Why you Should Adopt Gamification for Corporate Training?

An Introduction to Gamification in Corporate Training:

The Gamification usage in corporate training has come a long way. From being a buzz, it is an accepted practice. This will show the versatile usage of gaming. Also, why it is necessary in most of the corporate training?

The usage of it in corporate training demonstrates a better learner engagement. It creates a sticky learning experience.

What Is Gamification in Corporate training?

Gamification for learning is an approach. This will use gaming principles & elements to meet the specified learning outcome. By adding fun to the learning experience, the learners can engage better.

When applied this in corporate training it will demonstrate a higher value. This will be in the following terms. They are.

  • Stickiness of learning.
  • Better completion rates.
  • Higher application of learning on the job.

The impact of this will create hinges on how good the concept is. When you apply it correctly then an effective Gamified concept should be as follows. 

  • Capture and retain learners’ attention.
  • Engage them through a relevant and meaningful narrative.
  • Challenge them.
  • Provide feedback and pointers for improvement.

How Does Gamification for Learning Score over the Traditional e-Learning?

Most adult learners find motivation in rewards and recognition. Both aspects are intrinsic to the learning.

Specifically, usage of this in corporate training. It scores over traditional e-Learning as it. They are,

  • Enhances learner engagement.
  • Provides a sense of achievement.
  • Influences behavior change.
  • Invokes a healthy spirit of competition.

Does Gamification Based Training Create a ‘Tangible Learning Gain” or Is It Just ‘Fun and No Real Learning”?

When we began our gaming practice, this was the most commonly asked question. This is understandably.  The gaming-based learning is more expensive. This will need a longer lead time to develop.

So, is it justify this investment? The answer is an emphatic “yes.”

You can use this in corporate training to influence the following. They are,

  • Recall.
  • Retention.
  • Eventual application of learning on the job.

Look at this diagram that reaffirms. The impact you will see with the usage of Gamification in training. As it will trigger the required gain or change that you are seeking. 

Gamification Based Trainings Offered to Address the Varied Corporate Training Needs:

You can use Gamification based trainings. This is to offer with some of the training. They are,

  • Induction and onboarding training.
  • Sales training.
  • Product training.
  • Soft skills training.
  • Professional skills training.
  • Compliance training.
  • Application simulation training.
  • Quality assurance training.

You can use Gamification based training. This is to enhance the following. They are,

  • Traditional e-Learning based training: 

This is possible by adding Gamified activities. You can also achieve by adding Gamified assessments.

  • Blended Training: 

This is possible by adding online exercises. That feature practice or Gamified assessments.

Adopting Gamification for Corporate Training:

Provide a sense of achievement and recognition. We can intermingle games as well as learning. Gamification is using a game-based approach. This is to increase assistance in non-gaming environments. It will include learning and training. This will improve the following things of user in given activity. They are,

  • Motivation.
  • Engagement.

The e-learning community has adopted this for corporate training. Now, you cannot say online learning is just a slide-turning. Similarly, it is for quiz-taking activity. Being a training manager, you can bring the gravely needed liveliness. This will be the online learning. It is possible through gamification.

Here are five compelling reasons why to use gamification. This is especially for corporate training. These will give you the benefits of gamification.

Engages Employees Well:

Whenever employees have interest in learning then it becomes easy. This is helpful to gain the required skills and knowledge. These are necessary for them to work. Engaging employees will bring the needed interest. Gamifying training brings the required difference in the employees.

Most employees get bored with training. But when you give it in the form of game. Then they will take the training without hesitation. Gamification gets your employees’ attention. This is possible by using the emotions of pleasure, competition etc. Games motivate your employees to learn new things.

In online learning courses, you must go through a series of modules. At the end you must take the quiz. If the relevant instruction strategy has not applied, it turns into a ‘click the Next button’ activity. But in gamification courses then it will motivate learners to participate in the learning process actively. This boosts learners’ engagement levels and increases their knowledge. This will also boost your abilities by the end of the game.

While taking this your online learning then following things are important. They are,

  • Balance the challenge levels of the game.
  • Skill levels of the learners. 

If you address this issue, learners will stick to the game till the end. Then they may learn the required skill without getting bored or anxious. 

Increases Knowledge & Retention Rates:

 The research by Professor Traci Sitzmann States the following. They are,

  • Those who played video games had 11% higher factual knowledge level. 
  • 14% higher skill-based knowledge level.
  • 9% higher retention rate than others. 

He is working at University of Colorado Denver Business School. Gamifying Corporate Training develops the self-efficiency. This will increase employee’s confidence to achieve their goals.

This data helps you clear your doubts on implementing game mechanics. This will be in the workplace learning as well as delivers you from confusion.

Allows to Fail and Learn:

Gamification provides a safe space for your employees to fail and learn. This will be in a virtual environment. Going to work without training can be dangerous in some situations. For example, there are many possible threats and hazards. This is when working in heavy machinery industries. This may also occur in the huge construction sites. If you take employees through a virtual working environment. This is possible via gamification. They can learn without harm, though they commit mistakes.

Gamified learning courses provide immediate feedback. This is when the learners go forward. This is unlike traditional e-learning which reserves feedback till the end. Learners develop a sense of accountability at each level. In a sense, it works as a self-correcting framework.

Aligns with Educational Theories:

Some of the people assume that everybody likes games businesses. This leads them to start applying this in learning too. The pedagogical theories as follows are used to gamification in learning. They are,

  • Constructivism.
  • Situated Learning affirm.

Constructivism says people learn from the following. They are,

  • What they see.
  • What they listen.
  • What they do.
  • What they read. 
  • The demonstration of concepts. 

Gamification facilitates learning by helping them understand as they play. They will interact with the gaming elements and comprehend content.

The Situated Learning Theory suggests that people learn better. This is when they will get placed in authentic contexts. These will relate to their real-world tasks. Interacting with others in those situations makes sense. Rather than gaining theoretical knowledge. We can apply this later. Game-based learning works on the same principle of playing. This will be in different contexts as well as situations.

Works on Minds:

Gamification works on the effective and cognitive domains of our mind. The effective domain will help you in applying what you learn. It will help us to take decisions on values, emotions, and attitudes. The cognitive domain focuses on the following. They are,

  • Recollecting.
  • Understanding.
  • Evaluating.
  • Analyzing information. 

We can associate these functions with a person’s learning. So, they are important for online learning as well as corporate training. Learning games work at the cognitive level is easy to apply. We can apply them at work where it is required.


The benefits of Gamification which we mention above. These are the main reason why you Should Adopt Gamification. This is for improving the better working skill.

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