What is Azure and its Scope for Career in Future ?

Azure is Microsoft’s Cloud Processing Platform, identical to AWS by Google or Amazon Cloud by Google.

Basically Microsoft buys large amount of computers and invite enterprises, users to rent compute and storage from it and have them to pay Microsoft some once a month charges for the usages .The maintenance of the hardware and its replacement will be completely done by Microsoft Entirely.

Greatest benefits of Azure over other cloud providers are:

  • PaaS Features : With Azure PaaS, infrastructure administration is taken care by Microsoft, allowing users to concentrate on innovation completely.
  • .Net Functionality : Azure works with the .Net programming language ,and has been built and optimized to utilize old and fresh applications developed using .Net programming framework
  • Security Offerings: Azure was created on Security Advancement Life-cycle which is an industry leading assurance process
  • Hybrid Solutions: Azure provides smooth connection across on-premises data Centres and the general public cloud
  • Soft Learning Curve: Azure enables the use of technologies that many businesses have utilized for years. It includes a gentler learning curve than additional various other cloud service providers
  • Enterprise Agreements: If a business already uses Microsoft software program, it could avail discounts |that may decrease the overall pricing of Azure

What is the Future of Azure

Azure isn’t centralized only to Microsoft Data Centers but Companions, Hosting Providers can create their Data Center using Azure Stack .Azure’s core is manufactured available seeing that the Azure Support Fabric, which can be utilized by any organization to implement the own platform as a ongoing service efficiently.

Microsoft’s openness and also to multiple systems and a transparency in function appears effective. Microsoft being a systems company, having a substantial contribution in every layer of abstraction.

E.G : Roslyn an excellent innovation at the compiler layer, Hololens at Gadgets / Multi-layer, Azure App Services at the PaaS layer. The multilevel advancements, transparency retains helps to keep me optimistic about Microsoft.

Being a Cloud Engineer I would Suggest to go for Azure, as the people are on quicker pace on moving to the cloud domain, the certification for Azure would be a value for your career

Azure Certification would help you to learn the features and functionality of the azure in detail, also showcase your grip in Azure to the recruiters.
The Certification is a Solid Proof of your Expertise on the Cloud Domain.

• Full Understanding of Microsoft Azure
• Real Time Training on Cloud Technologies
• Managing and Building the Enterprises on Cloud
• Increasing the Revenue while Decreasing the Infrastructural Cost

Where to begin learning Azure?

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March 7, 2019
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