Career Prospects of Data Science/Machine Learning in 2020

Data Scientist makes use of statistical methods like Predictive response modeling, mix modeling and more. They also make use of the different optimization techniques which is required to cater to the business needs of clients. Data scientists build and execute various statistics tools which help in developing various predictive models. It supports the clients in demand generation and customer marketing initiatives.


Data Scientist and internal consulting team combine & set objectives and works on different approaches. They work together to offer analytic support and programming to internal consulting. They also offer different statistical procedures by making use of the Microsoft Office and SAAS. Apart from these skills, problem-solving and strong communications also a determining factor in the Data Science field.


What are the Essential training and Skills available in Data Science?

Few standard skills that are required for various data scientist position include


  • Statistics of Data Mining.
  • Knowledge of various databases namely Hadoop, which is one of the SQL platforms.
  • Multi-variable linear Algebra and calculus Software Engineering.
  • Machine Learning Programming Language namely C/C++, Java, Python.

Data Science Vs. Machine Learning

Statistics and Machine Learning are an essential part of Data Science. Machine Learning algorithm is based on different data’s. Apart from that data science also covers distributed architecture, Data visualization, Data Engineering, Automated, data-driven decisions, Data Integration, Automated Machine Learning, BI and Dashboards, Production mode deployment and more.


Use of Machine learning for the Data Science Future

The relationship of data science and machine learning is good; data includes machine learning as a part of their field. Machine language is the machine ability to generalize the data knowledge, and everyone calls the procedure as learning. There is no use of machines without the use of data.


A catalyst is mandatory to push data science to enhance relevance. Machine language in data science is used along with various industries. They consume algorithms needed for the improvement of data science and undoubtedly machine learning and data science combined makes the future.


Data Scientists Salary Range

According to and, following are the data scientists yearly statistics


  • Average Bonus- Rs. 74,994
  • Lowest Salary- Rs. 304,512
  • Lowest Bonus- Rs. 1,922
  • Lowest Profit Sharing- Rs. 0.00
  • Average Salary- Rs. 616, 542
  • Average Profit Sharing- Rs. 50,000
  • Highest Salary- Rs. 1,787,677
  • Highest Bonus- Rs. 199,778
  • Highest Profit Sharing- Rs. 193,916

Data scientists make about Rs. 320,757 to Rs. 1,850,396 yearly.


Some of the designations of Data Scientist includes Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Analytics Manager, Research Analyst, SAS Analyst, Statistical Analyst, and Analytics Consultant.


Future of Data Scientist and Data Science

The upcoming 5 years will have a good scope in the industry if both machine learning and data science reacts. Everyone will make use of the data to drive important decision in the businesses. Skilled statisticians, data scientists, business analysts, SAS analysts will be the important ones to unlock infinite Big Data Possibilities.


Prediction the Future of Data Science Careers

The role of data science is too specialized at present in more companies. Larger team focus to prefer skilled analytics to work together on data science. There is a high demand for Role specialization in the current Data science industry. Most of the companies will hire a data science person with Ph.D.’s, with a good background of computer science and Statistics/Maths.


The blending of data science and predictive analytics also tend to have massive demand in the future as more people have started picking up on their computer science skills. Most of them have started focussing on unstructured and coding data.



Hope you are clear on the prospective role of both data science and machine learning at present and for upcoming days. So ready to start your career on Data Science? If so, prefer a good data science training institute like Hope Tutors in Chennai to become a professional data scientists.


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December 17, 2020
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