Career Prospects of Cloud Computing in 2020

Cloud Computing is the most preferred trend in the current market. It is because cloud computing helps to save money for most of the enterprises. It also adds a greater convenience to the people. Cloud computing is web-based computing in which the services get delivered via the internet.


What is Cloud Computing?

One kind of computing that includes sharing or different computer resources instead of using a dedicated processing device or local server. In short terms, a process of storing repeatedly utilized data on various servers that could be accessed through the internet.


There are different services like storage, servers, applications that are provided via the internet to the computing device of the user. Some best example of cloud includes


Google: Helps users to build calendars and documents for free.

Dropbox: An online storage which offers 2 GB of free storage to the applicants.

What are the skills required to learn Cloud Computing?

There is no eligibility needed to learn the course. It is enough for the candidate to have a background on Computed or IT field.


There are different roles available in cloud computing. It is related to IT systems, application development, networks, web development, management, end-user support, and security development. Each role needs to few skills, and they include.


Business and Finance Skills

Knowledge of Online Marketing Strategies, business case, ROI and other similar financial technologies.


Data Analysis and Integration

Knowledge of Data Mining, Database, and Enterprise Resource Planning.


Technical Skills

Knowledge of Platform as a Service,  basics of cloud computing like OOPS, virtualization technologies, programming languages like C++,.Net, and Java.


Project Management

Knowledge of Service agreement and policies, risk analytics.



Knowledge of Encryption, Security Protocols, Authorization, and Internet Security.


What are the Certifications available for Cloud Computing Certifications?

  • EMC Cloud Infrastructure and Services Certification
  • VMware Cloud Certification.
  • IBM Certified Solution Architect
  • EMC Cloud Architect
  • EMC Virtualized Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure Certification.
  • Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge
  • HP ExpertONE Cloud Certification.

What are the career Prospects of Cloud Computing?

There is a massive demand for cloud computing, and therefore the job opportunities are also increasing. A recent analysis states that international cloud computing will have a rise to $100billion  by 2020. Around 6 lakh job opportunities in India are also expected.


Various roles of cloud computing and their job profiles include

  • Cloud Project Manager
  • Cloud Network Architect/Planner
  • Cloud Sales Executive
  • Cloud Consultant
  • Cloud Systems Administrator
  • Cloud Software Engineer
  • Cloud Business Analyst
  • Cloud Product Manager
  • Cloud Programmer/Developer
  • Cloud Systems Engineer
  • Cloud Network Engineer

Why Cloud Computing?

The foremost reason you should choose cloud computing is


Cost Savings

Eradicates the company requirements to invest in storage servers and hardware.



Provides effective performance to the users. Automatic updating of applications and servers are added benefits.



The other resources work in the case of an issue with the cloud environment.


Business Focus

The company does not have any technical related issues, and other physical backup and storage problems as the services are executed over the internet.



Provides optimal security that secures you against any modifications, unauthorized access, and loss of data.


AWS/Azure/Google Cloud Platform/Open Stack are essential technologies that make use of Cloud Computing. The demand for cloud computing professionals seems to be high when compared to other platforms.


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January 24, 2020
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