Angular vs Vue vs React Career prospects in 2020

Front end development courses are the most demanding ones in the current industry. Before a few years ago, developers preferred to choose Angular or React to their projects. However, currently, a third front end development course Vue.js have seen significant growth and is the most preferred one among the developers. The post will deal about Angular vs. Vue vs. React as well which one among them would be the most suitable option for you.


The History Behind Angular vs. Vue vs. React

Angular was incorporated by Google in 2010 and is the oldest among the three. This is a TypeScript framework and the second version Angular 2. Presently, we have the latest version of Angular 7 that was released in October 2018. Wix and Google use it.


React incorporated by Facebook in 2013. The current version available is 16.X which was released in November 2018. Uber and Facebook use it.


Vue is otherwise knowns as Vue.js. It is is the youngest of all & incorporated by Evan, an ex-Google Employee in 2014. Vue has seen tremendous growth for the past two years. The current version of Vue is version 2.17 which was released in August 2018. GitLab and Alibaba use it.


What is the Job Market of Angular vs. Vue vs. React?

Based on the current marketing trends, both Angular and React have reasonable expectations when compared to Vue. This may get changed as Vue has started seeing huge popularity of the past few years. There is a high chance for the developers to choose Vue for their projects.


Angular vs. Vue vs. React – Development and Community

Vue has a large number of stars, forks, and watchers. It indicates the popularity of Vue among the customers. Regardless, Angular and React possess higher contributions and commits. One advantage is that Vue is entirely an open source community. Considering the React and Angular, they have an essential share of Facebook and Google Employees who have a significant contribution.


Considering the statistics, all three of them have similar activity in development. There is an equal chance for the graph to get changed or lie in the same position.


Angular vs. Vue vs. React – Migrations

There is no need for worrying about the framework update as you choose to work in a framework of your choice. There is no chance for facing issues in any type of versions. Angular make significant updates once in six months. Facebook has indicated that they focus on stability more than other concepts.


Angular vs. Vue vs. React – Working with different frameworks

Size, load times, learning curve, components and more matters here. The size of the library for each program is 500+ KB for Angular, 100 KB for React and 80 KB for Vue. When considering the components, Angular is otherwise referred to as directives. Angular is capable of tracking and attaching particular behavior. React combines with the behavior and UI of the component. In Vue, both behavior and UI are one part of the components, and therefore things can turn more appealing.


Angular vs. Vue vs. React: Who wins?

When considering the learning curve, all three programs have equal importance. As a whole, all programs Angular vs. Vue vs. React are expected to have good scope in the future. All of their libraries have their advantages and disadvantages. One should choose the desired ones as per their project requirements.


Which framework do you prefer among Angular vs. Vue vs. React? Which framework will have more job opportunities in the future? Are you having any experience over all three frameworks? Let us know through the comment section below.


January 24, 2020
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