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Since the time being of the digital era, collaborative ventures between technological trail blazers are championed by the well-wishers of Cloud computing and automation. Coalescing this forces as a whole entity would be an added advantage that is translated into the mega-mind.
In that vein, keeping that in mind, Blue Prism is launching a fully developed and specifically configured the operating system for the new advent of Digital Workforce on cloud platform Microsoft Azure. This joint venture set out to append the capacities of intelligent automation on Microsoft Azure and dispense that functionality across the Microsoft networks.

What differences can this merge make?

Corporations and enterprises can now take up this to their own gain and sway this intelligence-based automation and Microsoft’s artificial intelligence with other aspects like machine learning and analytical tools to drive steer up their the digital transfiguration.

The obvious and makeshift revolution of this merger will result in the optimization of Blue Prism’s platform to run on the Azure cloud. This affiliation will produce unparalleled performance and scalability and propelling the inherent access to the assorted cognitive and artificial intelligence services.

The unbridled power is exemplified and manifesting in the changes it is making in banking domains. Microsoft and Blue Prism, for instance, have lined-up to modernize financial and monetary transactions by using Blockchain, a technological innovation that is trusted across the digital world for its fortress of security.

Money laundering, the main threat to the economy of a nation, which, combined with tax evasion, would result in the collapse of the entire economical foundations. All these fraudulent acts will be uprooted when this advantage takes effect.

These two seemingly incompatible technologies of automation of Blue Prism and Cloud of Microsoft Azure can be harnessed together to serve the everyday activities of banking. Banks and commercial spheres can automate and probe their monetary transactions, meanwhile Azure sets the stage for the machine learning analytics with database flair.

Notwithstanding the interface, we can integrate the benefactions of Blue Prism on the cloud platform with any available system. This combined force has its repercussions all across the pictorial facades of the enterprises. The main thing to observe and the solely important key word here is the integration part of the whole process. The entire business solution hinges on the idea of deploying the digital workforce that finely fuses and consolidated into cognitive solutions.

Scalability is another by-product of this whole business of integration as we are empowered with the access to the automating abilities, thus booming up the digital workforce scenario.

Next to the business side of this digital workforce. This exclusive settings of an operating system has attracted global investments from more than 400 customers from the ends of the world. The more jarring fact is many of these investors are Fortune 500 companies, a globally dominating and financially profitable companies who enjoys the privilege of being listed in Fortune magazine. The variety of services these companies offers ranges from finance, telecommunications, and health to retail business and manufacturing factories. For all these ingenious contributions, Blue Prism is honored by MIT as one of the 50 smartest companies in the world!

Banking and Blue Prism

One of the leading banking institutions of United Arab Emirates (UAE) has decided to work with Blue Prism to hike its yields in its banking processes.

The mentioned bank has opted for Blue Prism, citing Blue Prism’s proficient operational capacities, and the time it takes to process the given tasks. The major components that ensures the success and serve as the honeypot for the customers in a banking environment are efficient banking processes in a short span of time and customer satisfaction. Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce fulfills these requirements by integrating artificial intelligence  tools and automating highly demanding work processes in the said bank corporation.

In its aftermath the bank has reaped its outcome. Now the bank is handling nearly 150,000 safe transactions everyday without an iota of error. Turn Around Time, a method widely practised in large corporations that calculates the beginning and end of a particular business process, has been precisely on 65% of the manual tasks. This is a stunning improvement that is laced with finest accuracy.  The customer base of Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce is comprised of legndary corporations like Boeing, Honda Motors, Sony Pictures, Ericsson, and National Grid.

This particular bank’s monetary profit resulted from adapting Blue Prism’s digital tools is highly contagious around the globe and many other banking corporations are mimicking this technological advancement.


“Industries like banking, insurance and financial services are ripe for the disruption and digital transformation that RPA brings,” says a leading research analyst who studies the impact of robotocally automated processes and how they tend to clutch and modernize the financial and other product-based corporations at the large scale.

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