What is Full Stack Development and how to become a full stack developer ?

What is Full Stack Development? How to become a full stack developer?



Full Stack Developer


When a developer is capable of working with both front-end and back-end applications, he is branded as a Full Stack web developer. Developing an efficient user interface in the front-end and handling server configuration, database interactions, logic, and user authentication in the back-end is the primary goal of a full stack developer.


You have to be familiar with the following key features to set yourself as an accomplished full stack developer.




Nearly every single starting point of becoming a web developer will begin with HTML and CSS since they are the building blocks of the web applications development. By definition, HTML is the precursor to adding basic contents to a website while CSS allows us to design styles to our content. To thoroughly familiarize with HTML and CSS, you need to develop your expertise in the following key aspects of these development platforms.


  • Semantic HTML
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) box model
  • CSS pre-processors
  • Bootstrap





JavaScript is the most acclaimed language in both front-end and back-end development tasks. It is the only language that is capable of running natively in the browser, and can also work up as a server-side language.


For the absolute understanding of JavaScript programming language, full stack training course covers the methods to work with Document Object Model (DOM) and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) formats.


Other important inner workings of event delegation, higher-order functions, and Functional composition are to be learned with quality to attain a full status of a full stack developer.



Knowledge of Back-end languages


There are some indispensable programming languages to develop back-end applications effectively.


  • Node.js is a great choice because Node.js is itself a JavaScript environment. So what’s more we need? So Node.js is probably the best place to start.
  • Python is hailed as it provides some notable additional features as a back-end programming language. There are some important frameworks are available to develop in Python such as Flask and Django.
  • Java and PHP are usually used in back-end web development and it is still a very demanding language to learn.


With these programming languages, you can learn additional concepts like Database and web storage, advantages of relational data like SQL, NoSQL, and MongoDB.





HTTP is an application protocol that allows clients to communicate with servers. For instance, JavaScript code can make an AJAX request to some back-end code that is running on a server. This benefit is achieved with HTTP.



What does a Full Stack developer do?


  • A fully qualified full stack developer is armed with the ability to perform multiple tasks at any given level of a technical stack they are.
  • They work with systems infrastructure to decide the hardware to work with, the operating systems (OS) to install, and prepare the system so as to compatible with all kind of software applications.
  • A full stack developer understands, creates, manipulates, and enquire a database as to its quality and workings.
  • They do manage the Projects and client works like creating technical specifications, collecting the necessary requirements, generating architecture documents, and managing a project timeline.


With all these advantages of being a full stack developer, you got to make the right choice when it comes to learning full stack. So our Hope Tutors provides the finest full stack training in Chennai. All the important tools we have seen above as the necessity to learn full stack is in our syllabus and you are assured of a best training with much efficiency.


You get to learn the entire full stack course practically so that you can understand the key aspects of full stack development thoroughly.


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