10 Skills to be the Master for becoming a Data Scientist

Data Science

It is a field of analyzing large amount of raw data. It classifies the raw data into the useful patterns. The patterns are used to form more concrete questions. The answers for these questions give the correlation between the data sets. This correlation and the patterns will be useful in solving the problems.


Data science uses predictive analysis. It also uses statistics and AI for data analyzes. The queries framed in data science is used to form. It is also useful in groups. Groups is also known as clusters. This clustering is further used to identify business analysis. Data Science is taking unordered data. Convert it to ordered format. The ordered format is useful for further analysis.


Data Scientist

Data scientist will collect the large amount of data. They will analyze as well as interprets the large amount of the data. This will help the companies to improve its own operations.


These Data Scientist will develop the statistical models. This model will help in analyzing the data. They use the different analytics. It is used to detect the pattern as well as trends. It is also used for the relationship in the data sets.


The data scientist should have important 10 skills. Data Science Training Courses cover all these skill sets. They are as follows,

  • Basics

The Data scientist should concentrate on the Matrices. They should know about the Linear Algebra as well as the Hash Functions. The data scientist Should have the knowledge of the Binary Tree.


They should have the knowledge of Relational algebra & Basics of database. The Extract Transform Load knowledge should require. They should know about Reporting the Business Intelligence & the Analytics.


  • Programming knowledge

They must be an expert in at least one programming Language. The Data scientists should be expert either in Python or in R programming.


  • Statistical Knowledge

The data scientist should have good knowledge of statistics. They should know about the Descriptive Statistics. The Descriptive Statistics should include the mean as well as the median. It should also include the Range as well as the Standard Deviation. The variance will include in this. The Data Scientist should be expert in Exploring the data Analysis. They should be good in the Percentiles as well as the Outliers.


The data scientists should be the best in theory of the probability. They should have good knowledge in the Bayes theorem & in the Random Variables. They should also know about the functions of Cumulative Distributed. The Data Scientists should know about the Skewness. They should have good knowledge about the fundamentals of the other statistics.


  • Data Visualization

It is important part of Data life cycle. The Data Scientist need good knowledge in lot of the visualization tools. Often, we can use any programming language to achieve this. One of the best tools used is Tableau. Kibana, Google charts as well as Data-wrapper are some famous tools used.


  • Machine Learning

The data scientist should know about the Machine learning. They should know about the different type of the Machine learning Techniques. The data scientist should have good idea about the supervised learning. They should know in detail about the unsupervised learning. They should know about the Reinforcement learning.


The Data scientist must know various algorithm used with machine learning. The Linear Regression is one of the most famous algorithms used. Data scientist should have a good knowledge about them.


The Logistics Regression is another most famous algorithm. They should have a good idea about them. They should have a good knowledge about the Decision tree algorithm. The Data scientist should have idea about the Random Forest algorithm. They should have knowledge about the K-Nearest Neighbor.


Idea about the Clustering is must for the Data Scientist. These are some famous algorithm used in the machine learning. The data scientists should know about the fundamentals of the Neural Networks. They should know about anyone library used for creating the learning model.


Most of the Data Science Training Courses will cover all these algorithms.


  • Data Ingestion

The data scientist should know about the data ingestion. The data ingestion is the process of importing the data. Transferring as well as loading the data involved in the data ingestion. It involves in the data processing for usage as well as storage in DB. It loads the data from the various sources. The Apache Flume is one of the best tools of the data ingestion. The Apache Sqoop is another best tool of the data ingestion.


  • Big Data

Big Data plays an important role in the Data scientist. In general, there will be a large amount of data floating. Big Data Analytics plays a major role in the improvement of business. It involves in the decision-making. It applies in the analytics domain.


The Big Data is process by framework. The Data Scientist must know about the Frameworks. Hadoop is one of the best Big data. Spark is another most important Big data.


  • Tool Box

The data scientists should have good knowledge on the certain tools. MS Excel as well as Tableau is the major tools that data scientists must know. They should know about the Hadoop as well as the Spark. The data scientist should know about the Python as well as R.


  • Data Munging

In data analysis process, feature selection occurs. It occurs before applying the Analytical model to the data. Data munging is the input given to analytical algorithm. The changes made with the raw data is so clean as well as acts as the input.


The Python as well as the R programming language involves for this achievement. This plays a major role in the life cycle of the data. The data scientists should know about the Data Munging.


  • Problem solving in Data-Driven

It is not a technology. Data-driven problem solving is an approach. The data scientist should develop this from their own experience. They should know about the approach the problem. Salient features & knowing how to form the question, which gives answer includes this.  Data Scientist should consult with the co-worker for the analytic process.


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December 17, 2020
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