What is DevOps technology, and how are the job opportunities on DevOps?

Are you interested in DevOps? Do you want to know about the basic of DevOps basic? Do you want to about the job opening in DevOps? Then this blog is for you. Here we will discuss about the basic concept of DevOps. Also, we are going to the see some of the job opening in DevOps. 

Nowadays we can able to see most of the companies are adopting DevOps. This is because of its continuous integration and continuous delivery. DevOps makes the process of the development as well as operation very fast. This leads to more effective delivery of the software. Also, the company will gain more profit.

Now first of all, we will discuss about the basic concept of the DevOps. Below session will clearly explain you and make your interest to know more in depth about the DevOps. In this blog we are going to discuss about the following. They are,

  • A brief intro to DevOps.
  • Working of DevOps.
  • Important of DevOps.
  • Roles & responsibility in the DevOps.
  • Job Opportunities on DevOps.

A Brief intro to DevOps:

The Name itself says about the collaboration of two department. They are development and operation. As a result, the communication between the two team is build. This makes so easy to achieve the target. We can’t define DevOps in single consensus. We will see how DevOps solve the problem it makes you to understand clearly.

 Generally, in an industry, we can see both the development & operation team has competing goals. So, they always struggle in collaboration. Also, they struggle with the communication between the two teams. Always the operation team will see the work of development team. Whether the development team effectively completed their work? They spend few resources to make these job to the scope. Meanwhile, the development team will make sure whether the job is completed with high quality.  

This different way will sometimes lead to communication gap and they will not mingle with each other. These team will not ensure the following.

  • Whether they allocate the resources properly or not. 
  • Whether the job is done with high quality.

Now DevOps come into the picture. DevOps is not a tool. It is more than that. It is shifting of the culture. DevOps breakdown all the traditional methodology which are followed in the companies. Each and every member who work in the DevOps culture should work with the same goal. 

DevOps play a major role in IT. Especially in the software as well as website development. The main advantage of using this DevOps is its continuity. Now we will see how DevOps works in the below session.

Working of DevOps:

Generally, DevOps will create the development environment which supports the CI and CD. We can infuse this in the framework with four DevOps principles actions. They are as follows,

Continuous integration:

It occurs when different developers develop some parts. All these get together for creating the product. Each small part is based on the stories of sprint. This sprint is most important in DevOps.

Continuous Delivery:

It is the extended process as well as output from the CI. In this process the software which is developed is tested. Then it allows for continuous delivery of the software. 

Continuous testing:

We require continuous testing for ensuring the CD. This will be tested against all the requirements. If it happens in sprint means, we need to ensure whether it met all the requirement mentioned in the sprint.

Continuous Monitoring:

The new software which is new is to be continuously monitor. This is to be monitored for the security, complains as well as bugs.

Important of DevOps:

The companies which adopt DevOps use Agile principle. This overtake or breakdown the traditional waterfall process. Using Agile principle, DevOps concentrate more on speed. Also, on the customer satisfaction. 

The developers generally speed up the development time. This is possible with the continuous processes. Also, the delivery is also continuous. This is along with the continuous feedback from the customers. Such an environment is created using the DevOps. 

Roles & responsibility in the DevOps:

Following are the roles & responsibilities in the DevOps. They are,

DevOps Engineers:

They are one who want to understand the coding language. This is to support the working platform. In simple term, we can say as they are foundation of the team.

Build Engineers:

They are one who build the software during the delivery. They are only responsible for orchestrating, develop & test the software. Sometimes they are also known as UX designer & configuration manager.

Reliability engineers:

They want to ensure whether the software meets the requirement or not. They are also responsible for the security of the product.

Release Manager:

They are responsible for the project release. They are also known as release engineer.

Data Analyst:

They are responsible for the engagement of the end users. This is very important role. They are also known as QA Analyst.

Product Manager:

They are responsible for the whole product. Product manager are responsible for each and everything happen in the product. This is one of the top-level roles in the DevOps.

Job Opportunities on DevOps:

There are lot of job openings for DevOps in IT industry. Some of important job profiles are as below. This section will give you overview of DevOps Jobs requirements.

Reference: Naukri

Job profiles for DevOps Engineer:

Required Technologies: 

  • Jenkins.
  • AWS.
  • Java.
  • Docker. 
  • Ansible. 
  • micro services.
  • Puppet.
  • Kubernetes. 

Required Skill Set:

  • Development experience.
  • Experience in CI/CD.
  • Experience in containers.

Job profiles for DevOps Architect:

Required Technologies: 

  • CI-CD.
  • Core Java.
  • Jenkins.
  • AWS.
  • REST.
  • Docker Ansible.
  • micro services.
  • Puppet.
  • Scalability.
  • Cloud computing.
  • Big data.

Required Skill Set:

  • Design using CI/CD.
  • Experience in leading team.
  • Experience in Containers.

Job profiles for DevOps Tester:

Required Technologies: 

  • Automation.
  • Java.
  • Selenium.
  • SAP Test Management.
  • Product Testing.
  • Java.
  • BDD/TDD.
  • CI/CD.

Required Skill Set:

  • Automation mind-set
  • Test experience in CI/CD environment.

Salary Trends:

Reference: GlassDoor, Linkedin, Indeed.

CountryJob NameAverage Salary (per year)
IndiaDevOps EngineerRs. 7 Lakh
IndiaDevOps ArchitectRs. 20 Lakh
IndiaDevOps TesterRs. 7 Lakh
USADevOps Engineer$133, 378
USADevOps Architect$137, 870
USADevOps Tester$93,034
UKDevOps Engineer£72,500
UKDevOps Security Engineer£65000 – £75000


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December 16, 2020
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