Top 5 DevOps Certifications to Complete in 2020

Nowadays DevOps is considered as latest savior for many MNC. Most of the experts use this to effective software management. The DevOps engineers are attracted because of the increase in demands. Also, because of the fast development strategies of IT industries. To develop the background knowledge in DevOps operation is tricky. But if we learn DevOps our self it is not reliable. This is due to the complex operations of the DevOps.

If we get an expert in any one of the DevOps certifications? Then it plays a vital for validating as well as demonstrating our skills. Also, it brings us a great opportunity. Following are the list of the top certifications in DevOps. This is to help DevOps experts for advancing their career. You can just select anyone based on your requirements.

Top 5 DevOps Certifications to Complete in 2020:

For improving our skills as well as increasing our knowledge, we take several measures. They are just like going through books, online training & watching many videos. These are few steps which help us to get more knowledge about the DevOps terminology. Also, it helps us to know about the operational guideline knowledge. For getting more real-time experiences & authentication, all we need is a DevOps certificate. These certifications play a vital role in boosting up our resume. Following are some of the DevOps certifications which we must take in this 2020. They are,

1.Kubernetes Certification:

The CNCF & Linux foundation joined together for organizing Kubernetes certificate. This is for validating the experts work in this software. One of the tools of the DevOps is the Kubernetes. So, this certification is most demanding.

Generally, we have two options with this certification. They are,

  1. Certified Kubernetes Administrators (CKA).
  2. Certified Kubernetes Applications Developers (CKAD) programs.

Let’s see about them in the below sections.


  • This program generally tests the knowledge, proficiency, & the skills which the Kubernetes Admin must have.
  • This exam is online exam. It consists of the set of performance-based problems which the candidate wants to solve. Especially in command lines. 
  • The time limit of the exam is 3 hours.
  • This exam mainly focusses on the knowledge & expertise in the general features of the Kubernetes. This is just like the following. They are,
    • App Life cycle Managements.
    • Configuration.
    • Installation.
    • Networking.
    • Validations.
    • Core Concepts.
    • Scheduling.
    • Security.
    • Storage.
    • Cluster Maintenance.
    • Logging or Monitoring & the Troubleshooting.
  • This exam cost is $300 USD. It includes 1 free retake.


  • This exam is specially for the professionals. It executes the core practice of the Kubernetes ecosystem. The Candidates must have to know the following. They are,
    • Designing.
    • Building.
    • Exposing.
    • Configuring native cloud apps for Kubernetes.
    • Candidates must aware of the app techniques for the following. They are,
    • OCI-Compliant Containers Runtime. 
    • Cloud-native apps concepts.
    • Infrastructures.
    • Programming languages like the GO, Python / Java.
    • This exam certifies the candidate’s experiences, skill, app expert & familiarity. Especially in this environment.
  • This exam is very similar to CKA.
  • The time limit for this exam is 2 hours.
  • Candidates must concentrate on the following. They are,
    • Configuration.
    • Core Concepts.
    • Multi-Containers Pod.
    • Observability. 
    • Services as well as Networking.
    • Pod Design.
    • State Persistence for the ecosystem of the Kubernetes. Especially for the successful qualify the CKAD.
  • This exam cost is $300 USD. It includes 1 free retake.

2.Docker Certified Associate:

This program is for Docker practitioners. Especially for who have relevant work experience in the Docker. The main aim of the exam is providing the valid credential. Especially for the Docker practitioners. Officially this allows us to practice & serve skill set of the business. This certification is very perfect for the Docker practitioners. Especially with minimum of 6 months experience.

  • We get the access to the Docker Certified Professionals Networks on the LinkedIn. This helps us to boost our professional expertise. Also, exclusive invite to the certified-only events.
  • Totally we have 55 questions which have multiple choices.
  • The time limit for this exam is 90 minutes.
  • This test covers the basic pointer of the Docker ecosystems & its app procedures. In this exam they test following concepts. They are,
    • Orchestration.
    • Networking.
    • Security. 
    • Installation as well as Configuration.
    • Management.
    • Image Creation.
    • Storage as well as Volumes.
    • Registry.
  • This exam cost is $195 USD. We are allowed to attend the exam from our home. This is possible only with the Microsoft Windows / Mac Computer.

3.AZ-400: The Microsoft Azures DevOps Solution Certification Exam:

The exam validates our skills. Also, it validates the expert level of the Azures DevOps experts. The Azures experts generally work as the DevOps engineers. Mainly they are aspired for getting this certificate. So, this certificate takes place in the top DevOps certificate.

  • This test is mainly for the person who has the ability for the designing. Also, implementing the DevOps practices. Especially for the following practices. They are,
    • The VC.
    • Build.
    • Config management.
    • Release.
    • Testing.
    • Compliance.
    • Infrastructures which are coded with the Azure technologies.
  • This is must that we should be very familiar with concepts of the Azures development. Also, we should be very familiar with concepts of the Azures admin. Especially, to take this exam.
  • This exam will be in English. It contains 40-60 questions with the multiple choices. 
  • This exam cost is USD 165.
  • This exam analyzes ability of candidate. Especially for performing many tasks. They are as follows.
    • Designing the DevOps Strategy. 
    • The CI.
    • The CD.
    • Implementing the Development Processes.
    • App Infrastructure. 
    • Continuous Feedback.
    • Dependency Management.

4. The AWS Certified DevOps Engineers Professional Exam:

We have many AWS Certificates to the candidates. Especially, who perform various roles & responsibility in AWS cloud. This exam is an expert level exam. This is to recognize technical skills. Also, the expert level of candidates for provisioning. Also, the operating & managing the distributed apps & the systems. Especially on the AWS platforms.

  • We must have a very good knowledge in the latest processes & methods. Especially for development as well as operations. Also, we should have some experiences. Especially in automated building infrastructures & admin OS.
  • This exam is for 180 minutes. We can expect 40-65 questions which are multiple choice. We can able to attend this exam in English & Japanese.
  • The exam fees for this exam is $300.
  • This exam recognizes & validates the candidate knowledge in different domains. They are as follows. 
    • Config management.
    • SDLC automation.
    • Infrastructure as the Code. 
    • Disaster recovery.
    • High available.
    • Fault tolerance.
    • Monitoring as well as logging.
    • Incident as well as event response.
    • Policies as well as standards automation.
  • Following are the mandatory for the preparation of this exam. They are,
    • Documents.
    • Books.
    • White papers.
    • Online course. 
    • Study groups.
    • Practice tests.
    • Discussion groups.

5. Puppet Professionals Certification:

One of very trending certificate is the Puppet Exam. This exam consists of 60 questions with multiple choices. The time limit for this exam is 90 minutes. The Cost for this exam is $200 USD. After completing this exam successfully, we will be considered as PCP.

After that we are allowed for operating the system infrastructure. Especially with the help of the Puppet. We can also able to create the modules just like the data separation & external data. The Style Guide of the Puppet is our bible for our self with the Puppet documents as well as accepted practices.

It is very important we must need to have the Puppet knowledge at the macro-level. Especially for this, we must need all basic introductory courses. It is just like the Puppet Fundamental & Puppet Practitioner.


All the above-mentioned certifications are very trendy in 2020. Also, these are taken the top five positions. Especially, in the DevOps certifications which we should take in 2020. Hope these sections are very useful for you. Also, these sections will initiate your interest towards these certificates. Definitely, these certificates will play a vital role in your career. It will be a career breaker. Hope you enjoy this article and it validates your time.

December 16, 2020
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