Why Is Cloud Computing Technology So Important?

Cloud is basically outsourcing your computing resources to outside companies. It’s like renting an apartment instead of buying one. It’s faster and easier so that you can afford an investment for an apartment, it’s actually cheaper to buy instead of renting one. Cloud computing can help you start a business…

Now a days why many companies and organizations are moving to Cloud computing is because of these reasons,

  • Self-service provisioning.
  • Pay per use.
  • Migration Flexibility.

Earlier, people used a separate server for their organization to store and secure their data. In this method, people had to face some problems like the cost is high, and What if all the data is wiped by someone. Then, finally they find a solution for this problems and that’s how cloud computing came into the world.

Why Cloud computing is Important

  • Reduces the cost of establishing and operating computer or communications systems by at least an order of magnitude
  • Reduces the time to establish computer support systems for a research project
  • Cloud computing makes a disaster recovery a possibility for small businesses
  • Here maintenance and security process is simple and robust.

Cloud computing allows you to keep your information centralized and it gives you the ability to access it anywhere in the world. Amazon web services is providing the cloud computing to the world.

Growth of Cloud computing is very exciting…

The analysts are saying that the growth will get stabilise from 2018 onwards and cloud computing will be part of the mainstream in IT spending mix.

February 22, 2020
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