What is Search Engine Optimization – Beginners Guide

We have already discussed about the role of SEO in the Digital Marketing. I had Covered the Basic Concepts as well as Outline. I am going to reveal the Complete Search Engine Optimization Guide. This would improve your Campaign Performance.
What is Search Engine Optimization ?
Search Engine Optimization is a science of improving your position in SERP. This is for your targeted user query. It is not quite easy as it seems. There are more than 200 ranking factors. Also, completely volatile algorithm which based on the machine learning. This makes us to scratch our heads to be in top for the targeted keywords for so long.

The Evolution of SEO was majorly for the sake of quality user experience. The Google won’t like to show the irrelevant results. Also, the information for users, they make their guidelines tougher. This is to get more quality from the people. They post information for the users who read / searching for the information.

Search Engine Optimization focuses majorly on the On-Page & Off-Page. Whereas rest of the things are more / less co-related to the former and latter.

I would list out the Pipeline which mostly followed by the Experts. This is to rank their web pages in Google & make the most of their efforts.


Keyword Research

Believe it or not. Keywords Can Make the Website / Break the Website. They provide the base for your SEO Strategy.
E.G : You are a Plumber with excellent track record of Service. Courtesy of yellow pages you have listed on their directory. But you are placed on the Irrelevant Category like Entertainment. Where people call you and ask for an Orchestra for their Wedding. It sounds funny, but this is where Keywords come into play. The Keywords are similar to the Category on the yellow pages. If you are not doing the Keyword Research? But target the irrelevant keywords you need to stop doing the plumbing & need to learn the Singing.

There are lot of tools available for Keyword Research. Some are paid, as well as others are free. The top among them are Adwords & Ubersuggest that falls under latter and former respectively.

Content Creation : Content was similar to the information about your company and your services, how you can solve the clients problems, how skillful you are and in a nutshell a medium between you and your prospective Clients.Align the Content Strategy with the Keywords which we had Shortlisted so that the user experience would be enhanced.Good Content would be an ideal assets for getting leads through Social Media and Organic Reach.

Link Building : The Core Ranking Factor for getting the Site in Higher Positions are the Inbound links, Creating an Relevant and Authoritative Link Profile for the Website would be the Ideal way to climb the rankings.

On- Page Optimization : The On- Page was making the website easier to crawl and identify for Google, adding the targeted keywords in Title tags, Clean URL Structure and Alt Attribute to Describe the Images.

Technical SEO : It involves the Optimization of Structured Data, Creation of XML Sitemaps, Accelerated Mobile Pages, Schema. These would helps the Google to display our websites for its multiple search types like Rich Snippets,Knowledge Graph.

What are the Reasons to Include SEO in your Digital Marketing Plan

Tons of Traffic : Yes, the traffic would be enormous, top positions grab the most clicks where it would drive more number of visitors, since there are multiple keywords for the Business, you can easily grab lot of eye balls.

ROI : It provides trackable and quantifiable results for all types of Industries.

Increased Site Usability : In the effort of making the website friendly for search engines, we would made the website easier for users to navigate , which is a win-win on User Experience.

Cost Effective : SEO targets the users who are actively looking for products and services, where it also comes under Inbound Marketing that is better than Outbound Marketing at least in terms of ROI.

I hope you learned some basic insights on Search Engine Optimization alone, if you are still confused and interested to learn more, Join the SEO Course from Hope Tutors that covers all the advanced concepts.

October 19, 2019
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