What is Digital Marketing – Brief Introduction

There is common misconception among the people around the world is that the Digital Marketing is Complicated and Hard to Master. Marketing is an Medium developed by Seller so that the Products or Services can be reached to the targeted Buyer.


E.G : Suppose You are Selling Pan Cakes in the Shop, No one would  know what you are selling unless and until you reach to people physically. You will first spread the message like that you are an Pan Cake Seller and you are located in 15th Cross Street, Texas by placing ads in News Papers, asking the people to say about the shop to their acquaintances who come to your shop for the dinner, there are so many things that we follow, but the core thing of marketing is You are Reaching the Audience with a Medium that is Effective enough to get enough footfalls for your Organization.


What is Digital Marketing ?


Digital Marketing is no different from traditional marketing, the Core Principles are same, Medium was Changed. In the Past we used the News Papers, Bill Boards, Pamphlets and TV which are Mass Communication Tools, as the technology has been evolved people are no longer glued to TV and Newspapers, Smartphones and Internet has their Primary Choice of Seeking Information and Entertainment.Marketing Professionals has no other way than go with the trend, the trend was nothing but Digital Marketing.


In Layman Words Marketing your Products or Services through Digital Channels is Called Digital Marketing, Remember Marketing is mere Communication and the Digital Channels are only Pipes Connecting the Buyers and Sellers.


Digital Marketing in Perspective with Business Organizations


The Internet connects the world today, people are spending enormous amounts of time on Internet so as Business Organizations for finding their Ideal Customers. Among the Internet Google holds the largest Share for Search Market, Facebook Holds for Social Media Market and the rest of internet media are negotiable when compared to the size of audience they offer.


I am glad to share the Channels that is mostly used in Digital Marketing, When u dig into deeper every channel has several branches and several branches has their sub branches, the total tree purpose was to get fruits where we call them as Conversions in Marketing.





Search Engine Marketing is promoting the products or services on the Search Engines like Google and Bing primarily through Paid Advertising. It also includes the Search Engine Optimization where it was organic and free which needs lot of human efforts and time to get ranking. SEO and PPC holds the largest piece of Search Engine Marketing, where we will learn about them in brief.




As we discussed earlier, SEO is the science of ranking your websites for the queries that users are actively typing and searching for the solutions and information.Back in Google Crawling its way to conquer the whole internet, SEO Is pretty Straight Forward and Competition is too low so that even people who do not take SEO Seriously also benefited from them,Once Google became the primary search engine for users, they took User Experience and Relevant Search Results very Seriously,after several Chopping of Human Made Algorithms now they gave the whole responsibility to RANKBRAIN the AI Machine Learning Based Algorithm which cannot be Controlled by Human, and by the analysis from top sites the ranking factors may be around 200 which is quite overwhelming for a Beginner.


How Google Crawl Works in SEO


Before diving into the results page, let me tell you how google Crawls and Displays the Search Results.The Automated Programs Called Bots would Crawl all over the web for Information and index into their relevant database and finally display those results for relevant queries.


E.G : If you ever visited Library, there is huge collection of books where every shelf is given with name and every book with the title and all pages in it with Index.Think Google as Library whenever you requested for a Book, it searches in its Shelves with that title and serve back the book you wanted, this analogy was just for how google Crawl Works.


You can think this is same as getting a query from database with code,google do not give all the results in the database with the query, they provide the most relevant and right information to the user with their powerful machine learning algorithm, this is where google proven its significance.


The Important three parts in SEO Which still holds the Significant Importance in Ranking Web Pages are listed below :


On-Page SEO : The On-Page SEO is following the google guidelines to make the page SEO Friendly so that google can map the keywords to the relevant page.


E.G : Google Spiders would index the pages only by the content, so we need to organize every page and need to tell to google that what is this page is about, it involves the technical things like Meta Tags and Keyword Mapping into it.


Off – Page SEO : The Off -Page SEO is Establishing the Relationship with Relevant People in the Same Industry or Relevant Industry, this is similar to the mentions of our Business on Offline Media.


E.G : If you are running an Fruit Shop, the biggest Fruit Juice Shop in your City can promote about your fruits and its quality where the customers would be likely to buy your fruits, the same when you promote the Juice Shop to your Clients, it is a Win-Win Situation. This Analogy is to say the Off Page is nothing to get Notable Inbound Links from the Domains which is Relevant and Authoritative.


Technical SEO : The Technical SEO is to give more user friendly results and accurate information, it involves optimizing the technical things like Schema, AMP, Page Speed.


E.G : Whenever you ask for the Questions or Doubts, Google Would Answer in Single line which cannot be possible without Proper Implementation of Schema.


Pay-Per-Click Marketing ( Search )


The Pay Per Click would perfectly suits for People who are new to the Online Business and needs instant sales, but it suits for all types of businesses. Pay Per Click is advertising model from Google where we will compete with advertisers for displaying our website to relevant search query by paying google. It might sound simple but the process is little bit complicated, where we would discuss about the PPC Campaigns in depth later.


Social Media Marketing


If i am not wrong, half of the world population is in Facebook, Similar to them a lot of social media sites are crowded with users which is literally the perfect place for marketers to advertise their product, the organic way of getting reach in Facebook is Meagre due to people wont seek for information there and lot of Privacy regulations.The Pay Per Click Model of Facebook is Similar to Adwords and it too had several criteria to display the ads and lot of features to measure our campaign effectively.We Will Discuss about the Social Media Marketing in Depth Later.


Email Marketing


Email Marketing is promoting your products and services by most used Communicating way called E-Mail, there is lot of tools that is available for Successful Email Marketing Campaigns, We will discuss about the Email Marketing in Detail Later


Content Marketing


Content Marketing is promoting the content that provokes the user to buy a product, this requires typical Keyword Research where we again needs the help of Adwords and Brainstorming, the content can be promoted with any channel that typically drives more visitors to the page. Content Marketing is a Sub Set in Every Marketing Campaign mentioned in the above.


E.G : If you are running an Fitness Studio, you can target the users by promoting the content relevant to the fitness like reduce your weight in week, diet to be followed for weight gain which can improve your brand awareness and more footfalls to the studio.


In Addition to this there are Online PR, Affiliate Marketing where they needs an Medium to Promote either it would be an Social Media or Google, in Simple we can say mostly Marketing is a Collective Effort to Engage and Convert the Customer in Measurable Way.


What type of Industries Support Digital Marketing


Being an Digital Marketing Expert i would assure that it fit for all types of industries like B2B and B2C, depending on the Industry and its Targeted Audience, we can use the perfect channel that is tailor made for Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns.


If we go deeper it would take a book to Complete the total Digital Marketing Concepts where it would be so boring for you to read at once, will cover all the topics and share with you shortly. If you are an Aspiring Digital Marketer or established marketing professional with years of experience, try our one month Digital Marketing Course taught by Experts who are Practical Working Professionals with Years of Experience.If you are Still Confused, browse through our Reasons to Pursue Digital Marketing as a Career.


July 24, 2019
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