification Program

In the trail and tradition of Blue Prism automation, our HopeTutors provides scholarly sound and academically recognized Blue Prism training in Chennai. Besides the course training, we endorse our students to take the Blue Prism Certification Course from Pearson VUE, thus ascertaining their place in Blue Prism.

We want you to take a look at these following typical set of Blue Prism tests in your preview.

Exam Code Exam Name Accreditation
AD01 Blue Prism Developer (EN, SP, JP) Developer
APD01 Blue Prism Professional Developer (EN) Professional Developer
ASD01 Designing Blue Prism Process Solutions (EN) Solution Designer
ARA01 Blue Prism ROM Architect (EN) ROM Architect
ATA01 Designing a Blue Prism (Version 5.0) Environment (EN) Technical Architect
ATA02 Designing a Blue Prism (Version 6.0) Environment (EN) Technical Architect
AIE01 Installing and Configuring a Blue Prism (Version 5.0) Environment (EN) Installation Engineer
AIE02 Installing and Configuring a Blue Prism (Version 6.0) Environment (EN) Installation Engineer

The Registration process for Blue Prism Pearson VUE

The registration procedures to attend Pearson VUE tests are expounded here for you to follow. All the formulaic steps are described with the relevant screenshots of the Pearson VUE website so that you may not stumble.

The first step would be to register in Blue Prism through this portal:

blue prism certification examination process

Once the registration is done, you will receive a unique username and a password to your registered E-mail account.

blue prism certification examination

Through the given link you can customize your own username and password.

And then you will be given a new portal ID in your Blue Prism account page:

blue prism certification exam

Only with this portal ID you can create your own Pearson VUE account.

There are 3 steps to be completed before opening your new Pearson VUE account.

  • Signing in
  • Profile Information
  • Create Account

blue prism certification exam process

After through the creation of your new Pearson VUE account, you can see the message intimating of your new account.

Blue Prism certification

Once the account is created, navigate through the website to select your preferred Blue Prism certification and you can schedule the test. The images follows:

blueprism examination process

And choose the test center of your choice.

pearsonvue blueprism

And eventually pay the test fee of 65 USD and you are done!

pearson vue exam

See, all the exam processes are as simple as that. Pearson VUE facilitates and simplifies the process so that you can take your tests in your nearby Pearson VUE test center.

In HopeTutors, we guide you to face the tests with much confidence.

Rise and shine!!

September 1, 2018
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